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NATO’s Racist Refugee Double-Standard

Some 6.2 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to neighboring countries due to the ongoing war, many of which have been aided by NATO member states. However, the way in which Ukraine’s refugees have been aided reflects strikingly racist double-standards.

In light of recent developments in the NATO-Russia conflict in Ukraine, Biden just signed a 40 billion dollar aid package to assist the Kiev regime. Combined with a previous aid package in March, that would bring the total spent on this war, by Washington alone, to near a whopping $54,000,000,000. It is notable that the spending on Ukraine, the majority of which will be on military aid, will account for roughly a quarter of the total Ukrainian economy last year.

It is a clear priority for NATO, which is headed by Washington, that Russia be defeated in Ukraine, or at least come out with some bruises. What has also become clear is that there has been almost no second thoughts about allowing Ukrainian refugees from entering NATO member nations and seeking asylum.

Although it is always a great thing to aid others in their time of need, many are asking why it is so easy for Ukrainians to settle in some NATO member states, but for refugees from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia this same right is not afforded.

Take Poland for instance, the country that has taken in the largest amount of Ukrainian refugees, some 3.4 million, this is a country that would not allow a few thousand Afghan’s and Kurdish refugees into their country. Polish authorities even built a wall in order to keep out these refugees, forcing them into an exile in which many froze to death. Excuses were made by Polish politicians for years, that their country simply could not handle taking in thousands of refugees (at this time they were mostly Iraqi, Syrian, Afghan, or Kurdish refugees) arguing that doing so would place too much of a burden on their society and economy. Why is it that such a country will seemingly only take refugees if they look a certain way? This is relevant question, especially when the US Biden administration attempts to pride itself on claiming to be inclusive and rejecting racism.

In addition to this, European nations and the United States are turning their attention away from war torn Syria when it comes to aid donations. The United Nations even fell nearly 4 billion short of their target aid fundraiser for suffering Syrians, which has been in large part attributed to donors prioritizing Ukraine.

According to Sir Mark Lowcock, the highest-ranking UK official at the UN until 2021:

“Britain is diverting money from starving people in Afghanistan and Yemen to deal with the Ukraine crisis, and it’s completely the wrong thing to do. Food prices are going up, people can’t afford food, and the aid agencies helping them are having their resources cut… Britain is guiltier than anybody of that diversion.”

In Germany, reports even emerged that the authorities had evicted hundreds of Afghan families from government housing in order to make way for Ukrainian refugees. According to a piece published in Foreign Policy magazine, entitled ‘Germany Is Displacing Afghan Refugees to Make Way for Ukrainians‘, social workers showed up at the doors of Afghan families and told them to leave their homes to make way for Ukrainians, giving no space for appeal, just 24 hours for the families to leave. Interviewees, included in the article, claim that German authorities specifically planned the evictions this way in order to avoid the stories being widely publicized. Many of these families were allegedly victims of Taliban violence.

Whilst the United States and its NATO allies pump enormous amounts of money into their proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, they seem to be de-prioritizing the victims of their other wars being waged around the globe. Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and beyond — where the majority of refugees came from during the so-called “refugee crisis” — were all countries that the United States and its allies helped to destabilize and destroy. These are not refugees as a result of floods, these are refugees that came as a result of wars of aggression. The so-called “beacons of democracy”, the Western world, not only destroyed the countries from which these refugees came, but are now screwing them once again.

How does this look? NATO nations are building fences to keep black and brown refugees out, but then take millions of white European refugees in. NATO nations destroy countries around the world, leave them decimated and then don’t care to raise enough money to keep their victims fed, let alone make it easy for them to seek a new home. NATO nations will treat Muslim refugees like dirt, even kick Afghans out of their homes to make way for the prioritized Ukrainian refugees. With the obvious facts on the table, it is not hard to this for what it is.

What adds insult to injury is that inside NATO nations like Germany, Britain, and the United States, the governments claim to be anti-racism, they claim to be out to combat discrimination. All the players in the British Premier league take the knee. Many banks, major corporate businesses and even some public trains have labels like Black Lives Matter officially marked on them. The Pride Flag is even flown from government buildings. The Western leaderships constantly lecture everyone on inclusivity and “tolerance”, yet the policies they practice reflect the absolute opposite.

Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

3 Replies to “NATO’s Racist Refugee Double-Standard

  1. Here we go….knew it would not be long before somebody brought out the “it’s raaaaaacist” card. Maybe it’s you that is raaaaaacist since you seem to believe native Europeans are not being replaced in their countries fast enough.

    Everyone knows these wars are about globalist agendas and not about helping regular people.

  2. Who bothers to translate Ukrainian Facebook posts will very soon discover how many Ukranians take their refuge as a holiday, having rented out their homes in Ukrania and joyfully take the money offered by the hosting states. (They post it feeling safe we can’t read it and they can show off with their cleverness to their fellow people.)
    Which makes the eviction of Afghan families from their houses by eg German officials part of a criminal scheme.

  3. POWERFUL. So much shows the callousness of looting, lying, powergrabbing America and its a*lickers in Nato.

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