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Mask Omicron Cover, Implantables “Whether We Like It Or Not” & “Up-To-Date” Replacing “Fully Vaxed”

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (1/5/22).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

New Variant 
Illusion Of Safety
“Fully Vaccinated”

Important TLAV Mask Coverage

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Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

27 Replies to “Mask Omicron Cover, Implantables “Whether We Like It Or Not” & “Up-To-Date” Replacing “Fully Vaxed”

  1. Hey Ryan

    We now know that the whole thing is a LIE.
    I think now we have to get busy trying to discern what it is they actually ARE doing.

    We have to assume they are actively collecting and analyzing data from the injections from various sources, including VAERS (to assume otherwise would be a very foolish assumption that would make zero sense). Whatever they are doing is unavailable to us, but we have to assume its getting done.

    We also can’t assume this is in any way due to incompetence (that too would be foolish and possibly fatal).

    If everything you have been laying out is true, and I believe it is, then we have to face the horrific realities that all that implies.

    Safer by far for us to assume the following for starters:
    Yes the different lots ARE different formulations.
    Yes different countries are receiving different lots , and thus, different formulations.
    Yes they ARE collecting data regarding the impact of the various formulations.
    Yes they ARE using VAERS as part of their analysis, but they don’t want us to know that (if they didn’t need VAERS it would likely be gone by now).
    Yes they know this is NOT a vaccine and is NOT relevant in any way to any virus real or imagined.

    Finally, we must assume the boosters are adjusted formulations based on VAERS and probably other data sources they undoubtedly have. The “boosters” have nothing to do with any virus and everything to do with whatever is they are developing and testing going forward.

    We don’t know what the variables are, but they DO know. Questions that need urgent attention might include:

    Is it nanoparticle tolerance and related data they need in order to build the system they intend to perfect using modified formulations in mandated injections in the future?

    What exactly ARE they testing and why?

    I’m including this link to some commentary by Dr Jane Ruby. As you always say, irrespective of what you think of the source (you have used Jones as an example, this is from Stew Peters) listen to the information and see if you find verifiable truth.

    I personally know the lot number data has been verified well enough already. Some lots clearly accounted for the vast majority of deaths and injuries.

    As for the source of the coding info etc, that has yet to be verified. Nevertheless it will not affect the points I’ve already made above either way.

    At this point its easier to point out the lies than it is to get to the truth. That’s the challenge.

    I hope you feel better and that you can find a long term solution to your back issues. Not drugs. Not surgery.

    You are far too important to this fight to be held back at this point.

    Good luck

    1. “We now know that the whole thing is a LIE”?

      We, being those not easily hypnotized and apposed to ignorance and lies? Yes. There are still a lot of people who have been hypnotized to believe they are chickens, and there are foxes everywhere. Seriously!, the spell is nearly that strong. I estimate this is about a third of humanity, who are worse off than being completely ignorant; their heads filled with nonsense. These people are psychotic, making them the most useful, for mass chaos and control. This group of easily hypnotized people, influence others to play along. In my estimation, this could be another third of humanity. That third can be reached, can be reasoned with, can be maybe saved. The first third need aggressive deprogramming, and not be allowed access to MSM; but they will be injected till dead, before this massive endeavor could be started IMO

      Another third(more estimates) know that covid-19 is entirely a globalist scam. Some have known for decades this was coming, some have just began to see the big pictures, some of this third are the scammers!

      “We now know”, suggests YOU, have now learned this is a scam. You are a person seeking truth. Ryan and others have helped you to KNOW. Well done!

      Ryan mostly has to continue reaching those who have not learned enough, have not quite opened their eyes, but can be reached.

      Quite correct Chet, “we” do need to understand what is ACTUALLY being done, beyond all the distraction, chaos, and illusions. Some already know; some knew all this BS was coming and why. Some have known “the plan” for many decades.

      While I know Ryan and team and friends, are all just as interested as you in understanding the bigger pictures; Ryan needs to reach those still in the dark; maybe even some of the psychotic/hypnotized/brainwashed. These mass controlled people will be the ones most used to bring down everything, if not properly educated and deprogrammed.

      Figure out “the plan” Chet and then these scams are obvious when they happen.

      1. Mark

        Thank you for the response. Good points. Taken and considered as from a friend.

        I agree there will always be a place for the foundational information necessary for those who (we hope) will be continually awakening and looking for those answers.

        On the other hand, a movement must continue to grow and move forward if it is to gain momentum and maintain relevance. I do not believe that these two objectives are mutually exclusive.

        My own opinion is that we need both. All of Ryan’s shows, as well as those of Corbett et al. are archived and Ryan does a good job of including links to past shows in his most recent broadcasts.

