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Nurse Forced To Resign Despite Religious Exemption, Told Her Faith Not “Sincerely Held Belief”

Joining me today is Melanie Kangus, a registered nurse who up until recently worked for Catholic Charities New Hampshire. Melanie is here to discuss the forceful vaccine mandate put forth by her former employer, and how the process lacked the necessary safeguards regarding the disclosure of personal medical information, and instead, became a public admonishing of those going against the grain. We discuss how she filed a religious exemption, and how this Catholic facility not only chose, subjectively, not to honor this exemption, but instead took the stance that Melanie’s religious convictions were not “sincerely held beliefs”. In effect, they called her a liar, while undermining the very religious foundation of her life that lead her to work for Catholic Charities to begin with. 


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Ryan Cristián
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10 Replies to “Nurse Forced To Resign Despite Religious Exemption, Told Her Faith Not “Sincerely Held Belief”

  1. Thank you for interviewing this brave lady. I do hope that both her and her family will be OK, and well looked after. What a hideous situation to be in. Unbelievable that a religious institution would behave in this way. We know however, that the Pope is on board with this horror. I’m deeply sorry it has come to this.

    Thanks as always.

  2. Thank you for this video. I’m a nurse too and am working on writing a religious exemption. The organization I work for told has also told me that they will loose Medicare/Medicaid funding if they aren’t in compliance. About half of our staff is not vaccinated, some are starting to give in due to fear and pressure. I will make them fire me, and figure out some other way to feed my family. Thanks for your work, keep speaking truth.

  3. Yes, it’s unfair that a Private Company fired one of it’s employees for not complying with a Company Policy that was implemented AFTER the employee was hired.
    Yes, it’s… something that the Private Company didn’t give the employee a pass on the new policy because she is Catholic which somehow means she shouldn’t have to comply, while others should (i.e., she’s not arguing the mandate for vax is wrong, just that in her case it is).
    Seems like the wrong fight…
    Anyway, sorry for her troubles.

    Since we’re becoming more Fascist by the day (i.e., Banks/Corporations Rule with support/force of Gov.), I thought I’d frame a comment on the Religious Exemption issue as per Gov./Law:

    “Discrimination occurs when a person is unable to enjoy his or her HUMAN RIGHTS or other LEGAL RIGHTS on an EQUAL BASIS with others because of an UNJUSTIFIED DISTINCTION made in policy, law or treatment.” —

    The moment you give Christians (or any Membership/Religious Organization’s members) a Special Legal Right or Priveledge you are DISCRIMINATING and you are creating and condoning INEQUALITY & INEQUITY.
    …Including Tax-exempt Status for “Churches, Integrated Auxiliaries, and Conventions or Associations of Churches” (per IRS).

    It’s a Slippery Slope to let individual’s superstitions/beliefs dictate Public Policies, Mandates, Laws (with a Dark Ages 2.0 at the bottom).

    If Catholics claim (and/or receive) exemption based-on fetal cells used (i.e., “murder”, they claim), then anyone & everyone who is against “murder” is eligible for exemption; no religion necessary.

    To evolve and to one day have Peace, justice and equity (for Humanity) Religion(s) should always be personal/private, never Public/Legal.


  4. 5 Elements of a Contract:

    1.) Offer: The exchange of goods/services

    2.) Acceptance: Verbal recognition of the exchange to be made

    3.) Consideration: Is the exchange is of equal value?

    4.) Melding of the Minds: Full disclosure/nothing will surprise you in the future, such as a change in policy

    5.) Signed by two living sentient living beings

    A legal contract has all five of these criteria. If only one of these criteria is missing from the contract, then the agreement is not a contract. The violator of the contract is then in a SUEABLE position. When another party holds you in position over a policy change, that is a violation of MELDING OF THE MINDS. The original contract is now a UNILATERAL CONTRACT (AKA ADHESION CONTRACT), a non-contract. A Void. There is no such thing. Everyone who is going through this needs to file more AFFIDAVITS. It takes some learning, but once the hard work is done….well, there are plenty of miracles that never make the mainstream. Bearing witness for each other and learning the legal system. has a free document called “Barney Rubble Affidavit of Status.” Read through it and watch Alphonse Faggiolo’s video’s via some video media service. It’s wrong what’s happening to her, and so many others. How can you make them pay? Can you imagine the payout of EVERYONE WHO HAD THIS SAME THING HAPPEN TO THEM? I try to imagine it everyday. Can we get a 20 trillion class action lawsuit going? Learn how to fight back people. You’re not victims, you’re free.

