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Will ISIS Attack The Olympic Games In South Korea?

Despite major defeats in Syria and Iraq, ISIS still remains the greatest threat to security and stability in the world, save for those who created them. The terrorists have switched recently to single hostile activities and heinous acts of terror in the EU and throughout Asia.

Social media became quite a good platform for ISIS recruiters to disseminate and spread information on the guidelines for ‘lone wolves.’ Brainwashers urge them to organize and commit terrorist attacks in cities, social gathering places during public events and Christian holidays.

Major sporting event facilities are also a prior target for the jihadists. According to the Sun, ISIS radicals were planning to carry out attacks during the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games. The masterminds posted the step-by-step guide, which includes 17 different attack methods, on social network Telegram. The terrorists awaited the hostile activities to be implemented by the experienced militants as well as common people willing to swear allegiance to ISIS.


According to Mustaqila Press Agency, quite an interesting amount of information has appeared recently on ISIS-supporters, discussing via Telegram, how to organize attacks on Olympic sites in South Korea. For its part, a year ago officials in Seoul claimed terror threats would soon rise. On June 19, 2016, the Yonhap news agency, with the reference to the national intelligence service of South Korea, reported on a series of attacks aimed at various military and government facilities. The intelligence sources said that not only the Koreans would be in danger but also the people of other states.

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games venue seems to be the main ISIS targets in the near future. While losing control over territories and energy resources in Syria and Iraq with every passing day, the radicals are trying to increase their credibility by organizing attacks, which could lead to numerous human casualties.

At the same time, the level of attendance for the 2018 sports event is in question. Currently, only one-third of the tickets have been sold. Most likely, the main reasons are the near constant threat of terrorist attack and provocations from North Korea, which can both be traced back to their true origins of western aggression and imperialism.


A number of European countries are considering the security measures at the Olympic Games in PyeongChang. France’s sports minister, Laura Flessel, said on September 21, 2017 that France’s Winter Olympics team will not go to the 2018 Games in South Korea if its security cannot be guaranteed. British Olympic leaders already have plans in place to evacuate athletes from the 2018 PyeongChang Games in the event of an attack or impending nuclear threat.

The 2018 Olympic Games would be attended by sports fans from more than 80 countries. Ensuring security of such a large number of people is a serious challenge for the special security services and interior ministry of South Korea, or anyone for that matter. People should realize that the trip to PyeongChang, with today’s intentionally created volatility, is quite dangerous. For the individual such an event would be a festival of sport, yet for the potential attacker it could be a festival of violence.


Sophie Mangal
Sophia is the special investigative correspondent at Inside Syria Media Center

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