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Your Esoteric Initiation – Part 6: A Look at Modern Secret Societies and Natural Law

“Though the modern world may know a million secrets, the ancient world knew one–and that one was greater than the million; for the million secrets breed death, disaster, sorrow, selfishness, lust, and avarice, but the one secret confers life, light, and truth. The time will come when the secret wisdom shall again be the dominating religious and philosophical urge of the world. The day is at hand when the doom of dogma shall be sounded.” – Manly P Hall

How can a person make accurate judgements about the world around them, when they cannot make those accurate judgements about the world within them? This is a question that philosophers, occultists, and theologians have been asking for quite some time, yet it does not seem that this has been heavily considered in the minds of history’s prominent politicians, warmongers, and the like. Perhaps paradoxically, however, there is a vast portion (if not the majority) of history’s prominent leaders, politicians, and warmongers that have been deeply interested in the principles of esoteric philosophy and Natural Law.

natural law

The important note here is that just because a person has a deep interest or fascination with something, does not mean that they understand it well. In all actuality, with the way the human mind works through the subtle layers of consciousness, a human could actually be so fascinated with a concept because they really understand the concept very poorly, have always done so, and must overcome this obstacle in their perception before they can advance forward in their own personal alchemical transmutation. This question proposed at the beginning will be the primary focus of this article as it branches out into its web of intertwined points.

The first, and perhaps most impactful effect of the projected philosophies that have been proposed in answer to this ancient question, is the dichotomy of the Esoteric and the Exoteric. If the reader of this article has not taken the time to read the sequential series leading up to this piece—or has not already undergone steps in their transmutation on their own journey—then the following thesis may be a bit complex, and perhaps even ambiguously undefined. However, the recommended foreknowledge will do away with this problem.

As this series has laid out prior, the esoteric nature of symbolism has been derived from the Pythagorean-esque syntactical nature of the archetypal symbol in relationship to specific neuronal clusters, or “CoEx” Systems. Symbolism is the numerals of the equation of the cognitive egoistic thought process (egoistic not meant in a negative way, but in a functional way), in the way that salt granules in a cymatics experiment are thrust into a sequence of geometrical patterns when vibrated at specified frequency rates. This is the “esoteric” nature of the knowledge.

The “exoteric” nature of this knowledge, is the idolatry/idolization of these symbolic representations of the synthesis of the Microcosm and the Macrocosm—meaning that instead of understanding the allegorical nature of the information in any religious school of thought, the allegories are taken literally. They are at this point, personified not as archetypes of cosmic essence like they were designed to be, but as literal entities with specific dominion. Certainly, there are possibilities that some of these mythological entities were at least inspired by real people—but the word “inspired” is very important here. Saying that inspiration could be entirely, or even largely accurate, is like thinking when a Hollywood movie says “Inspired By Real Events,” that the movie might as well be a documentary. While this may seem harsh to some peoples’ viewpoints, it is the ideas of possible political intention behind any scripture, the question of accuracy behind any translations, and even complete historical disinformation regarding ancient history, that makes the aforementioned metaphor entirely logical.

The dichotomy of the Esoteric and the Exoteric (as far as modern historical record is concerned), was likely incepted in the early Mystery traditions of Babylon, finding its full fruition in the ruling monarchies of Egypt, followed by Greece, and to a degree it can very much be found in any ancient political power, such as Persia and Rome. This dichotomy can be viewed as a very literal foundation for the philosophy behind a modern public relations political propaganda campaign, and the black budget projects that this campaign is concealing—and why a politician can still sleep at night after engaging in this type of double-speak. “It’s for the greater good of the people,” most of them probably tell themselves in one way or another.

In terms of why this dichotomy has been put into political practice time and time again, it bears a two-part answer. Firstly, while the prime example of esoteric persecution is during the Catholic Church’s spiritual-genocide of tyranny against outlier followers of the Pagan and Hebrew incarnations of the Gnostic Mysteries, this type of persecution has been present to one degree or another throughout history. Before the times of this spiritual-political tyranny, there was still the reality of being ostracized by the masses. Furthermore, there also remained the heavy gravity of the question, “How does one stop such beautiful information from getting into the hands of wicked men?” amidst classical concerns of these persecutions, originally stemming from misunderstanding a majority of people.

