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Meet The Creator Of The New Privacy Phone Challenging The “Privacy vs Rights” False Dichotomy

Joining me today is Ramiro Romani, co-creator of the Above Phone. This is a device (much more than just a phone) that has been built with your privacy and security as the primary focus, while having all the functionality of any other brand of smart phone, proving that your rights and innovation are not mutually exclusive as they would have you believe. The world they are trying to build around you at the moment is being justified as the “only path forward,” yet it’s groups like this that expose this deception for what it is. As Benjamin Franklin once said:

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”


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Ryan Cristián
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  1. Ryan if you want i can help you set a XMPP server. You can run it in your server to serve your community and get free from discord. I run my own XMPP server for about a year and half now. And have experience in windows/linux (openfire/ ejabberd) in case you want just let me know. It will be for free of course.

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