Net Neutrality
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What Both Sides Are Missing About Net Neutrality

Perhaps it’s time we focus on creating a truly decentralized internet. On Thursday, protesters rallied outside the Federal Communications Commission as the agency voted to repeal “Net Neutrality” rules, which govern how Internet Service Providers treat data that travels over their networks. The rules state that ISPs cannot discriminate against or favor certain apps, sites, Read More…

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Banks Are Scheming To Dominate A Future Cashless Society

Visa recently announced its new Cashless Challenge program, which offers $10,000 to restaurants willing to transition into accepting only digital payments.  As the largest credit card processor in the U.S., it’s no surprise Visa is spearheading this campaign. Under the guise of increasing transparency and efficiency, they’ve partnered with governments around the world to help convert financial systems into cashless models, Read More…

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Decentralized Everything: How To Avoid the Technocratic Nightmare

The metaphorical ink was hardly dry on last week’s “2017: Year of Technocracy” editorial when a flood of stories twittered their way across the newswire to confirm my predictions in spades: CES 2017 is all about cars, drones, smart devices, TVs, and drones Staying Off Grid When “Nearly Everything Is Chipped, Almost Everything Is Tracked” Read More…

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The Peer-To-Peer Economy Is Taking Shape And Blockchain Technologies Are Poised To Set The Foundation For A Decentralized World

After spending several years developing my own theory as to what’s wrong with the world, often flip-flopping back and forth between different schools of thought, there has been one theme in particular that constantly stands out as quite possibly the root cause of all the dysfunction. It seems pretty clear to me and a growing Read More…

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The Awakening Will Continue Regardless Of This Year’s Election

Every four years the public gets all riled up over the outcome of the presidential election, projecting all their expectations and visions for a better tomorrow on to a candidate in the hopes that they will swoop in and save the day. However, the reality is that the outcome of the presidential election has little Read More…

First Amendment Right
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As Public Lashes Out, Government Aims To Silence Their First Amendment Right

As has been covered many times here on The Last American Vagabond, local and state government is very much still salvageable as a way for the people to gain back power compared to the complete and utter corruption of the federal government. That’s not to say one shouldn’t try and change things at the federal Read More…