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Nationalism vs. Globalism: What Route Should The World Take?

Whether it’s the Brits voting for the Brexit, the Americans electing Donald Trump as president, or Marine Le Pen gaining momentum in France, the populist tides of nationalism are causing massive shifts in political power throughout the world. It’s not just these select cases either where populism has taken root. The reality is that anti-establishment Read More…

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This Europe Isn’t MY Europe

The EU is a precarious subject these days. Both backers and detractors are subject to harsh criticism, and those wanting to leave the EU are habitually considered populists or nationalists. However, this Europe, with its undeniable capitalist and neoliberal penchants, isn’t MY Europe, or at least not the Europe I once pictured it to be. That is why, as it stands, Read More…

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Eclipsed by Brexit Controversy, EU Nations Fighting To Ban Glyphosate

As the European Union dominates the news headlines across the world, the Brexit is not the only controversy brewing in Europe. Never known for its democratic values, European nations have nevertheless refused to back an extension of the use of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup – a decision that could strike a major Read More…

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Brexit to Set Julian Assange Free — WikiLeaks Says EU Arrest Warrant Will Be “Scrapped”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hopes that his self-imposed imprisonment, under threat of arrest and extradition, could finally be at an end in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Assange has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since seeking asylum there in June 2012 after Swedish authorities sought his extradition from the U.K over an Read More…

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Brexit, And Goals And Ops Of The Deep State

We have to start with Brexit, which scored a victory last night. Britain leaves the EU. Bang. Other European countries are ready to put the same referendum up for vote. And George Soros is making money from having invested in gold earlier in the month. Naturally. The vulture never sleeps. Speaking of money making money, Read More…