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Facebook Teams Up With DARPA Exec To Scan Your Brain And Augment Your Reality

In light of the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook is quickly becoming one of the world’s least trusted companies. A survey from the Ponemon Institute, a research group focused on data privacy and information security, shows that trust in Facebook has fallen 66 percent to where now only 28 percent of users believe the company is “committed Read More…

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Research Shows Switching To Non-GMO Diet Can Reverse These 28 Conditions

GMO’s are ubiquitous throughout the United States and many other nations, making them difficult to avoid. Although presumed safe or GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by governmental authorities and GMO manufacturers, studies have shown that a number of problems can occur in animals as a result of eating a GMO diet, including physiological issues and excessive Read More…

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Over Half Of Every Tax Dollar You Give To Uncle Sam Is Spent On This

Most people probably don’t think too much about this, but are you aware of just how much of your income is being used to fuel the military industrial complex? Conveniently omitted from the corporate/state-run media organizations is the fact that some 53 percent of your tax dollars are spent on the military. That’s right, more than Read More…

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5 Issues to Unify Us in the Divide and Conquer Era of Trump

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in awareness like never seen before. World views have shifted dramatically and key issues have come into the spotlight which would have never met such a great audience just a decade ago, such as sustainable agriculture, contaminants in vaccines and in the water supply, and Read More…

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4 Ways The System Tries to Hold Us Back From Our Awakening

We are living in truly extraordinary times. The veil of secrecy is being lifted like never before in history. In this time of awakening, humankind is drawing back the mask and emerging as a truly special species. In a very small amount of time, but particularly in the past few years, more people than ever Read More…