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As Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Takes The Lead, Its Chief Medical Officer’s Recent Promotion of “Gene-Editing Vaccines” Comes to Light

Moderna’s chief medical officer has described the company’s products as “hacking the software of life” and permanently altering a person’s genetic code. If Moderna is poised to bring the first Covid-19 vaccine to market, a deeper look at his comments and his employer are warranted.

More and more frequently, government officials, political pundits and self-appointed “global health experts” like billionaire Bill Gates have been instructing the public that mass gatherings and any semblance of “normalcy” will not return until a vaccine for the novel coronavirus Covid-19 is created and subsequently distributed to the masses. In recent weeks, it has quickly become apparent that the leading Covid-19 vaccine candidate is the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine being developed by Boston-based Moderna Inc.

Today, Moderna announced that its vaccine candidate, named mRNA-1273, “appeared to produce an immune response in eight people who received it.” Moderna’s response is odd given that the “study” in question is focused on safety and “is actually not designed to measure effectiveness of the vaccine,” according to a report in TIME. Notably, none of the study’s findings on vaccine safety were reported aside from claims it was “generally safe.” It is also worth noting that this “safety-focused” study only began in March and thus, to date, represents only an examination of the vaccine’s effects in the very short term.

Major media outlets in multiple countries ran with the headlines trumpeting that Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine “shows promising early results” and has presented “encouraging early signs” because of its purported ability to produce Covid-19 antibodies in humans. In addition, these media reports failed to raise other simple yet necessary questions such as how a sample size of only eight people can translate into scientific findings of any real significance without further testing involving larger sample sizes. They also failed to note that the study in question is not even finished as a U.S. government press release noted that the findings in question are merely “interim results.” In addition, the study is being led by the U.S.’ National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), itself headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is a key figure in the U.S. government’s coronavirus response.

Though it is unclear if these “encouraging early signs” will be replicated in future tests of larger samples that are actually designed to test the vaccine’s effectiveness, the news is surely welcome to Moderna, given that their past mRNA vaccines failed to produce hardly any immune response at all, explaining why the company has never brought an mRNA vaccine to market in its entire history as a company.

However, since at least last fall, Moderna has sought to resolve this issue by adding “nanoparticles” to its mRNA vaccine, a modification financed by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Moderna is a “strategic ally” of DARPA and has received millions from DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation several years prior to the current coronavirus crisis. DARPA’s plans for nanoparticles and nanotechnology and their potentially Orwellian applications were the subject of a recent The Last American Vagabond report.

Thanks to the “interim results” of this new study, Moderna is set to take the lead in the race to gain government approval for a Covid-19 vaccine. Moderna had already pulled ahead of other Covid-19 vaccine candidates in recent weeks, being the first vaccine in the U.S. to go the human trials (after it was allowed to skip animal trials) and also enjoying strong support from the U.S. government. For instance, Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine recently received fast-track approval from the Food and Drug administration (FDA) after receiving the “green light” to proceed to Phase 2 testing prior to the results of Phase 1 being published. Moderna’s president, Dr. Stephen Hoge, recently said the company now expects to begin the final third phase of testing sometime this summer.

In addition to support from the FDA, Moderna has also received considerable U.S. government funding ($438 million) from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), a division of HHS overseen by HHS’ Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Robert Kadlec. Moderna has also stated that it is directly collaborating with the U.S. government to bring its vaccine candidate to market.

Moderna’s considerable lead has also been the result of backing that it received in January from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), which was founded in 2017 by the governments of Norway and India along with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine has also received additional millions from long-time Moderna backer Bill Gates. Gates recently authored an article where he described Moderna’s mRNA vaccine for Covid-19 as the “most exciting” and discussed it at length.

Gates’ affinity for Moderna may owe to the fact that Moderna’s co-founder, MIT’s Robert Langer, is a Gates associate whose lab developed the Gates-funded “quantum dot ‘tattoo’” vaccine identification marker that is “visible using a special smartphone camera app and filter” and was described by Science Alert as “a low-risk tracking system.” Another Langer-Gates partnership is a “birth control microchip” inserted to the body that releases contraceptives and can be turned on and off wirelessly.

Meet Dr. Zaks

With Moderna taking a firm lead relative to the other Covid-19 vaccine hopefuls, it is worth taking a closer look at the man who has overseen its development, Moderna’s current Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tal Zaks. Zaks, an Israeli citizen who began his career at GlaxoSmithKline, oversees “preclinical development, clinical development and regulatory affairs” for Moderna and all of its subsidiaries.

In a 2017 TED Talk, two years after joining Moderna, Zaks spoke at length about how he views mRNA vaccines and their modality, including those he produces at Moderna. In a speech entitled “The disease-eradicating potential of gene editing,” Zaks’ description of Moderna’s mRNA products as, making permanent edits to human genes, clashes with often touted claims that the genetic material in mRNA vaccines “degrade” over time and do not permanently alter human genetics like DNA vaccines.