    The sad part of all this, to me, is that we never learned how our bodies work, who we really are, and how to protect it all legally, in school. Those were never important things to teach us, for them. And so now… without any of that knowledge, and them owning everything… now is the time for everyone to fight, to own what they own.

    1. “Those were never important things to teach us…”
      Those things, and much more, have always been important things NOT to teach us.

      Whoever controls the image and information of the past determines what and how future generations will think; whoever controls the information and images of the present determines how those same people will view the past.
      — George Orwell, 1984 (1949)

      Take at hazard one hundred children of several educated generations and one hundred uneducated children of the people and compare them in anything you please; in strength, in agility, in mind, in the ability to acquire knowledge, even in morality—and in all respects you are startled by the vast superiority on the side of the children of the uneducated.
      — Count Leo Tolstoy, “Education and Children” (1862)

  5. Anyone who claims that another person’s belief in God is not sincere, must be able to prove that they themselves have a sincere belief in God. Those who don’t believe in God, cannot judge whether someone else believes in God, simply on the grounds that they don’t believe God exists. If you demand proof of someone else’s belief in God, then you have to be able provide proof of your belief in God. Committee membership of a Catholic Charity organization does not count as irrefutable proof of belief in God. I don’t believe in God so I can’t demand someone else to provide proof that they believe in God, as I don’t belief such proof exists. To demand evidence of someone’s belief in any religious deity amounts to questioning the very concept of religion. In other words, asking for proof of someone’s belief in God is tantamount to asking for proof that God exists. As I don’t believe in God, exactly the same logic applies because I cannot provide proof he doesn’t exist. Proving a negative is almost impossible. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. In other words, you can’t claim someone wasn’t at Woodstock in 1969 just because they didn’t keep a ticket stub. The Roman Catholic Church is in severe danger of entering a second Inquisition here, which could lead to a schism. For those that don’t know, the Spanish Inquisition led to the religious beliefs of Jews and Muslims being questioned. if they didn’t convert to Christianity under torture they were brutally executed. Just as often, many were tortured and executed without being offered the choice of conversion. That finally led to Jews being exiled to North Africa along with the Islamic king of Granada, Muhammad XII, who believed in religious tolerance. It is interesting to point out that not only did Jews and Muslims believe in God, but that god was exactly the same god that Catholics believed in, the god of the Old Testament. If I’m not mistaken, freedom of religious belief is written into the American Constitution. I don’t believe that evidence of such belief was a requirement.

  6. First off, I am 1,000% anti-discrimination against the unvaccinated, and I 1,000% am furious about her being fired for not agreeing to be jabbed.
    BUT !!! I think she indeed had said sth that destroyed her own narrative: she said as long as the administrator commits to take care of her daughter in case she died of vaccine side-effects, she’ll take it —- this destroys her refusal based on religious belief, doesn’t it?! Because if she indeed refuses because of religious belief, then whether the administrator made the promise would have made no difference, right? It’s either in line with her faith or not, whether there is a promise shouldn’t have made any difference.

    So, in dealing with authorities, one must be very careful in choosing one’s words.

  7. And, quitting yourself instead of having them fired you is totally unwise !! I guess that might be why her lawyer said her company has the right not to reimburse her for her unrealized leaves. If it is you who quit, then your company needs not to compensate you for anything !!!

  8. If you wanna use religious belief as a reason to refuse the jab, DON’T say it is because Covid-19 vaccine contains fetal cell components or fetal cells are employed in the development of the vaccine, otherwise the fact that you have received other vaccines that also contain fetal cell components in the past will be used by the authority to refute your argument; and, they may as well put out a version that doesn’t contain fetal cell components and force you to take that. Instead, say that you refuse Covid-19 vaccine because you believe it is the Mark of the Beast —— it is the first thing in history that requires everyone to receive, otherwise one is deprived of the basic right to be employed, to use public transport, to enter public facilities, etc. This matches what is described in the Bible about the Mark of the Beast !!!

  9. If you are a professional who walked away, or was fired, please consider emailing me. I am collaborating with others on a new provider directory, for practitioners with integrity. This will be old school and offline as much as possible. LJBSMAMA@PROTONMAIL.COM

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