I am an author and founder of several companies, including Corpina Nootropics and The Jodhpurs Company. I started my career at Harvard Medical School, studying cancer tumor biology, but didn't resonate well with the way big pharma develops drugs and treats patients. I wanted to do something that would help improve the health of people who don't have access to premium care. That's when I started Corpina, with a mission to inform the world about responsible brain health and supplementation. I write about my journey on my personal blog, DanFries.net
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25 Simple Ways You Can Actually Change The World

Turn on the TV. What do you see? Tornadoes, typhoons, devastation everywhere. Homeless people, corrupt politicians, poverty. Robbery, rape, murder. Climate change. War. Pollution. I could go on and on. But just a few of these are enough to make one feel depressed about what’s going on in our world. Seven continents, 193 independent countries. Read More…