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Study Reveals “Alterations After Vaccination” Diminish Immune System & Vaxed Shed More Than Unvaxed

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/4/21).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


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Rand Paul
Injection Affects
Original Strain

Important TLAV Mask Coverage

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Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

29 Replies to “Study Reveals “Alterations After Vaccination” Diminish Immune System & Vaxed Shed More Than Unvaxed

  1. IMPORTANT: Yesterdays “Study reveals”.. I think you got it wrong because the nytimes article was speaking about children aged 5-11 when the wsj article said that 335 children under 18 years old had died….
    Best regards

      1. I know I’m essentially just repeating what Ryan said on the show but he’s right – some of these folks (*cough* Blumenthal *cough*) seem to only consider information if it’s got some degree of mass media’s stamp of approval on it. And then turn around and act like they’re the only ones cutting through all the bs… To my mind THAT’s petty. It leaves them wide open to all kinds of propaganda and manipulation, and demonstrates a lack of discernment.

        And lol of course Blumenthal would take this “damages public confidence in Science” angle. You see that a lot, and it’s really sad. We’re talking about public confidence in government institutions (not “sCiEnCe”), and the public having confidence in these crooks IS the problem ffs. Since when is it a good thing for common people to have blind faith in tyrants and sociopaths? Seems like collapsing that “confidence” is a good thing, not the “worst part of all this” …

        Kinda unrelated but it’s a huge pet peeve of mine. People should read Laura Dodsworth’s “State of Fear” as well as Steven Koonin’s “Unsettled” – the former is about the UK gov’s propaganda campaign surrounding covid and the latter is about the general propaganda surrounding Climate Change (or rather, the actual state of climate science). Both are relatively mainstream people diving into and gradually realizing what a big lie their respective topics are (and they are phenomenal books well worth everyone’s time).

        I bring them up because I thought it was funny that Koonin mentions how “all this lying about climate change will make people mistrust the gov on real important issues like covid!” and by the same token Dodsworth makes points about how “all this lying about covid will make people mistrust the gov on critical issues like climate change!” … They also both go out of their way to distinguish themselves from radicals and “conspiracy theorists”.

        Terror Factory by Trevor Aaronson is another example – in 2013 he writes a whole book (a great book, btw) about how the security state manufactures domestic islamic terror out of whole cloth, then ends the book by decrying how “they should be spending these resources on REAL domestic threats, like radical right wing white supremacist domestic terrorism!!”

        Gives you an idea of how the regime is able to get away with all this. Keep everybody divided up, basically. The two party illusion runs deep.

      2. I sympathize with the frustration that comes when you feel like you are not being given credit. You do deserve more recognition for being one of the first but also for keeping up the great work. However:
        Though it can be annoying indeed, when Dore claims to be the only one reporting on an issue, I’m inclined to think that he is using hyperbole. Most of the time, he probably means that he is one of the few. I have actually heard him self-correct and make that exact point. He has also acknowledged and referenced channels like the convo couch, franc analysis, Whitney Webb (whom he also had as a guest) and others.
        Most people need time before they start to get a good sense of the actual depth of the “rabbit hole”. During the beginning of this process, it’s probably normal for someone to try and remain somewhat within the constraints of what could be regarded as mainstream. Otherwise, not only would they feel like the world was crumbling around them, but also feel like idiots for not realizing it sooner. That also seems to apply, sadly, to otherwise prominent journalists who have produced exemplary work in other areas, like foreign policy. People who have shown great courage in the past and have even faced consequences for doing so, but stood firm in their beliefs and reporting. Max Blumenthal (who has also referenced Whitney Webb), Glenn Greenwald and Chris Hedges for example, seem to fit in this category unless of course they have incentives, financial or otherwise, to limit themselves to a shallow, more tepid criticism on this issue, that I’m unaware of. If there is evidence of that, I would very much like to know, so I can stop supporting them. Otherwise, the characterization of Blumenthal as a manipulator, seems a bit weird and uncalled for.
        Any criticism of the biomedical agenda is welcome and could hopefully lead to a broader understanding and to better future reporting by these important voices.
        We need allies in this, not more division between us.

