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God’s Will Vs. Luciferianism: Walking The Middle Path

Before we start, it’s extremely important that people tame any preconceived beliefs or surface level emotions that might arise when it comes to the concepts of Luciferianism and what I refer to as God’s will. I understand that these two words are extremely polarizing and often bring with them a whole host of thoughts and emotions as to what they mean and don’t mean. In particular, many people view Luciferianism as evil, while other people view God’s will as some silly religious term for non-critical thinkers. While you are free to have your own interpretations on life, I think it would behoove many people to take a step back and examine these terms from a different light, which might question your current thought patterns. You might adopt some of these ideas, you might not, but more than anything else the concepts presented should give one a worthwhile brainstorm in the areas of symbolism and metaphysics.


The Garden of Eden:

Many people have heard of the famous story in the Bible, often referred to as The Garden of Eden, but how many people really understand it or even realize that there is another popular interpretation of it, and furthermore, a limitless number of personal interpretations? I would argue that not many do, as I, myself, didn’t fully come around to this idea until latter on in my research. To understand this simple yet encrypted allegory, lets examine both sides of the tale, which then come together to form a complete picture.

Now some people will take these ancient stories in an extremely literal sense and claim they represent real world events that happened in the past, while others believe that all the ancient texts are nothing, but fairy tales or forms of religious indoctrination to control people. I personally do not subscribe to the notion that the Bible represents a literal historical account of the past, even though I can entertain the very real possibility that some history (especially Roman) was woven into it.

Luciferianism(Did the Flavians of Rome develop the New Testament?)

I personally see many of the ancient texts, such as the Bible, as allegorical stories rooted in Astro-theology, to aid man in the inner process of gnosis, or more commonly known as self-transformation. In my humble opinion, these allegories go much deeper than most people realize, which is likely by design, since occulting knowledge is important to maintaining power.

Unfortunately, these texts have been co-opted into tools of control through a skewing of their history and meanings. Despite the fact, these texts still provide as valuable tools for philosophical studies, especially if you know the proper context to view them within.

Biblical Version:

The most popular and well-recognized version of the story is the original biblical interpretation. According to the legend, God manifested a perfect creation, which symbolizes the Garden of Eden, and placed the first man and woman (Adam and Eve) within it. The garden was plentiful and Adam and Eve had access to all its bounty, except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which they were instructed not to eat from. Despite the abundance they were given by God, Adam and Eve were seduced by a serpent to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge; promising them that if they do they could become as wise as the Gods were. Upon eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Goof and Evil, Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden and no longer allowed to enjoy in the pureness of God’s will. It was the original sin, which symbolizes man’s first action against the natural objective principals that govern this world.


Gnostic Version:

However, there is a much different version of the story, which is not often told, but is very well known to mystery schools and pagan cults, like Freemasonry, Kabbalah, and Gnosticism. According to their interpretation of the Garden of Eden story, God is thought to be a tyrannical ruler who keeps man in ignorance, which is why he forbids Adam and Eve from eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. By keeping Adam and Eve away from the Tree of Knowledge, God prevents man from realizing the divinity within him. In this new context, the serpent (often called Lucifer) is thought of as a light bearer, since he is trying to save man from external rule by lighting the fire within him to realize his own strength to grow in consciousness and change his destiny. By eating from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve get to leave God’s oppressive rule in the Garden of Eden and original sin is nothing more than man’s journey of waking up to knowledge, rather than living under the illusion that the external world created for him. It’s the process of self-actualization within the self to transcend the external chains that bind man.


While both stories make different uses of symbols, both have many pieces of wisdom lodged within them that can help us along our personal and collective courses. At the same time, both interpretations have boundaries, which if not understood in full, can lead to self-destruction and the rise of evil. Hopefully by understanding the gifts and limitations of the two, we can transcend the dialectic and achieve Christ consciousness/Enlightenment.

Coming To Terms With God’s Will:

To understand the Biblical interpretation, it’s first important to understand what is meant by the word God. As I mentioned above, the term God is a very loaded term that rubs many people the wrong way, such as recalling the oppressive religious indoctrination they experienced growing up or pointing to the numerous atrocities carried out due to religious underpinnings.

