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MSM Hides Pandemic Of The Injected, The Injections Causing Variants & How They’re Not Effective

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (8/1/21).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


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Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

Pandemics Of fear
Pandemic Of The Vaccinated
Injection Efficacy 
Mandatory Injections 
Dr Charles Hoffe

Important TLAV Mask Coverage

Most Recent Mask Studies

5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction in blood oxygen level:

Cloth Mask Study

SOME of the mask studies on efficacy:

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Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

36 Replies to “MSM Hides Pandemic Of The Injected, The Injections Causing Variants & How They’re Not Effective

  1. I’m ashamed to admit I recently heard of some podcast called No Agenda that features an old VJ and a wine reporter. I have hours of labor to fill with podcasts so this one fits in. They kind of on board I guess. But apparently the ex VJ is some famous guy. They have a big audience.

    Compared to TLAV, its like listening to last years news. I guess its a good thing that this overall message is getting out to a bigger audience, but I think its worth noting the difference between this type of “indie” podcast and what TLAV and others on the forefront are doing.

    This No Agenda podcast is revealing to me the possibility that indie is stratified.

    1. Well I’ll tell you this – I’ve been listening to / reading a pretty wide variety of indie journalists / researchers (mostly with an anarchist / radical libertarian bent, but not exclusively) for years, and it’s pretty amazing how far ahead of the curve Ryan always is, especially in covid clown world.

      It’s actually frustrating to listen/read some of these other guys who seem to genuinely believe they are on the bleeding edge when they are always just playing catch up to where TLAV is at. What’s worse is many disparage people like TLAV as “conspiracy theorists” and “speculating not based on the facts” when the reality is they just aren’t as caught up on those facts, and will end up reporting what they called “conspiracy theory” months down the line when it finally trickles down to them from mainstream sources.

      Way too many indie journalists still depend on legacy media to legitimize what they could find out for themselves if they were only willing to look a few levels closer to the primary sources.

      It shouldn’t bother me so much but you can’t help but be a little PO’d when the stuff TLAV was right on top of in March 2020 (and was insulted and disparaged and censored for covering and spreading) is over a year later now facts that are accepted by everyone who isn’t just a idiot-box watcher or wtv.

      Not saying there aren’t othed solid indie journalists, but there are many that I’ve moved away from and certainly don’t trust anymore just because of how weak willed and sluggish they’ve been at covering what is far and away the most important and devastating totalitarian propaganda event that has occurred in our lifetimes (possibly ever).

      I would say the other outfit that competes with TLAV in terms of prescience and discernment are Monica Perez and Brad Binkley at The Propaganda Report. Their focus isn’t entirely in the same place, and they don’t do quite as much research as TLAV, but Monica has a sixth sense for picking apart propaganda and relaying what it’s true intentions are, as well as pointing us in the direction of information that is meaningful (a difficult thing to do in this ocean of propaganda, disinformation, speculation, psy ops, controlled op, etc).

      She was the first person to break open the whole RT PCR manipulation when she interviewed someone by the name of David Crowe – maybe one of the only guys who was yelling from the rooftops about how PCR could (and probably would) be used to manufacture a pandemic that could be exploited for tyrannical reasons BEFORE covid even started. He’s another guy who died under (what I would say) are mysterious circumstances – just as he was starting to male the rounds in independent media, just as his body of resesach that was immaculately well sourced and grounded and coherent for a layman audience was starting to pick up steam (a full year before the PCR story made it to the news, we’re talking like March/April 2020 when even the dissidents were buying into the narrative) – in less than a week he went from totally healthy to diagnosed with cancer to dead. Maybe that’s something that happens, but it’s awful suspicious. He was a guy who had made it his life’s work to expose the way governments and big pharma use data manipulation and propaganda surrounding viral pathogens to profiteer and dominate the population, and before covid was already very well versed in this stuff and was already desperately trying to get the message out – and just when his work would have been more importwnt than ever, just as people are starting to notice it, he gets a surprise diagnosis and dies days later.

      Regardless my point is that TLAV and The Propaganda Report are the only two outlets I know of that have been 100% spot on in their covid reporting and have been way ahead of everyone else by a mile. With each passing day both Ryan and Monica are vindicated as everything they saw coming is happening in front of us. And STILL people lump them in with idiots like those guys at infowars or the QAnon crowd.

