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A Battle For Life: Help For Disabled And Orphaned Children

For children, losing their parents is a huge trauma to deal with at a young age. However, in addition to this heavy loss, children in many countries riddled by fighting also must contend with horrific injuries caused by weapons such as land mines. Orphaned children who are disabled, either at birth or due to injuries, Read More…

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Instead of Arresting Him, Officer Drove Man 100 Miles For His Sister’s Funeral

From street-level police interaction to the court room, it is hard to deny this nation’s clear issue with its justice system as a whole. Race aside, any country that has over 1000 people shot and killed in a given year, clearly has a problem that needs to be addressed. Now whether that issue rests with the officers themselves or Read More…

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25 Simple Ways You Can Actually Change The World

Turn on the TV. What do you see? Tornadoes, typhoons, devastation everywhere. Homeless people, corrupt politicians, poverty. Robbery, rape, murder. Climate change. War. Pollution. I could go on and on. But just a few of these are enough to make one feel depressed about what’s going on in our world. Seven continents, 193 independent countries. Read More…

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An Urgent Message From the Dalai Lama

On November 13th, 2015 the world held their breath as the events unfolding in Paris, France began to spread across every television screen. News of attacks on popular cafés, music venues and sports arenas spilled in as a hostage situation was still left unresolved. In awe and horror the entire planet watched as the deadliest Read More…