I understand these perceptions, and have felt both of them at certain points in my life, but in my continued understandings of the original meaning of the symbol God, it appears that this term was meant to represent, both the divine spark that started the Universe and the Universe its self as we see it today. Since we cannot explain where existence comes from, the symbol that was created to express the divine spark that started it all was God. In essence, this spark is the reason the universe is in existence and hence why most people use the word God to describe the designer of the universe.


I think it would be wrong to think of God as a person. Instead it’s better to think of it as a representation for the unknown energetic force that created life and continues to sustain it today. I often conceptualize it as the algorithm of fractal creation or the engine of fractal creation. It could also be thought of as natural law, universal law, or the law of the land. It’s really just a symbol that refers to the objective principals that govern the universe we exist within. While we might not know or ever be able to identify all these objective principals, I have attempted to explore them in a previous article for those who would like to learn more.

So when understanding the meaning of God’s will, it’s best just to think about it as living under the objective realities that govern the universe, aka aligning yourself with them. There seems to be a lot of evidence pointing to the idea that we function best as a species/individual when we obey the natural principals that underpin reality, as opposed to thinking we are above them and can break them without consequence. Living under God’s will also entails the understanding that the Universe has given man everything he needs, so instead of desiring more, he should be thankful for what he has been given and take care of this beautiful gift. It’s the furthered belief that the gift of life is sacred and pure, so it shouldn’t be taken for granted or disrespected, without repercussions and exposure to impurities.


While many lessons can be learned from this tale and different interpretations are good to ponder, I think the main premise of the story is to allegorically conceptualize mans first awakening within himself, or in other words, his first encounter with self-awareness. This new notion of self-awareness was a curse upon man, since he now had the free will to follow God’s plan, understand God’s design, or even go against it if he so desired. This new possibility of going against God’s creation was thought of as inorganic and unnatural, since God created a perfect Universe, Therefore, going against its natural design, which includes moral law, was thought to bring about negative feed back loops that harm the pure mental, spiritual, and physical energies of life in the Universe. God is said to be pure love, so going against love creates fear, which manifests as dark energy or sometimes thought of as spiritual devils within man.

Embodying Luciferianism:

In the Gnostic version of the Garden of Eden story, the serpent is the bringer of knowledge to Adam and Eve, which allows them to transcend their ignorance and become wise like God. This idea knowledge being the catalyst that lights the inner fire of man and raises his consciousness is at the heart of what Luciferianism embodies, despite the many misconceptions out there. It is the ability for man to question and experience, rather than live under pure obedience and naivety. In Luciferianism, divinity is taught to be within everything, instead of being a separate, outside entity that one cannot access directly.

The symbol of Lucifer is often confused with Satan, yet in reality they are two different symbols. Ha-Satan, which is shortened to Satan, is a symbol representing man living only through his carnal instincts and desires for the purpose of his own subjective fulfillment. As I stated above, Satan it is not meant to represent a person or being. Instead, it is meant to symbolize the energetic force within us, which only looks out for the self and its desires. It is the worship of the self and cultivation of self above all else, even at the expense of the outside world. This concept was heavily popularized by Aleister Crowley when he popularized the phrase “Do as thou wilt.”


While Satanism is more thought of as egoism, or even solipsism, although some might debate that, Luciferianism can be more thought of as a symbol for science and reason above all else. Lucifer means “the bearer of light,” which is a metaphor for man becoming self-aware of the internal and external environment for which he experiences and learns from. It symbolizes the lighting of a fire within, which gives man the free will to gather intelligence and choose his destiny rather than be a naïve slave to the external forces that govern him when he is not awake. It’s the idea that man can understand God’s creation and learn to harness its power and manipulate reality through his own will.

From the principals of Luciferianism came all the mystery schools, religions, sciences, literature, and metaphysical groups, which have sprung into existence throughout history. In fact, anyone seeking knowledge is a Luciferian, whether they want to believe it or not. Lucifer is nothing more than a symbol for intelligence within man through the subjective work of seeking knowledge and new experiences.



Learning To Walk Down The Middle Path:

So on one hand there is the idea of living under God’s will, which is embodies pure love and respecting the universal laws; and on the other hand you have Luciferianism, which embodies intelligence and learning how to use it to manifest reality according to your own design. So what side do you choose?