Beginning his talk, Zaks states that Moderna and similar companies “are actually hacking the software of life and that it’s changing the way we think of and treat disease.” He describes mRNA as “critical information that determines what a cell will actually do” and then states that, if one could “introduce a line of code or change a line of code” in a person’s genome, that has “profound implications for everything.” He then falsely claims that Moderna’s products at the time were proven to “work in people” as the company, prior to Covid-19, was never able to convince the federal government to license its mRNA vaccines for human use due to their lack of effectiveness.

Zaks further described his view of well-known diseases like cancer as being caused by “screwed-up DNA” that can be “fixed” with Moderna mRNA vaccines, which he also refers to in the talk as “information therapy” given that he says Moderna’s vaccines work by altering the “operating systems” of human cells, i.e. their genetic code.

The summary of Zaks’ talk encapsulates his view as the following simple question: “If our cells are the hardware and our genetic material the operating system, what if we could change a few lines of code?” — seemingly suggesting that the permanent introduction of changes into the human genome is as simple as troubleshooting or programming a computer or phone application. It also says that Zaks considers the future of “personalized medicine” to be “gene-editing vaccines tailored to each patient’s immune system.” The Ted Talk recommended after viewing Zaks’ speech on the Ted Talk website notably broaches a key point that Zaks overlooks, namely that gene-editing can “change an entire species – forever.”

Zaks’ statements are noteworthy and concerning for several reasons, including the fact that DARPA — Moderna’s “strategic ally” — is also openly funding research aimed at “reprogramming genes” and “manipulat[ing] genes or control[ling] gene expression to combat viruses and help human bodies withstand infection” caused by Covid-19. The DARPA-backed project would use a method that is known to cause severe genetic damage that has actually been shown to aggravate the conditions it was meant to cure.

With such permanent gene-altering technology on the fast-track to become the first Covid-19 vaccine widely available for use, it is deeply concerning that this experimental vaccine with potentially far-reaching consequences is being rammed through thanks to fervent support from both the U.S. government and controversial philanthropists that apparently have little interest in studies examining the mRNA vaccine’s long-term effects. Given that the stage has already been set for mandatory vaccinations that will be “distributed” throughout the U.S. by the military, now is the time to vigorously raise awareness about the Moderna vaccine’s gravely under-reported ability to “hack the software of life” in ways that could harm public health.

Whitney Webb
Whitney Webb is a staff writer for The Last American Vagabond. She has previously written for Mintpress News, Ben Swann's Truth In Media. Her work has appeared on Global Research, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She currently lives with her family in southern Chile.

17 Replies to “As Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Takes The Lead, Its Chief Medical Officer’s Recent Promotion of “Gene-Editing Vaccines” Comes to Light

  1. I keep hoping I wake up and this nightmare is over. To me, this is unimaginable; to far more others, it seems welcomed. I think the polluted water, food and air, and the large schedule of vaccinations, and the cocktail of medications has literally turned most people into idiots. Who protects me from the ignorance of society at large??

  2. “Our product is safe”, “It’s the future” It’s probably what every biotech company claims about their product. We really need to go slow and gather input from the academics.

    1. It’s time to stop playing God with our bodies. Mother Nature gave us the perfect immune system and will always be better than anything you could ever come up with. Throw your vaccines in the trash where they belong and let Mother Nature do its job. Go ahead and take all your own vaccines and get sick and suffer from your own altered minds, you deserve it.

  3. Agree Jerry, this is one giant nightmare for those of ya who know why and what vaccines really are.

  4. Hi guys,

    I would like to thank again for the the hard work you do.

    I have translated this article as well for the Greek people.

    Kind regards,


  5. I can’t believe that in this day and age politicians and strong lobbies want to eliminate informed consent. Sad to see that organizations like the WHO, NIH, CDC, and FDA are a cesspool of corruption backed by the pharmaceutical industry.

    Consider science from sources such as Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the National Institute of Health and even the pharmaceutical manufacturers’ warning.

    There is no medical practitioner who will testify that vaccines are without risk; and each must concede that Vaccine Injuries are, in fact, a true reality. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) even has a chart recognizing these injuries in relation to each vaccine. Please see:

    No one will disagree that facts matter and that physicians, whether medical, osteopathic, chiropractic, are public servants want what is best for the public at large. With this basic tenet in mind, consider the following.

    A recent Johns Hopkins study claims that more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors. That would be the equivalent of 3 jumbo jets crashing every 2 days. The 250,000 lives do not include the number people that died from proper protocol, properly performed procedures or properly prescribed medications.