  2. It all comes to one thing. We will have to deal with the TYRANTS. If by now people have not understood what these people are, it is hopeless. I dont think so. The tyrants are few. Now you would think that fools like the Israelis, the Germans, the French or even the British, would smell the coffee and know what will come next if they behave like people wearing a Yellow Star. After all its only a Yellow Star the naive Jews would say in the 30s. Today the Yellow Star is the ”green passport” and forced vaccination. Even if the vaccine worked and wasnt dangerous, the tyranny that is now coming with it, is unacceptable and tyrants do indeed to be taken care of, even the main street pseudo journalist fascist thugs.

  3. Hey Ryan,

    Can you please tell me how to financially support you? What’s the easiest way. I’ve done patreon and PayPal before but they took that away. What’s left?

    1. That’s most likely the case. Also: their amount of cases and deaths are extremely low, just like the vaccination rate. Hence, in my opinion, the whole insane lockdown, army involved and all: they want to force folks to get jabbed so that when they are they get the “proper pandemic”. It will come here come next few flu seasons as well…

    2. Any rise in cases directly relates to increase in testing. Deaths are average. Compare; 2019; total deaths all causes 168,960 (average 3,249 deaths per wk). Deaths from flu 4,124 (average 79 per week)
      2020 total deaths all causes 143,205 (average 2,753 deaths per wk). Deaths from flu = 2,170 (average 41 per wk).Deaths ASSIGNED to COVID = 833. 2021 (average 2,613 deaths per wk).Deaths from flu to date = 833 (average 69 per wk). Deaths assigned to COVID = 0 (0 per wk)
      Source: Australian Bureau Of Statistics (ABS):

  4. Is scotland n other countries doing the same as the usa where they only test people extremly sock and only test at 28 cycles if vaccinated while testing all unvaccinated at random and at 40 -45?
    Because that would explain the increased hospitilaztion and death rate for vaccinated people.

      1. Strictly speaking, there most likely is no GO in the vaccines. Ryan did an interview with Whitney, check it out.

        Also: I do work a bit with the thing. You’d see it if it were there in any measurable amounts. Re filters: it’s possible. It’s being tested for many industrial uses.

        Re: Scotland. There are 1/1000 already dead within 28 days of the jab officially as per NHS Scotland (5522 last report). Come fly season, come booster shots and it might get biblical…

  5. I been trying to figure out a decent place to go to get away from wayne co michigan. Was thinking about texas cause i got fam down there. Right wing, but id rather deal with “TRUMP!” Than “take the vax!”
    They came up to mi to visit last week.
    My aunt n cousins wife are both way overweight n both took the vax cause theyre “high risk”.
    Like ok whatever dummies. Instead of getting healthy so you wont be high risk do your thing dummies…
    Meet up with em n find out my uncle n cousin took it because their wives told em they had to. My other cousin calls em while im there celebrating because she just got her pfizer.
    The cousin who came up has a son whos in his upper teens. He didnt come cause he isnt feeling well. Heard my cousins wife say hes got inflammation going on….
    Next day, she tells my brother their son didnt want the vax but they made him to keep her n her mom safe from him vecause theyre high risk. Then she tells my brother her first shot made her sick and 2 nd made her face temporarily droop down….
    So instead of going for walks n eating healthy, she got herself sick and refused to report it because she doesnt want to be antivax. Then knowing it made her sick, she made her aon take it for her because her taking it wasnt enough. All while calling it safe. Guess that fam prolly dying this fall anyway…..

    1. That’s pretty much been the moral of the story most people took the shot moreso for social reasons than health reasons. No offense brother, but there are only three states that you can make the case for being worse than California. Michigan is one of them. Is the tap water issue all over Michigan or certain counties? Hopefully you find a place that works out for you.

  6. So i was wondering about the raise in cases in flordia and looked at the worldometer on testing avg. Gee i wonder if the increase in testing over the last month by a few hundred thousand tests a week from around 400,000 a week to around 600,000 a week could have anything to do with it. Also curious if all those extra tests are in rep areas like florida not doing all the mandates to make em look bad. Cant find data on tests administered by state but havent looked deep into it….