  2. Hey Ryan, thanks for all the great work. I was disappointed that that actual left Indy journos and especially the grey zone (whom I very much appreciate) we’re not very critical about COVID and the jab. Though there was a very detailed long article mid 2020 about bill gates, who, and the shady dealings in South Asia and Africa, that did seem to point in the right direction of skepticism. But wondering who were the Indy news outlets on the left who were actually skeptical/critical about COVID and all that? I wish there were more, or at least more well known. Maybe mark crispin Miller? Abby and Robbie Martin? Cory Morningstar? I appreciate getting out of the right left paradigm, and I find consider myself more of an anarcho socialist or libritarian left so I have a wider palate than most my friends, but for friends and family sake, I was curious who on the left you thought were not just following the narrative.
    Keep up the good work… only been listening for a few years but I think you are really doing a great service to humanity. God bless !!

    1. Nikko house, franc analysis, the convo couch (though theyve been mostly covering the election fraud),
      Pretty sure slow news day is left leaning.
      There are also MANY nonpolitical sided jimmy KNOWS about like whitney webb, derrick broze……

      Just to name a few.

    2. You could email those journalists and ask them to interview one of the many doctors and scientists (don’t speak generally, give them specific names with their professional background and such) speaking out but have been censored or smeared by the establishment. There are also doctors who are also lawyers. Put those requests in to the journalists your family and friends already listen to.

  3. Kids as superheroes (child soldiers) of the pandemic:

    Superheroes And The F-Word: Grappling With The Ugly Truth Under The Capes
    November 16, 20169:39 AM ET
    Superheroes are democratic ideals.

    They exist to express what’s noblest about us: selflessness, sacrifice, a commitment to protect those who need protection, and to empower the powerless.

    Superheroes are fascist ideals.

    They exist to symbolize the notion that might equals right, that a select few should dictate the fate of the world, and that the status quo is to be protected at all costs.

    Both of these things are true, and inextricably bound up with one another — but they weren’t always… –

    1. They also belittle altruistic and heroic acts by ordinary which are normally clearly praiseworthy examples for others of that generation and future generations to follow. It’s disempowering because teaches people to be passive because someone else will come along and save us from tyranny when human history demonstrates that people save themselves. The origin of Superman started off well – a conscience being who lives according to his morals and values – as it teaches children to stand strong. And to have hope. But why is weakness normalised in adults? When adults are physically and mentally capable of the greatest change for themselves and others while also having much greater capacity, at least when compared to children, to bear greater emotional burdens. The act of ‘helping’ has been reduced to just playing dress-up and posing for a camera.

  4. One possibility is that they will give these kids saline or something that will make them vulnerable to something in the future. Not something that will harm them now… A bunch of angry parents with sick kids is not something their nefarious program could survive… On the other hand, just by giving these kids a harmless shot, not only would it boost public trust… they make a ton of shekels….

  5. Grayzone particularly max blumenthal is skeptical, atleast now. Hes been on Jimmie Dore and hes going there. Jimmie is skeptical now since hes vaccine injured.

    1. Yes. But majority of the NHS has been steadily and stealthily privatised since Margaret Thatcher no matter which party was in government. It’s all in ‘The Great NHS Heist’ (2019) documentary. I don’t think most Brits watched it as it was longer than three words while the “almighty” BBC ridiculed MP Jeremy Corbyn who presented documents of the government’s negotiations with the US government to sell off the NHS to US companies.

  6. Not to say the inormation is unimportant, but you do realize this study is talking about an “inactivated” (that is, traditional) vaccine? Chinese study of chinese vaccine. These findings did not include RNA formulations such as Pfizer or Moderna.