With an attempt to set aside notions of the Elitist and Layman, or the Divine and Profane, there truly is an objective dividing line in the human sociological consciousness between the man who seeks to better himself, and the man who simply does not give a damn about this or even that. This is the undeniable dichotomy of the darkness and the illumination, and this is the deeper understanding of the “Good versus Evil” struggle that is considered throughout humanity. In reality, this “struggle” is the ebb and flow of the darkness and the illumination. As a rule of principle, evil can only come from the shades of spiritual dimness and misunderstanding, just as good can only come from the spiritual illumination of gnosis, or true understanding of Natural Law. This, generally speaking, is the scale of alchemical transmutation—and the ability to define one from the other, has unfortunately become much, much more difficult in today’s postmodern era than it ever should have been.

To bring this back to the two-part question at hand, addressing the dichotomy of the Divine and the Profane minds of man was considered by the ancient Mysteries to be the answer to their problems. The original secret society, which has blossomed the surviving knowledge of Theosophy, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and the other “elitist-bent” esoteric orders, were the Gnostic Mysteries. Originally, during their historical inception, the Mystery Initiations were not hidden to only the privileged of society, but were veiled in mental and physical obstacles so nuanced and intense, that only the pure mind was attracted to it.

To explain this deeper, in traditional society, not only did a person have to seek out of his own accord these esoteric initiates, he would then have to go through his own type of esoteric interview process, before actually gaining the possibility to embark on the harrowing and even deadly Initiation ritual. Essentially, it was open to anyone who might find it, but the obstacles generally proved quite unattractive to a person who was not entirely dedicated. The second part to this answer of the Esoteric and the Exoteric, is the component of the gnostic persecution, which was served by this same rigorous protocol of the initiate. Not only could the pure mind alone complete the initiation (those who failed to complete it were executed on the spot), but upon completion, the initiate was sworn into secrecy upon attaining his esoteric teachings. Spilling the esoteric teachings to a member of the Profane was considered punishable by death.

So, if this series of articles truly considers itself an accurate introduction into the Mystery Initiations, how could it justify breaking nearly all of these original rules set in place by the original Mystery priests/initiators? Put very simply, these rules were broken a long time ago, and they were not broken down all the way. This series, amassed among the researchers and scholars attributing to this same mindset, is simply seeking to level the playing field due to the infiltration long ago of these sacred Mystery initiations by the “Profane” mind. As this is merely an article in a series, such a complex overthrow is not something that could be outline within these paragraphs—nor is it something that can be said to be entirely known by any researchers yet—but historical research clearly shows patterns and the side effects of this infiltration.

What researchers are looking at here is not “evil Freemasonry running the government” because the same esoteric corruption in government today can be found in ancient societies as well—the societies that, again, eventually blossomed schools like Freemasonry. What can really be seen here is a cycle of dynamic exchange (a Yin and Yang personification of sorts) between the gnostic idea of the Divinely Enlightened God-King, and the overthrow of this notion into a subtle version of overt dictatorship or, at least, imperialism. For argument’s sake, it seems that the Egyptian Pharaoh was perhaps an original authentic attempt at the divine ruler which was perverted into dictatorship through bloodlines; in Greece, it would appear that bloodlines may have always held the power, although it was at first an attempt at noble rule that was perverted (this mark may be easily personified by Alexander the Great’s death); the Roman empire, seems like a possible example of rule that was corrupt from the start.

natural law

In more modern terms, it is hardly a secret anymore that the American revolution was largely (if not entirely) inspired and enacted by certain Freemasonic lodges (if not the entire network of masonry as a whole). The notion of the ruler elected by the people by periodical terms of office was considered to be most effective philosophical application of the gnostic idea of the Divine Ruler. If this ruler was to be a ruler of his people, let God speak through the people, instead of a divine priest class! However, this in turn has as well been corrupted over time. As a very general overview, this modern overthrow of American government was a two-part takeover, culminating in the creation of the petrodollar—the Rockefellers monopolizing the original oil industry, and the Rothschilds monopolizing the original banking administrations.

For brevity, this article will not go into the egregious examples and details throughout history to explain why this is a fundamentally accurate analysis of American politics, and how it has exactly corrupted modern society as a whole—but take these hyperlinked topics in a list as some evidence: Rockefeller MedicineThe House the Rothschilds Built: History of the Rothschild FamilyRothschild Banking System, How Big Oil Conquered the World, Occult America, The Ineptitude of Modern Education, The Wedding of Modern Industry and Politics, Occult Nazi Germany, Project Paperclip, Occult NASA, and Esoteric Symbolism in Modern Media.

