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Syrian Air Defense Forces Repel Israeli Airstrikes In Western Damascus

UPDATE 2: According to the Syrian media, 3 soldiers were wounded in the Israeli air raid late on December 25. The Israeli Air Force reportedly fired at least 22 missiles. The strike was aimed at alleged Iranian shipment in the Damascus International Airport area. Pro-government sources claim that most of them were intercepted.

It should be noted that the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) launched several missiles (allegedly BUK missiles) at Israeli jets. No hits were reported.

 The Syrian media says several hostile targets [[most likely missiles] were intercepted.

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Late on December 25, the Syrian Air Defense Forces were employed near the country’s capital of Damascus.

According to reports, at least one target was eliminated west of Damascus.

Local media outlets and journalists say that Israeli warplanes were in Lebanese airspace when the incident took place.


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