  7. Something seems to have happened to the screen… it’s always blurry now… started last wk or so… how can I fix that?

  8. Ryan,

    I understand your frustration with people coming to the table late in the game (eg, Jimmy Dore). But let’s face it, people are being red pilled and starting to follow the scent. Sure, there are plenty of pretenders aka controlled opposition. But the fact is this — we need a lot of people to open their eyes and join us. And in doing that, they are de facto late to the game, and unearthing truths for the first time — truths they think they have dug up themselves. Isn’t that just human nature? I know it’s a cornerstone of sales, let the customer think they wanted the product all along. Similarly, let the red-pilled think they are discovering the truth.

    The fact is your site has been the tip of the spearhead on most fronts. I don’t think you are being petty clarifying how they are still off the scent. Being precise is super important as the psyops campaign against our society for the last 100+ years has taken its toll. And you, good sir, are certainly precise. Thanks for your and your team’s tireless and important work.

      1. whenever i say it you release the dogs on me, but lets try again. Hey Ryan the links are still not there…

      2. Not true at all. And the links have been there since yesterday, right after I saw your comment. It’s simple, as I said, in the rare event I forget, or any number of other things that could happen, simply email me, or better yet leave a simple comment saying as much. Done. Just one guy back here, but always sorry to keep you waiting.

  9. Blumenthal stealing someone else’s ideas?! say it ain’t so!
    (that’s sarcasm, for the clue-deficient)
    he did the same thing with Syria & Libya. basically following Amy Goodman down the BS hole.
    it’s very frustrating, a lot of us could do great work if we had such connected daddies as Blumenthal Senior

  10. So glad to hear Ryan draw attention to Max Blumenthal and gang–not petty at all. Since last year I have become very suspicious of the idea that Blumenthal is in good-faith and not some kind of controlled opposition. It is now curious to see them speaking out (without giving any credit) at exactly the time when other Marxists are getting out in front of vaccine-mandate protesters to mislead the public into thinking people are striking over other topics and that supply chains are dwindling due to other causes.
    Essentially they act as cockblockers to the truth. It seems more likely than ever to me that Blumenthal and the Grayzone are some kind of controlled opposition. It would be interesting to find out more about where Blumenthal came from originally and where the funding comes from.

  11. Around the 35 minute mark when you discuss how Fauci seems like the scapegoat in the lies of the government I actually feel that this whole Rand Paul vs Fauci (like most of those official public press conferences) is actually staged. It feels like theater being used to divert the public from what is really going on as well as feed for the alternative media and fulfil the need for justice to people looking for some kind of redemption. Look at Fauci’s eyes. They look like an actor’s while watching another actor doing his lines. I think that these mediatised confrontations are used in order to dupe and misled people into that whole China’s lab virus leak. If the latter was true, they would have isolated said virus to further prove its existence and to keep controlling not only the ignorant mass of people but also those of us who are questioning it all and reaching for alternative media to understand what is going on. I agree with David Icke here: they gave the green light for Fauci to be used as a scapegoat in order to unleash the lie that the virus got out of a chinese lab, which Fauci would not only have known about but actually participated in the funding of (if I’m not misunderstanding). It’s better to have the public believe in a virus created in a lab than to have the public think that the virus doesn’t exist because then the whole scam would be dismantled and the agenda could not be unfolded subsequently. If there was a virus that escaped from a lab, they wouldn’t have had to engineer a fraudulent PCR test using a cycle amplification that’s too high in order to prove the existence of the alleged virus. People would be sick everywhere. They would also have happily provided all the evidence of the virus having been purified using Koch’s postulates and every other method (although it seems to my limited knowledge like the only real failproof method for isolating a virus). And as David Icke said, if a real virus escaped from China was the source of the pandemic, the Elite would have no control as to who dies from it. And this is too much unpredictability for them. It’s then better to engineer it all, mind control the population and reap the results that they were looking for in the first place.

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