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Told She Would Die, Canadian Mom Credits Cannabis Oil for Surviving Cancer

 Doctors told her to prepare to die, but she took cannabis oil instead. It was 2009 when Canadian Cheryl Pearson was misdiagnosed by the Canadian medical system with multiple sclerosis (MS), and for the following four years, she believed MS was the reason behind her rapidly declining health and the loss of use of some Read More…

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5 Pieces of Monsanto’s Corporate History We’re Not Supposed to Think About

Monsanto is quite possibly the world’s most hated company, but few know much of the history of this multi-national giant. “When a company claims its product improves on nature, many consumers happily declare the product an example of scientific progress. Equally powerful, though, is the inclination toward skepticism.” – Jesse Hicks This skepticism is the Read More…

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UN Seeking Full-Spectrum Biometric Dominance of the Human Race

The UN has announced a plan to biometrically track every citizen on Earth – to collect and store all the information about our facial features, fingerprints, iris codes, DNA and anything else that might be useful to them to identify each one of us individually. This information would then be stored in a central database Read More…