    Science is by definition a fluid process, the evolution of which is riddled with examples of what the scientists of the time thought was proper but turned out to be devastating (ex. thalidomide babies). I submit to you that vaccine injuries are the injury of our time and I beg you to please reconsider your position. That being said medicine is not an exact science.

    Most people that do not vaccinate are educated, knowledgeable and informed. They are doctors, lawyers, scientists, researchers, and CEOs. Most doctors will consider a vaccine injury “unlucky” and all will concede it is truly “a numbers game.” The harsh reality is that this “game” is at the expense of our children and, indeed, an entire generation of minds.

    Legislators today would better serve their constituents if they pushed for safer vaccines, safer vaccination schedules and the elimination vaccines that are unnecessary. That would have a far better impact of the young generation.

    The science indicates that vaccines and their ingredients can cause autism spectrum disorders, neurological defects, auto-immune disease and psychological disorders.

  6. Most of the above in the article about Moderna is likely fiction. Meaning, the vaccine has already been developed. They, Moderna, are presenting things as though it’s in development and we’re getting play-by-play of what’s going on.

    We already know their end goal. Transhumanism and the destruction of the population. They’re spinning this story in hopes to make it sound believable. The cast of characters was already long in the making and right now it’s just a bunch of gaslighting, B.S., and storytelling to make the public believe something noteworthy is happening.

    Their real challenge is getting us onboard and not resisting. There’s already planned a second “outbreak,” followed by plans to send troops to the streets to force the vaccine onto the public.

    COVID-19 has already been defeated and the flu season is over. However, we’re already been mentally defeated so now is just the scheme to keep us semi-locked down, with the goal to reel us back in for the final blow or series of blows. The initial vaccine may be a sugar shot to lower our guard with the follow up shots being the real dangerous ones.

    Don’t trust anything. Form your plans to hold up everything with protests, investigations, and legislation. Keep the fire under the politicians feet and don’t allow for any more games or nonsense.

    1. I absolutely agree with everything you say! I’ve been saying since the beginning that they already have a vaccine because this V-ru-s event was planned a long time ago and is the beginning of the end. Your comment about a sugar shot rings true as Gates has said that it will be several rounds of vaccines, not just one. The upcoming US election will only decide whether the plan is accelerated, or buys the world another 4 years of time to prepare and get right with God. It is bible prophecy and a spiritual war (the invisible enemy).

  7. Hi Whitney
    Yesterday I read a great article about “antivaxers” and today I cannot find the article. Was it removed?
    I LOVE your work. Your articles are amazing. I’ve believed this has been coming for 30 plus years and lo and behold…..
    I pray our collective need for free will prevails in all of this.
    Thank you again for providing the truth.


  8. It’s the biggest criminal enterprise ever, bigger than the Holocaust, bigger than 9/11.
    This is the big con by super-conmen.
    The con is Ransom Malware.
    They will corrupt each person’s DNA and only they have the key. And it will cost you. Alot. In $ and your spirit.
    Did they corrupt it with a bioweapon? Will they do it again? Or does the vaccine carry the payload? Who knows. I do see this con going on indefinately.
    Not sure what the end game is, but it for sure will be littered and tainted with tragedy, pain, illness, altered capacities, and maybe even chimeric results like lizard people or bat people. Definately, death is involved. Maybe the death of humanity as we know it.
    I see alot of overreach and gigantic hubris at play, with no oversight or ethics in sight. Pathos. Weeping Buddha appropriate here. May God have mercy….

  9. It’s high time we took the evil plan devised by the “élite” and big money seriously. You are doing a great job exposing it but each one of us on this planet must stand up and fight them tooth and nails. This Italian representative was right : Bill Gates and the likes of him must be urgently arrested and judged for what they did and what they really are : criminals against humanity!

  10. Just a few lines of code? Every operating system out there is constantly being patched. Once they start tinkering with the body, where does it stop?

    Just say no.

  11. I just want to say….. YIKES!!!

    It reminds me of the people walking into the cave of the Morlocks in the original Time Machine when they hear the sound emitted.

  12. Hello Whitney,
    I appreciate your research abilities and identifying the DARPA connection. DARPA has been invisible for its history, and of course they are only working for the safety of the military and the public. All readers need to be aware that DARPA is the research agency for NATIONAL SECURITY, and the more you study them the more you see that everything comes under that umbrella. There is an interview of one former director who talks about research into “collective identity” as being one of the most important areas for National Security. What is Global Warming but a means of creating a collective identity.
    In regards to nano-particles, please understand that this has been already done. Two Italian researchers, Dr. Gatti and Montanari had all of their work and computers confiscated for publishing a finding of nano-particles of metals like tungsten in ALL vaccines they reviewed. They were baffled as to why they were there. The agenda is way ahead of COVID-19. David

  13. great post, very informative. I ponder why the other specialists of this sector do not realize this.
    You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a great readers’ base already!

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