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Foundation Of Lies: Incompetence, Deception And Fake News

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.

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To begin, an update on the ongoing text messages and memo distraction:

Trump tells the DOJ to “release the memo” even though he could just as easily declassify it himself — he also said that the “FISA Act is bad” then went ahead and signed it’s extension anyway. So with all his many flip-flops, and even now considering the TPP once again, I don’t put too much stock in the half-hearted political statements of a sitting president. In regard to the text messages, we find out that the DOJ is withholding evidence … I’m shocked.


The point being, that just as I said, this melodrama goes back and forth, both with the memo and the text messages, with nothing of substance to date, rather nothing we didn’t already know. Meanwhile, we have a mountain of actual crimes not being addressed and much of what is really going on is being omitted. All this while the MSM is telling you that one of the most important stories of the day (literally the leading story on both Fox News and CNN this morning) was the fact that Trump and Jay Z were fighting via twitter, and intricately dissecting everyone’s opinions on the matter. Let’s see if anything else important is happening…

Russian Parliament Set To Make The CryptoRuble Legal Tender

This is very interesting to see, but does not mean it’s inherently a good thing, as the whole point of this movement is about decentralization. So while I am happy to see that the Russian government is not attacking it like so many others, at least on the surface, we should continue to support, both financially and verbally, the cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies that promote and progress the idea of decentralization, anonymity and peer-to-peer transactions.

And we saw again today, despite both physical and verbal attacks on cryptocurrency, how very clearly cryptocurrency is not the bubble the establishment keep tell us it is. As I always say, this scares them, they can’t control it, and the revolution can no longer be stopped, so try not to be swayed by these government statements and attempted manipulations. The average individuals, en mass, have power in this market, so we must exercise patience and fortitude.

CNN Turk Reports ‘American Sniper’ Star Killed in Syria

CNN was tricked by pro-kurdish social media, and reported essentially that Bradley Cooper, the actor that played in the movie American Sniper, was killed, while imbedded in Syria. This just kills me. Not only was this just generally absurd and easily double-checked, but it doesn’t even make sense. While CNN still rants about the dangers of fake news, with their high-minded and pompous attitude about their own importance, they repeatedly show us just how rash and lacking any semblance of journalistic integrity they truly are. What ever happened to confirming a story with multiple sources, the classic journalism tenant of two separate sources to publish a story?

I guess one random unconfirmed social media account is now enough in the eyes of CNN to claim a well-known actor has died. It just goes to show that what they are really concerned about is forwarding their political agenda, driving ratings, and likely adding to the overall distraction of the larger agendas at play. In other words, they do what the government tells them to do, while they’re not making a fool of themselves that is. 

Ambulance Bomb Kills Over 100 in Afghan Capital of Kabul

The largest in a series of recent Taliban attacks against the Afghan capital city of Kabul saw an ambulance full of explosives detonated at a police checkpoint. The attack hit a shopping district which is also home to a number of EU offices. As is often the case, the Afghan government issued a statement blaming Pakistan for the attack. Pakistan denied this, saying they had nothing to do with the incident. All told, at least 103 people were reported killed, and 235 wounded. Afghan officials say the death toll is expected to rise.

An important point to include is that the US has been an occupying force in Afghanistan for 16 years now. And acts of terror — that which was the entire premiss for invading a sovereign nation, a false one at that — have only increased over the years. Today, the country is a disheartening, destabilized shadow of its former self. That is not to say it was prefect, or even peaceful before, as that is up to the viewer to decide for themselves, but the current war-torn, opium-ridden nation it is now, is certainly not a positive step for those who have no other choice but to live there, and certainly not better for the world, as the ever-rising opioid epidemic here in the US can attest to.


7 Times The US Government Lost Nuclear Weapons That Still Haven’t Been Found

The idea that the US has lost even one nuclear weapon, let alone seven that it has yet to find to this day, is shockingly ludicrous, especially as it polices other nations in regard to their actions with nuclear weapons. This is a story that once again demonstrates the blatant hypocrisy of the US oligarchy that has usurped this nation. 

I would also propose the possibility that some, if not all of these lost bombs were simply created back stories, even if kept secret to all but the upper echelon, in order to hide some more nefarious back dealings, and weapon sales. Possibly to countries that they shouldn’t have been going to, or possibly to be used in a false flag operation that couldn’t be tied back to the US. It is not wise to think we are aware of every time such a weapon has been used, or such a plan was created and maybe not seen to fruition. Much happens behinds the scenes that the average individual is not made aware of, just as many are beginning to see today in regard to the US past. We are truly beginning to see behind the curtain due to the great investigatory work by groups such as Truthstream Media, a group that digs deep into old back stories to show us just how much of this nation’s history is built entirely on lies.

Yet, despite the many who have stolen this country from underneath us, we are still able to change course. Lies may have forged the foundation upon which we stand, but truth can overcome even the most deeply-seated lies.

Please take the information discussed in the video above and research for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. As anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.

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