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Rudy Giuliani Celebrates Starvation Of Iranian Civilians At Rally

Just when you thought this administration couldn’t get more cartoonishly villainous, Trump lawyer and Simon Bar Sinister stunt double Rudy Giuliani takes to the stage and enthuses about how US sanctions are making Iranian citizens so desperate they are offering to sell their internal organs for $500 in order to stay alive.

“Probably a fortune in Iran today. This is truly pitiful!” he crowed triumphantly to the crowd at the Iran Uprising Summit in New York on Saturday, pleased as punch by the US government’s success in torturing everyday Iranians with starvation.

Giuliani, who is basically what you’d get if necrophilia and racist police shootings had a baby, fumbled his way through a paid speech for the MEK terror cult with all the grace of a drunken creepy uncle MCing his way through a family wedding. In it he not only gloated over the starvation and severe impoverishment of Iranian civilians, but openly proclaimed that regime change was coming to Iran due to the actions of the Trump administration.


“I don’t know when we’re going to overthrow them. It could be in a few days, months, a couple of years, but it’s going to happen. They’re going to be overthrown.” Guiliani said definitively. “The people of Iran have obviously now had enough. The sanctions are working. The currency is going to nothing! They’re where Russia was. They’re where Poland was. We see signs of young men and women saying ‘Give me some food!’ We saw a sign of a man trying to sell his internal organs for five hundred American dollars – probably a fortune in Iran today! This is truly pitiful. These are the kinds of conditions that lead to successful revolution, and God willing, non-violent revolution.”


Truly pitiful, he reckons. That’s like standing on a patient’s oxygen hose at the hospital and then making fun of them for gasping for air. Sanctions are the only legal act of war that deliberately target innocent civilians, and here is Giuliani mocking people for the suffering he is gleefully supporting inflicting.

Corpse bride Nikki Haley was quick to distance the Trump administration from Giuliani’s regime change rhetoric, as was the US State Department in a statement to Reuters, because as we saw them do with Libya and as we’ve seen them attempt with Syria, the US government has ever since the disastrous Iraq invasion had a standing policy of denying that it is pushing for regime change in key strategic regions while doing exactly that. But Giuliani has been repeatedly appearing at these events spouting the exact same regime change rhetoric while retaining employment as Trump’s lawyer, and at no time has the president or anyone else in the administration made him stop. The administration can’t actually have that much of a problem with Giuliani’s schtick; if it did Giuliani would either stop or be fired.

Neither has happened. Giuliani keeps getting these lucrative speaking gigs where he champions regime change again and again, which was also done at another such event by murderous psychopath John Bolton not long before he was hired as Trump’s National Security Advisor. Giuliani’s words have the tacit blessing of the Trump administration.

Giuliani was hired to speak alongside Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the Mujahideen e Khalq (MEK), a paramilitary cult that was only recently delisted by Hillary Clinton as a designated terror group at the behest of CIA and FBI insiders and other shadow government stalwarts. The MEK was originally listed as a terrorist group because it has killed Americans and has an extensive history of committing acts of terrorism, and has recently been exposed in operating an extensive social media propaganda campaign to manufacture support for Iranian regime change in the west. Rajavi boasted at the event that her group has organized special “Units of Rebellion” to run riots and interference inside Iran, which was a pretty interesting thing to say on the very same day that there was a terror attack on a military parade in the Iranian city of Ahvaz that slaughtered 24 people and wounded many more.

There was no inference that the MEK was responsible for this particular attack, but it’s kind of fascinating that while Nikki Haley was telling Iran to “look in the mirror” with regard to the attack on Ahvaz because in her view, the attack came from organic civil unrest which is the fault of the Iranian government, Giuliani was celebrating that the sanctions applied by the US were working because they were causing the kind of intense suffering on civilians that leads to civil unrest and a “successful revolution”, while Rajavi was saying that her (exiled) group was planning on riots and provocations to stimulate civil unrest. Not to mention the fact that the coup-staging CIA recently escalated covert operations in that nation.

How exactly do they think this works? You can’t be boasting about your success at provoking civil unrest while pretending you’re just an innocent-but-concerned bystander who had his hands in his pockets the whole time, officer. Not a thing.

They think we’re stupid. They must, or they’d never try to get away with this bullshit. Eyes and ears open, clear-eyed rebels. The veils are being pulled back almost quicker than we can process.



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