    1. Florida also dealing with a spike in hospitalizations, but Guardian ended up saying that 50% of Covid patients tested positive after they had been admitted to the hospital. How convenient that the hospitalization rate has gone up right when vaccination started to amp up in Florida, might be interesting to look at. But seriously these people were in their homes for 500 days of course there are going to be immune issues.

    2. Florida also dealing with a spike in hospitalizations, but Guardian ended up saying that 50% of Covid patients tested positive after they had been admitted to the hospital. How convenient that the hospitalization rate has gone up right when vaccination started to amp up in Florida, might be interesting to look at. But seriously these people were in their homes for 500 days of course there are going to be immune issues.

  7. Keep fighting for the free world Ryan, its working. Excellent show and one I feel I could share with those “lost in the illusion”. This is a great synopsis of what we’ve known and what we know.

    Someone once said to me awhile after the Iraq invasion, “we now know many things, most of which, we already knew.”

    1. Aaron Russo was getting interviewed, and said Nicholas Rockefeller told him(Aaron Russo) 7 months before 9/11 that an event was going to happen and they were going to go to Venezuela, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Rockefeller also mentioned that US armed forces would go into caves looking for people and they wouldn’t find anyone.
      Also Cuomo is finally getting punished for his eugenic policy of murdering the elderly in nursing homes and sexually harassing employees. When will that moron Newsome be exposed as well:
      Also around September of last year of 2020 I went to the doctor, suffered a burn from the outdoor grill. Apparently they had split the facility to treat Covid patients(this is in september by the way) and the covid treatment area was empty. The doctor who I spoke with was from another branch which they dedicated to Covid patients so she was moved to a new branch(where I was: North Bay) and a week later she went back to her previous branch. There has been 0 transperency even at the local level in regards to this pandemic.

  8. Apologies if you covered this, sometimes with all this information we are all processing, I cant tell if I am having an original thought or if something I heard bubbled up, or both.

    We are being told that the “viral load” in the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are “the same.”

    But we also know two other things: there is no standard for cycle threshold for the unvaccinated and for the vaccinated its 28.

    Is the pcr test being used to determine the viral load? Because if it is and they are saying a test run at 28 and a test run at 40 are “the same”, then thats a lie.

    Also, it would appear to show that the vaccinated have a much higher viral load if they are meeting similar viral loads as someone cycled at a higher threshold.

    Seems like something you would have noticed, but in the event you didn’t and this is the case, comparing pcr tests with different thresholds, I thought I should say it.

    1. Who knows, nobody fully understands what’s going on. They keep repeating the same garbage, “safe and effective” effective at what, and for whom. If the vaccine is considered safe and effective then what about zinc sulfate + vitamin C, shouldn’t that be super duper safe and super duper effective.
      Check out this garbage piece from Bloomberg: “Israel was first to show that vaccines were bending the curve of Covid infections. ” So natural immunity had nothing to do with it or the fact that viruses tend to get less deadly over time. Also I like how they say that 4.2 billion shots have been administered to act like the majority of the world is vaccinated. Also hospitalization rates have dropped in teenagers:
      Ryan the 6 month Pfizer study is out:
      All these people who took it were literally part of an experiment, what a joke.
      Federal Reserve advocating for inflation:
      Check out this video:

      This guy predicted Covid a decade ago:

  9. Had to get my sweet kitty spade today. Hated doing it, but she was drawing Toms and we don’t really have the means for kittens. So I spent a day in town. Did some shopping.

    Most people were masked, but it was a recommendation. The vet required the masks but not the grocery store, not the gas station inside, not the chainsaw store, not the garden supply store. Most people were wearing masks, but I wasn’t, because it was a recommendation.

    I just clicked on the local trashgate and lol and behold, they are mandates again now. 7 Bay area counties, mandates. Up from 3.

