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Scottish Leader Threatens to Veto Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister in Scotland, has vowed that he will go to any means necessary, even taking legal action, to protect his country from Brexit.

What’s going to happen with the UK is that there are going to be deeply damaging and painful consequences … I want to try and protect Scotland from that,” she told BBC, according to a report by Al Jazeera

She also explained that it may be deemed necessary for Scottish Parliament to have to give their official consent before Britain is able to actually leave the EU. She feels that the country is being pulled out of the EU against its will because of the UK, and hopes that this can be remedied and reversed.

However, Nina Schick, an expert from Open Europe, explained that Scotland will not actually be able to do anything to stop the UK’s exit.

“Once the formal exit clause is triggered, and it can only be triggered by the UK government, the UK is on its way out,” she explained to Al Jazeera.

Additionally, along with the many leaders in Scotland being up in arms over leaving, over fifty percent of Scottish citizens now support independence from the rest of Great Britain – upon the last polling, the number was at 59 percent. It looks like this was the last straw for many who weren’t sure about leaving earlier, and now want to be in no way associated with the UK.

“We are in uncharted territory right here and it’s clear that the Scottish nationalists have profited from this referendum,” Schick explained regarding the vast number of people who now want to go it alone. “We may soon be on the way to an independent Scotland.”

It’s too soon to tell, but Trump’s ignorant and misinformed tweet about Scotland wanting to “take their country back” when Britain left the EU may turn out to be ironically true.

Addison Herron-Wheeler
Addison is a Managing Editor of Colorado for CULTURE Magazine, and a freelance music writer for Denver Westword. She is a published fiction author and has a self-published book for sale on women in heavy metal entitled Wicked Woman. Addison covers topics from cannabis law reform and heavy metal, to women's rights and social justice issues. She lives in Denver, Colorado.

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