Crystal Sloan is a 200hr RYT certified Yoga Instructor. She has a background and interest in many fields associated with the heightening and expansion of Human Consciousness and the alleviation of Human Suffering. She is understanding of the obstacles we face as a population but emphasizes that beyond what we see, the most power is held in what we believe. In these times of turmoil she is dedicated to revealing truth while continuing to believe and support that a positive outcome is always possible. That the future and the past are not solid, they are both influenced by our present choices. She is dedicated to being a part of the planetary awakening and encourages others to rise and acknowledge their own voice and co-creative power.
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Meditation; De-mystified

It is generally accepted that Meditation has many benefits. It’s good for calming the mind, it’s good for alleviating stress in the body, and it’s good for focus and creativity. But, what exactly is Meditation? The truth is that the concept of Meditation is much more complicated than the practice itself. Scriptures in Ancient India Read More…

alternative media
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The Age of Alternative Media

Why is straying away from mainstream media important? In the wake of catastrophic events, social upheaval and an increasing amount of ‘terrorism’ how can one acquire trusted sources and accurate information? The current world drama is unfolding quicker than ever and it seems every organization is feeding their own heap of propaganda, manipulation and fear. Read More…

Dalai Lama
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An Urgent Message From the Dalai Lama

On November 13th, 2015 the world held their breath as the events unfolding in Paris, France began to spread across every television screen. News of attacks on popular cafés, music venues and sports arenas spilled in as a hostage situation was still left unresolved. In awe and horror the entire planet watched as the deadliest Read More…