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Israel Commits Terrorist Attack, Ethnic Cleansing, Kills & Arrests Children, All In One Week

Welcome to Foreign Policy with Robert Inlakesh. In this show Robert dives into some of the most important foreign policy discussions of today while highlighting the most important information – primarily that which is missed, excluded or misrepresented by the MSM.

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Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

4 Replies to “Israel Commits Terrorist Attack, Ethnic Cleansing, Kills & Arrests Children, All In One Week

  1. Absolutely! Heavily sanction Israel.
    The wars in this “Holy Holy Holy” area have been going on for centuries !!!

    The “Jewish Influence” all over the world needs to be curbed and contained at all levels. The Christian Churches, The character of the U.S. and many other Western Nations, Histories, Revolutions, Communism … so much! vitriol against and undermining all the good a wonderful accomplishments of non-jews. Can’t they create any good for ‘others’??

  2. Israel tactics should have been stamped on right from the moment they declared “Israel”, Any official dealing with the Zionists should have read thoughts of the founders and notice they go forward deliberately by deception. By now Israel knows it gets away with everything because they know they have the backing of USA and anyone who dares go against those DEFINITE CRIMES and MURDERS will be BULLIED in all sorts of ways by USA. If only the WHOLE world would organize and take a stance TOGETHER but no they’re mostly immoral cowards. Zionists are getting bolder and bolder, media don’t report on them… since eVERY week the SAME sort of crimes get redone people who were originally flabbergasted about the gutzpah and felt abhorred are little by little getting more and more accustomed to this news and reactions become “dull-ed”

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