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Meet The Kakistocracy: How Child Abuse Is Used To Perpetuate Their Control

Kakistocracy is defined as “rule by the worst.” Today on the program Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of the University of Groningen joins us to discuss his theory of how the kakistocracy uses child abuse to perpetuate their control, both over the victims of that abuse and its perpetrators. We also discuss what the vast majority of decent and moral people can do about this problem.

For those interested, click below for information on the ongoing PizzaGate investigation:

[accordion title=”PizzaGate Investigation:” close=”1″]PizzaGate Links:

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This story is much larger than just this pizza joint, regardless of what the corporate media tries to sell, but take a look at the images below, and ask yourself is that seems normal for a place that has child sleep overs, as well as known pedophilic bands that play there after hours.

None of the images below are criminal to look at, yet highly suggestive and cannot be simply explained as “out of context,” as the context is quite clear:


(Shirt reads: “I love infants”)

(Contains a very graphic sexual image, which was posted on a supposed “family friendly” business’ Instagram?)[/accordion]

James Corbett
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3 Replies to “Meet The Kakistocracy: How Child Abuse Is Used To Perpetuate Their Control

  1. There is no way around this fact:

    this all WILL come down to violence.

    That is how the top got there, there is how the top stays there and it is how the top will remain there.

    You poke the one eyed wonder worm god in the eye and you all think it isn’t going to bite back?

    Unfortunately – Satan taking Jesus to the top of the mountain to display Satan’s world to Jesus as a temptation – is NOT a fairy tale. In fact – it is the ploy he uses on all men of ‘power’ since then until now.

  2. These psychopaths are in the banking system in the highest positions, they control the money system

  3. Bias of Priene – all men are wicked and most are evil. This is playing out exactly that way. Regardless of the idiocy shown by those that pretend to be a source of information that is honest, I’ve found most are liars and this site is little different in that it has shown no knowledge of what a “Virus” is, nor does it have a clue as to the fact that the greatest books of statistically accurate information and documentation of Vaccines show that they are aways useless and mostly dangerous which has been known for almost 150 years from extended registered statistical analysis lasting as long as 45 years.

    From top to bottom, most people are Sociopaths with no conscience or care for the living earth at all, but want what they want in 1st world nations at the expense of 3rd world and the chasm is far greater now that it has ever been. The fact that the US military has NEVER fought a war for defense is beyond the ability for the vast majority to be able to reason even though the evidence is 100% locked tight as a drum scientifically, mathematically, and the documentation from the originals transcribed show that NATO, USSR et al are the most pathetic groups of hate and ignorance against the revolutions of France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, and especially Germany. The idiots of evil are right in front of everyone’s eyes and you do nothing nor care.

    The planet is dying rapidly from the Methane alone which is expected to eliminate most of all the Ice in the Arctic by 2025, with a heat “tsunami” of the heat absorbed by the greatest heat sinks, the oceans, without ice, unleashing a heat wave that is beyond biblical proportions and the ionized air which you ignore, the G5, G6 which works with the metals on the inside in unison with the genetic change will depopulate the earth in short order by at least 60% by 2030 but it will be too late, as those who like their leisure love their steaks and lifestyle of ignorance and love of money more than the living earth itself and it is the last two centuries of profiteers through admiralty law that has allowed the greatest scam and wealth distribution difference in history but the sycophants of the rich and famous is the goal of those who sit in front of the TV and remote, amusing themselves to the point of death by their own ignorance and inability to observe that now 75% of all flying insects in protected areas are gone in the last 27 years and 90% to extinction is the norm for the last 40.

    Those who have done nothing are as much to blame who live and love the wage slavery and being in debt to fiat money with no assets and the love of gold and silver which means nothing when the last tree (biomass) is burned, there are no fish in the rivers, seas and oceans and little life is left on land and man turns into nothing but a bunch of depraved animals who “Do what though wilt”. Since the majority want what they want when they want and all moral and mores are gone, the remaining are worthless anyway, and those are the top of the psychopath/sociopath group which is far greater than 50%.

    Genocide of the wise who knew that our lives depended on the well being of all the other lives and gave back for future generations of all creatures were wiped out. Why do you think that is. Why don’t you research just what really happened in the Americas rather than your small pox BS as the military and religious wiped out every kind of animals from millions and billions to extinction, Buffalo (kill one Buffalo, kill and Indian – US Mil Motto), whales, all animals with fur, those that created the greatest waterways and underground water that was once clean and pristine is now filth, air is filth, land is not soil anymore but dead with chemicals killing all microbes to plants that are necessary for life, and the nut trees made good barns and burning wood. The indigenous were slaughtered by gun fire but most were burned to death in their own tents and now there are massive grave sites found throughout Canada and US, and the same for the rest of the western world.

    I no longer have any respect for a group that cannot tell the whole truth of the past and promotes some of the sickest people shoving the most stupid medical terminology which has been discredited for well over 100 years.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbgXNLQWeyc&t=3s. Your saviors are just what is used for making sure truth is never known. Who worked for the bioweapons at Ft. Mead that is a “whistle blower”?

    Love your Noahide laws. You deserve it

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