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Will Washington’s Syria Chess Game Lead To War With NATO Ally Turkey?

America’s current Syria strategy opens up the door for a war with Turkey and a potential war with Iran and Syria. All the while the U.S. loses its status as the so-called global leader, with Russia emerging unscathed from the conflict as the region’s major power broker. WASHINGTON (Analysis) — It’s not clear if the United Read More…

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Saudi Arabia Seen On Video Attacking Its Own Citizens—Corporate Media Silent, No US Invasion

Saudi Arabia, a close U.S. ally, has gone from slaughtering innocent civilians in other nations to slaughtering innocent civilians in its own nation. (TFTP) Saudi Arabia, a close United States ally despite its horrible human rights record, has now gone from slaughtering innocent civilians in other nations to slaughtering innocent civilians in its own nation—and Read More…

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The Destructiveness of America’s Alliances

Alliances between nations are military. Without being military, they would be nothing at all. Trade agreements don’t require alliances. World War I wouldn’t have occurred if there had not been alliances — it was built upon alliances. It was not built on trade agreements. It wasn’t even built on trading-blocs.  In fact, as the WTO (World Trade Read More…

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US Pushes New Sanctions on Iran Just One Day After They Suffered ISIS Terror Attack

As Iran grapples with a rising death toll following ISIS-affiliated terrorist attacks on its own soil, both its political class and citizenry have to deal with more than just a lack of sympathy from the American legislature. From the Intercept: “In the wake of an alleged ISIS terrorist attack on the Iranian parliament, the U.S. Read More…

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Why The Hell Are We Still in Afghanistan?

15 years later, the US and its NATO allies still have troops in Afghanistan with no plans on leaving. We were told this was about 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden, but these were lies. So why are the troops still there? What was the war in Afghanistan really about? Michel Chossudovsky of the Centre for Read More…