        There is plenty of time in a two plus hour show to devote some effort to the more difficult analysis of “OK. They are lying. That’s proven. So what exactly ARE they actually doing etc?” You see that same evolution with the JFK assassination. Does anyone tiday seriously debate or even discuss WHETHER it was or wasn’t a conspiracy (that is, a criminal act planned and coordinated by more than one person). No. And for those who need the basics that info is always there.

        In this case, we are rapidly running out of time. We wont have 50-60 years. As we expose the lies, they push harder, stronger, faster to mandate these injections all throughout the western world.

        Anyway, thank you. Thank you your willingness and ability to get at the truth. To question. I think its too late for us to save ourselves but we can hope that future generations may be able to break the chains with which humanity is now rapidly being bound up.

        Take care and good luck

      2. Its too late to have any positive outcome by way of waking up those who are totally in the dark at this point. The ones who will be able to turn this around must already have some knowledge of the global network of tyranny and mind control that has existed for decades or more, and how deep the lies and erasure of history goes. Many people still believe the “official” holocaust story created by the international jew. Many people still believe germs, as they are called, make a person sick; flying bug like particles that invade and destroy the body: absurd! But folks still believe it, even dear Ryan here. He may mean well, as do those who listen to him, but he is only analyzing lies built on lies and never digging far beneath the surface of this global machine that will soon devour the world of its free white people. If you don’t have some sort of idea of what is happening by now, it may be too late for you. I do wish everyone would wake up, but now is the time to act, and with that requires some knowledge of reality and the enemy at the gates which we must face very, very soon in a final battle for a free society somewhere on the plant. Technocracy is coming, and it will not allow any pockets of free folk getting about independently of it.

  2. Ryan you should change the tagline of The Daily Wrap Up to “a PRECISE show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.”
    By definition your show is more precise than concise. Also using the word precise would turn the show’s length and the many details you give to a single topic into a positive.

  3. Error in the virus particle size comparisons. flu and rona are of course roughly the same size as: 100 nm = .1 µm.

    1. I second that.
      Ryan, your chart from here (“The relative size of particles”):
      contains errors.
      For example, the largest bacteria (thiomargarita namibiensis) is visible with halfway good eyesight. It can reach sizes up to 0.75mm (750 micron). The smallest nanobacteria is only 0.2 micron.

      Skip is right. Influenza and SARS are roughly the same in size. From:
      “Both virus isolates, SARS-CoV Frankfurt 1 and SARS-CoV-2 Italy-INMI1, were virtually identical at the ultrastructural level and revealed a very similar particle size distribution with a median of about 100 nm without spikes. Maximal spike length of both viruses was 23 nm.”

      Therefore, the size of SARS-CoV-2 is roughly 125 nanometers = 0.125 microns.

      Needless to say that – whatever – masks are ineffective against respiratory viruses. There’s a reason that the guys in the labs work in “space suits”, with a tube coming out the back that keeps them over-pressurized.
      If you want to filter a respiratory virus with a mask you have two options:
      Option A: doesn’t keep out/in the virus
      Option B: doesn’t let you breathe
      There is no way to “compromise” between those options, as the breathing stops long before the viruses get hampered. 😉

      1. Could you send me the paper where the virus was isolated, could someone explain how Pfizer, Moderna, etc were able to create a vaccine before the virus was isolated?

  4. Regarding the Life Insurance Company unprecedented 40% excess deaths Actuarial data, most of which **NON covid**… This is largely group life assurance business of what’s likely highly jabbed/highly jab mandated sets of working people, relative to the proportion jabbed in the base population (who have a lower base mortality rate)…. This reveals the jabs as STRONGLY INFLUENCING the enormous excess mortality… Furthermore the articles show much higher disability claims, another clear indicator of extreme harm of the jabs as a highly likely cause to be suspected/investigated/confirmed (not corruptly)…. Steve Kirch and others writing good substacks atm, and looking like from various articles and comments (Robert Malone et al) MANY OTHER life assurers seeing similar patterns of excess non COVID mortality in their Actuarial data across many states (and similarly rates of excess mortality even higher in other similar data, eg Germany etc)… The Indiana Life Assurer one covers many people ($100 Billion).

    Thanks for a superb video Ryan… That “vaccine’s a seatbelt analogy”…. What a TOTAL JOKE…. reality = “if Omicron was the black death, vaccine may (for a few pathetic days” be a rushed seatbelt attempt, whereas metaphorically Omicron is like driving in the middle lane of the motorway with no cars around, perfectly maintained car driving perfectly and so near no risk… it’s irrelevant having a seatbelt on or not in that situation… and best to not wear one if it’s leading to ~40% excess mortality” ** rolls eyes 3836362737464636474747474646464 times **

      1. I want to add my experience with back pains to this. I got it from too much sitting (in front of the computer all day). After a bit of research, I found that it’s the muscles that keep the spine up. I did training to strengthen them and never had issues again.
        The muscles literary keep the vertebrates apart. If they fail doing so, nerves get squeezed and the pain starts. By strengthening the stomach and dorsal muscles this can be prevented. It only took me a few minutes before going to bed every now and then.

