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Moving Your Business To Houston

Everyone wants their business to succeed. That is why we work for many hours a week to make the business as much of a success as possible. However, in as much as we put in the work, the geographical location of the business also matters a lot. For this reason, you’ll find that it’s better to have your business operate in one state and not another. Texas has been an economic powerhouse in the US for a very long time. This is attributed to several factors. Here is why moving your business to Houston is a good idea.

It’s a great place for manufacturing

As they say, everything is bigger in Texas. This is also true of its manufacturing. Houston represents the headquarters of some of the largest manufacturing companies in the US. Last year, the output of Texas’ manufacturing was a whopping $226.16 billion which is about 10% of the total US manufacturing in the year. The manufacturing jobs here support about 865,000 people gaining an average of $82,544 meaning they have more left to spend after expenses.

Prime for export

If your markets are international, then moving your business to Houston is the best thing for you. Texas is the largest exporter in the country, and it’s continuing to grow. Because of its growth capacities, it’s a lot easier for people operating in the export business to operate from Houston. The government has made it a lot more compelling for people to move their export business to Houston by having conditions perfect for the industry.

People are moving to Houston

A lot of people are moving from other towns and states to Texas. And for a good reason. Regarding opportunity, the growth in Texas offers an excellent place to be. According to the census bureau, Texas came in at number 4 for the fastest growing cities in America. Looking at the fastest growing cities in the US, Texas takes the cake by having three cities on the index. Houston is also developed infrastructure wise. That means that businesses have an excellent environment to succeed. Services such as internet connectivity are above par as compared to the national average. About 87.7% of Texans have access to internet speeds of faster than 25mbps. The average for Houston, in fact, is 46.4mbps which is significantly faster. Given that there are more than 400 ISPs in Houston, companies such as digitalexits assist businesses to identify the right internet service provider.

Apart from all the development and a stable economy in Texas, people are also moving their businesses to Houston because of favorable government laws that foster business and promote growth instead of stifling it. Texas does not tax its residents their income. This isn’t like other states which have income tax going up to 14%. Companies also enjoy low state business taxes ranging from .5%-1%. This means that businesses can enjoy better profits and even afford to pay their employees better. Houston also has lower sales tax numbers than most other states. Although the number makes out at about 8.19%, most businesses operate below 6.5%. Moving your business to Houston will help it to grow and become more profitable.

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