This long-winded answer not only empirically defines the perversion of the gnostic esoteric knowledge of Natural Law, but on a much deeper level, lends credence to the notion of the shift from the Age of Pisces, into the Age of Aquarius, which is currently an ongoing process. The end of the Mayan calendar was actually their prediction of the end of the Age of Pisces, although nothing is an exact science—and the exact time of this transition is still debated amongst scholars looking at different sets of data from different schools of thought throughout different eras in history. However, all indications point to the transition within the next hundred to five hundred years or so, and while this is quite a wide gap of data, in the grand scheme of astronomical mathematical calculations that span over thousands and thousands of years, all these calculations are surprisingly close to each other—clearly denoting an empirical nature in calculation, despite some inaccuracies.

On a brief, general level, Pisces denotes a grand dichotomy between the divine mystic and the profane lunatic—the medium and the schizophrenic, and in societal terms, denotes the relevance of the division of Esoteric and Exoteric. Aquarius, a water symbol, is often considered within the societal context of “knowledge flooding over the world like water” and on a personal level, Aquarius generally denotes the determined intellectual—the detective, equipped with empirical deduction of the gnostic variety, on a quest toward illumination, and all the negative, obsessive nature that can come with a “determined intellectual” as well.

As the cat has already been ripped from the esoteric bag, and mankind is rampant with Profane minds equipped with Divine knowledge, this series is again meant to level that playing field as one of the mere grains of sand in the hourglass tipping towards the coming age of esoteric disclosure.

Today’s political administration of the Gnostic Mysteries is entirely documented and prevalent, whether it be politicians or media moguls with esoteric brotherhood ties, the symbolism within the architecture of political buildings and monuments, or even the blatant symbolism tossed about by Mega-Media corporations. What makes this a corruption, instead of just an application of esoteric knowledge, are merely the fruits of society today as can be seen by any person. Things are not pretty, and it is because most of the common man has become incredibly “Profane” to esoteric philosophy—and this profanity is no longer by nearly as much choice as it once was (hardly any choice today with all the cultural conditioning, although the possibility to choose can never be truly taken away).

Instead, by ways of Freudian/Bernaysian characterization, the modern elitist, “enlightened” to these esoteric ways, has perverted them to suit their means. Instead of being the Divine Rulers to lead the people who simply choose to be led, they have become the leaders who have systemically seized their power and subverted the will of the unknowing public. In reality, these two methodologies possibly have more in common than they do not, but the outcomes are clearly substantially different in the long run. It is the difference between the farmer or gardener who raise their crops and animals to live healthy and honorable lives so that they may serve a higher purpose to keep the farm going; and an animal processing facility.

As the final statement, this article upholds the notion that even the idea of the noble horticulturalist of society is, ultimately, not noble at all. Within the same vein as researchers like James Corbett and Mark Passio: governmental rule and political administration is the ultimate and most abhorrent violation of man’s natural laws, and the Natural Law of Karma. The best illustration of this claim is in the argument of political Anarchism, at its core, as a synthesis of modern philosophy and Eastern metaphysics, such as Taoism. A link on the subject can be read here.

The governmental body serves as the gatekeeper between man and his own psyche on a social level that penetrates to the personal levels of all people, and only when man is united with all levels of his consciousness—to experience the very worst and the very best on the path of alchemical transmutation—can society achieve natural order as a whole. As the old Taoist saying goes,

“A true Taoist does nothing, and yet things get done.”

Yes, people like Plato and the masons that he helped inspire have given society a great wealth of knowledge, but their notion of government is something that they flat-out misunderstood. It doesn’t denote their philosophies as a whole, but the idea of government, even a divine government based on esoteric principles, has proven itself ineffective and eventually, usually a total ruse. This idea needs to be thrown out the window. The entire overall point of the illuminated knowledge is that a person can learn to govern their own mind in natural harmonious accordance with the Law of Karma (Natural Law), and by simple empirical deduction, if and when this is achieved, a natural societal harmony will follow in suit. This is the ultimate injustice that secret societies have done “for the greater good of the people” and—quite paradoxically—many of the members of the secret societies throughout all history have only succeeded in increasing the profanity in society, especially today. All in all, whether a person is totally ignorant to esoteric principles, or a person understands esoteric principles but abuses them deeply, both are classically considered “Profane,” “Un-Begun,” “dimmed,” and uninitiated on their own personal path.

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Anthony Tyler
A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.

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