    1. @AI T I’m sure you also saw this:
      People will still wear a mask even though the pandemic is over. This coincides with exactly what the Project Lockstep covered, which was that even when the pandemic is over, people will still wear masks and accept even more totalitarian restrictions.
      Project Lockstep:
      Also check out this moron from SFO:
      Even his super left following understands that vaccine mandates are unfair, but he will still push for it.
      The pesky lambda variant is here and it’s all because of those unvaccinated idiots. That’s right the variant which was first found in Peru is a problem because of the unvaccinated people in the U.S. What a load of horse manure.

  10. A lot has happened this week in regards to the shot. The elites seem very stressed by pushing all the vaccination mandates.
    Lawsuit victory:
    Mainstream news:
    This guy sued Alberta county in Canada and won so there are no vaccine mandates. And Candian government is angry, but won’t report on the lawsuit. Apparently the health minister said there is “no material evidence of virus.”
    But the most important thing that has come out are these two research papers on natural methods to fight covid spike protein:
    Grapes and blueberries mainly(make sure the seeds are present as that is where the magic healing stems from)
    MIT PHd(biological engineering) exposes medical industry, vaccine mandates, and Fauci:
    New data out(94.9% of hospitalized Covid patients had underlying health conditions):
    So instead of opening gyms, fitness centers, farmers market(where real food is), etc, they shut all those down, but hey McDonalds needs to stay open because it’s an essential service. Data is out saying 40% of deaths could’ve been prevented if Vitamin D(alone) was given according to research in Israel. And god knows how many deaths could’ve been prevented if people who tested positive were given early treatment. Bret Weinstein touched on this as well saying we can’t get all these positive tests, send them home without any treatment and act confused when they come back with blue lips and trouble breathing.
    CNN getting sued:

  11. I haven’t liked children’s media since I was a child. They all seemed to hate parents and family. And that you can’t trust the adults you know, but you can trust some smiling magical person who can show you a magical world that’s a secret between the magical people and all children. So I played outside or played with toys, paper etc. Because all that stuff about separating children from their parents emotionally if not physically was creepy and frightening. I didn’t care how many other characters vouched for them, I was going to go with what I knew and switched off from that propaganda. Since then, I review any media I personally expose children to or disrupt their television-watching with questions comparing the characters or story-line to reality. Same with online. I do not want them to b left alone with these strangers behind these shows. And since last year, children became the new hate figure. Protect your children everyone and do whatever you can for others to make them feel like a recognised and cherished member of their community (not all children are raised in a loving home and struggle to get through each day very much on their own).

  12. What does it say about me that I really just can’t stomach listening to people like Cuomo or Lemon… Every time I hear clips from shows like that it’s just staggering how dumbed down cable news continues to get.

    It would be a real blessing if rather than actually play the clips Ryan would just read quotes and react to that haha. They just make my blood boil, and that’s precisely the point. Don Lemon exists primarily to make people see red IMO. What’s so messed up is that even though I know this – it still works on me. I still get emotional and righteously furious listening to that monster poison the minds of the idiots who take those channels seriously.

  13. could somebody please identify the scottish researcher (or is he irish?) who explained the “3 minute bulletin” on the delta variant? i remember him providing EXCELLENT explanations of statistics, such as infection, mortality, and comparing it year to year. he was censored, or shadow banned, and i managed to lose bookmarks to his content. I CANT REMEMBER HIS NAME, nor can i construct the correct search to force the search engines to reveal who he is, or where he’s posting. i also cant find him in the references above. please help, he’s not an insignificant researcher, and although i remember he’s not in medicine, i recall he’s a statistician, or an economist, so ive said enough. where’s his bald head posting nowadays, please?

  14. Corona Virus Day is on January 22. Let’s celebrate! Let us all buy suckers and suck our suckers this Saturday, January 22. Why? Because our suckers that we suck represent the WORLD as a whole foolishly accepting everything the news media says without question. Even I was duped. Let us turn January 22 into a holiday, a celebration to our folly, since only ONE day of “peer review” helped to kick off the insanity and meaningless PCR tests that would make it appear that there was a pandemic when there was no such thing.
    The CORMAN-DROSTEN REVIEW REPORT reveals that the paper had no more than ONE day for peer review.
    “The Corman-Drosten paper was submitted to Eurosurveillance on January 21st 2020 and accepted for publication on January 22nd 2020.”

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