    1. Are there reliable statistics we can trust to show the death rates from pre-mass-jab lockdown to mass-jab lockdown periods? We all know the lockdowns increase the death rates, it is obvious. Suicides alone will account for a noticeable enough rise. Poor lifestyle changes, stress, mask wearing, etc. all increase death rates. Can we “isolate” these from the jabbed deaths? It is difficult to do at this point, but regardless, is anyone really doing much thought on what could go in the next batches of jabs??? Mass sterilization, slow kill nano and toxin tech, mind altering or controlling substances and nano tech, etc. Who knows what high tech nightmare shite they have and could mass inject ppl with, and yet the masses are just lining up eager to get them for themselves AND their innocent children…sick!!!! It reveals just how psychotic the masses are, and how few remains of a critically thinking free people.

  5. Great show, Ryan! Very insightful.

    One thing I would like to point out, however is that 100 nm = 0.1 micron (or micrometer or uM). In other words, the size you were showing for the flu, 100 nm, is the same as the lower limit for the size of the coronavirus, 0.1 micron. At the risk of beating a dead horse, these are not ‘exponentially’ different, these are the same.

    But to your broader point, the masks are a farce and do not filter out viruses.

    One other point regarding cloth masks, if I remember correctly the pore size of cloth is upwards of 2.5 microns, approximately 10 times larger than a virion, if not more.

  6. Does anyone have more information concerning the recent research on the recombinant coronaviruses in rodents?
    The paper lists the Chinese regime and well as President Biden’s U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) also funded the field animal sampling portion of the study.
    The article discusses and with documents the Covid -19 linked Wuhan Institute of virology , Peter Daszak’s Eco Health Alliance have carried out new research on recombinant coronaviruses in rodents.

  7. 25-27% higher numbers than reality:
    “Now the figures have finally arrived, and they show that the figure for corona hospitalization in Denmark has been greatly inflated. In December, 27 percent of coronavirus patients were hospitalized due to a different diagnosis, the report shows.”

    Off topic…but totally in line with the covid clown goverment we got, in Denmark…

  8. Ryan bad shit is happening in Philadelphia. 1) They are asking for volunteers to staff a quarantine camp in center city; and 2) for the Eagles game this weekend, anyone who wants to sit in the premier seats (where food is served) must be vaxed and mist prove their vax status with a phone app called Clear. I hear the museum is also requiring vax proof with this app. These are the most alarming things, but we also just got vax mandates for all bars and restaurants, like NYC. We do have a new group that recently formed to fight back, called Don’t Tread on Philly, but they are coming at us so fast and furious, I’m not sure we are up to the task.

  9. Hi Ryan,
    Love your work – as always!
    “Skip” has already pointed this out re scale of flu to corona – ie 100 nm = 0.1 microns, so flu is within the 0.1 – 0.3 microns dimension for corona viruses.
    But I also wanted to point out or highlight what might seem like hyperbole these days; I know it’s all too easy to say that this or that part of what is playing out is “Orwellian”, but I felt it could be helpful to say that the changing narrative is exactly what George tried to ready us for (though without exact context) He made it clear in “1984” that ‘truth’ would be changed at a whim and that is exactly what we are seeing, Doctrine changes as the agenda progresses, and the indoctrinated will accept such changes blindly, but the rest of us will have to have such insanity beaten into us, like that beaten into Winston Smith and/or John Hurt.
    PS I’m fine with you sharing my info – if you choose to…

  10. Just for fun, lets assume all masks stop all virus particles, and that they do not contribute to illness… LOL Yeah, I know, that is just what “they” would love more people to believe. But just for fun lets imagine in this clown world that this is actually true.

    I will suggest, that it would still be ill advised to block the spread of normal human experienced biological life, that makes us stronger! I am saying that I do not agree with the logic behind masking to stop the cold or flu; whatever their cause. Herd immunity is real and lasting and organic, and necessary IMO

    I also see vaccination as a pseudo science. Illogical. We need to improve our innate immunity, naturally; not make chemicals and toxins to “stimulate an immune response”.

    All we need, besides good health, is natural medicine to help with symptoms, and some natural medicines to assist with severe cases. Mother Nature knows best IMHO

  11. I have high level mechanical and abstract reasoning; according to testing and experience. I could design better masks. I could close my eyes and design a mask in my head that would actually block very tiny particles, without causing adverse health. I have no intention to waste my thinking time on this LOL

    I can easily design a mask that works, for this imaginary pandemic, much better than what is currently being used. Use a hole puncher and make bigger holes in your masks.
    Still doesn’t block an imaginary pathogen causing an imaginary pandemic, but at least you can breath better 😉

  12. Something is up here with Malone and has been up for awhile. Malone is hitting mainstream indie media now, but he has been around for a bit. Something about him has been setting me off for awhile.

