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After Cutting All UNWRA Humanitarian Aid, US to Award Israel With $3.3B/Year In Military Aid

The bill, combined with even more aid given to Israeli missile defense, would give $38 billion to Israel over the next ten years, roughly equivalent to $23,000 for every Jewish family living in Israel over the next decade. WASHINGTON — A massive spending bill, which would deliver $3.3 billion dollars in military aid to Israel over Read More…

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Conflating Anti-Zionism With Anti-Semitism A Dangerous And Useful Ploy For Zionists

“Having grown up in Jerusalem I can recall how each year on particular days, including the Israeli Day of Independence, there would be processions at the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods where the Israeli flag would be burned.” JERUSALEM — (Analysis) According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, anti-Semitism is defined as “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or Read More…

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Israel Top Court Approves Use Of Live Ammo In Gaza As Draconian “Anti-Filming” Law Introduced

Israel’s Supreme Court has rejected two petitions from human rights groups demanding Israel cease using snipers and live ammunition against Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip. A panel of three justices unanimously rejected the petitions, siding with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) which said that the protesters constitute a legitimate danger to Israeli soldiers and Read More…

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US Anti-Semitism Act, Man Rapes 5yr-old Gets No Jail, Trump To Give Israel Golan Heights & NDAA 2019

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/26/18). I wanted to give a special shout out to all those who have sent cash, checks and words of encouragement, it means more to me than you Read More…

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New US Congress Bill Conflates Criticism Of Israel With Anti-Semitism

A US Congress bill proposed on Wednesday conflates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, free-speech advocates say. The measure aims to provide the Department of Education with a legal definition of anti-Semitism to handle discrimination claims. It adopts a 2010 report by a special US State Department envoy to combat anti-Semitism. The document provides a list Read More…