    First off, Robert Malone has a long history working with the military. He has CIA connections. He is open about this and wouldn’t make sense if he wasn’t. He is steeped in biowarfare, vaccines, and viral contagion. While he has had issues with some platforms, he is relatively untouched. How does someone from this background just pop their head up (had anyone really heard of this guy a year ago?) and blow the whole dang lid off of this psyop? That doesn’t just happen, folks.

    Since this started, indie media has been ahead of the game. John Rappaport. K Austin Fitts. Tom Cowan. James Corbett. Ryan Cristian. Christiane Northrup. And many more. Charlie Robinson. The Mises Caucus of the LP party: Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Dave Smith. The list goes on. Whitney Webb. Derek Broze. Ripple Effect Ricky. There is a family of truth seekers and reality detectives out there and they have been on this since the get.

    We are almost two years into this absurd manufactured crisis and in steps Malone. This feels like a controlled burn. He has stepped out in front, along with [late to the game] Rogan and hijacked the figurehead status of the camp that has resisted. Remember in SPARS and Event 201 and others, they gameplan into the predictions those that resist.

    Lets look at The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. A classic, but many miss the true meaning of the book. Clemens knew what was happening in America. He was a present eye at a very pivotal time, the Civil War had ended, the war against the remaining Natives commenced, wage slavery replaced slavery, and the morality of the country was further challenged by its material possibilities as a new world emerged from the freedom of the west and the chaos of the east.

    It was in this atmosphere that Huck Finn was written. If you recall, this was a story of a motherless child raised by an abusive drunk father, and he ironically was good friends with Tom Sawyer, the archetype of the America as it was. Huck was the archetype of the America that was not to be.

    He wrestled with conventional perspective and chose damnation over giving Jim up, a symbol of conviction in the face of pressure, in this case a believed eternal trip to hell. The story is one of freedom and independence and thinking for yourself, but it oddly ends with a reappearance from Tom Sawyer.

    Jim is captured, randomly, by Tom’s aunt and uncle, and is residing in a jail on their property. Tom agrees to help Huck break Jim out, but first he wants Jim to follow a routine of novelic expressions of his suffering. Once the breakout occurs, Tom is shot, and the bullet extracted and worn about his neck as a medal of bravery. The end. I thought this was a story about Huck and Jim?

    What Twain is telling us here is there are two Americas, the one of Huck Finn, and the one of Tom Sawyer.

    Malone is like Tom Sawyer here. He is telling a lot of truth, but the camps have been drawn at this point, and I think this guy is poised to be of some future leadership over those in this camp. He didn’t ride down the river with Jim. He didn’t take the risks. And now he is everywhere. And without threat. Odd.

    He admitted on Ingram’s show that himself and his colleagues for decades watched a man with no integrity, his words not mine, lie over and over, his words not mine, and just shrug their shoulders and say, “that’s Fauci”. What this means is he willingly and openly worked in this dishonest environment for decades, among with others and none of them did more than shrug. Can he explain that to us?

    I’m suspicious of this guy. There’s an invisible hand here. Doesn’t smell organic to me. Maybe I’ve just grown suspicious of everything, but no one has ever seen a black hole. All that is seen is its impact on objects we can see.

  13. Well, at least there is some good news or even great news. The gospel news in the Bible. We have a choice after this short life, either the eternal Kingdom of Heaven in truth, light, and no more sorrow or eternal suffering in the Lake of Fire where the flesh is immortal (never consumed).

  14. Great work as usual. I think a subject that’s not covered near enough, which I think only a few people can do justice to (the likes of your team and The Corbett Report for example) which is just as important to shed light on as the Middle Eastern “interventions” is what many call the ongoing destabilisation and re-colonisation of Africa which precedes the “
    “Middle Eastern” interventions and is many times more complex because of the actors involved (US, U.K., EU, France, Saudi Arabia China…), the different vectors of attack (sustainable development and the WEF’s goals such as digital ID’s led by Cardano). Then there’s The Congo, Mali, Libya. Of course C-1, vaccines and the depopulation/sustainable development arena. We know these things are all connected and aimed at one objective on a continental and global level. It would be great to see you cover some of these topics in depth the way you do.

  15. The media and the government and the health agencies are all in on it together and this silly game of Simon Says is intentionally confusing because that’s the goal of this. Like you said, its not about health. Like Kennedy said, this doesn’t resemble a health response, it resembles the CIA’s gameplan for tearing a society apart from the inside.

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