I think this is the trap right here; choosing a side. In reality, it’s pretty easy to see that both ideologies have their positive attributes and both have their negative attributes, therefore learning to walk down the middle is the desired path. The middle path is sometimes referred to as Christ consciousness, being it is full spiritual alignment in the human flesh, or in other words, following Gods will through conscious understandings of creation. In fact, if you look at the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, you see paths on both left and right, but only in the middle path do you see the lowest point and highest point within the tree.


Although you could spend a lifetime studying the Kabbalah, the basic idea is that you are born from God as a perfect spiritual being in the bottom circle, of the middle column, and can then achieve God consciousness, which is the highest circle in the middle column. This same basic concept is also echoed in Taoism with the Ying and the Yang, and taking the middle way, which is the acceptance of both, as represented by the control in the middle. There is polarity within the unity and we must learn to balance them both to maintain a healthy state of being.


When coming to terms with God’s will, one realizes that both man and the universe were built in a particular way, so coming to terms with these natural laws and accepting their boundaries, one can enjoy in abundance and maintain good health. I know from my own experience that aligning myself with these natural physical, mental, and moral principles, the Universe has a way of taking care of you and giving you what you need through both your intuition and heart. Simply learning to be happy and content with the beautiful creation of life that has been bestowed upon us can do wonders for our physical and spiritual health.

However, the problems of solely relying on God’s will is that it can sometimes lead us to a state of naivety and ignorance, which opens us up to becoming easily controlled. Other people are using knowledge to their benefit, so if we do not seek it out ourselves, we can become easy prey to parasites aiming to manipulate us in order to steal our energy. The love you give could become wasted if you don’t have intelligence backing it. This is incredibly apparent today as many people want to have faith that the world is going to change through God’s will, yet lack the knowledge and fire to take action themselves. This idea of an external savior is extremely dangerous and often an idea that elites often exploit to maintain power.


On the contrary, partaking in Luciferianism gives one the ability to control their own destiny and affect the world around them. By seeking knowledge, we can free ourselves from the chains of external forces, which give us the ability to manifest what we want in the world rather than fall victim to it. Our lives don’t have to be predetermined and we have the ability to cultivate intelligence to manifest a destiny of our own choosing. The common people have always been subservient to elitist leaders because of a lack of knowledge above all else, which makes it particularly exciting today, since many are starting to wake up inside and gather real knowledge.

However, the attainment of knowledge in the idea that man is God can lead man down a dark, egotistical path such as addictions to power, greed, lust, and no concept of anything being sacred. A life of pure Luciferianism can lead to a disappearance in the loving spirit of man, which leads to self-centered materialism (Satanism), secular humanism (Statism), and even Transhumanism, all of which are unfortunately becoming extraordinarily prevalent in society today. The devils and cancers that manifest from a disconnection to the objective principals of God and love, reflects in the destruction of the pure sacredness of life, yet many cannot see the problems created since our ego has gotten in the way. The idea that you are God and only your subjective experience is real ultimately destroys the very external environment from which you came out of. You become nothing more than a robot seeking pure intelligence, yet has no spiritual force of love to guide you or the ability to bask in the incredible beauty of life that has been bestowed upon us.



In conclusion, I think we all must understand that walking the middle path, of both seeking intelligence through will and embodying love through no will at all, is crucial to the alignment of the two natural forces that govern our reality: collective cohesion and individual fulfillment. This creates the up and down of the sine wave, which manifests the heartbeat of existence. They cannot be separated from each other as individual concepts because both are needed to create the balance of life. We are each points of attention that aim to grow and transform into higher states of matter, yet without the cohesive force of love that binds together the greater pool of energy into one, a complex organism like ourselves wouldn’t be possible.

Seek knowledge because knowledge is power, but let love guide this power, not fear or ego.



Tim Bryant
An avid free-thinker, Tim has set out on a mission in search of the truth in whatever form it may come. Ever since his awakening several years ago, his passion for knowledge and justice has led him on a journey into deep research, cultural travel, and complete expansion of the mind. Tim feels as if the information freely flowing into the hands of the public, due to the dawn of the Internet, cannot be stopped at this point, so he has made it his goal to help facilitate and breakdown this complex stream of information, so that others can accelerate their own awakening and be part of the inevitable change happening in society.

3 Replies to “God’s Will Vs. Luciferianism: Walking The Middle Path

  1. I personally see the Bible texts as most often than not – being literal – especially in relation to the Adam and Eve story. In order to have the COMPLETE understanding of what that happening is relaying to the reader – you have to know WHY mankind was created in the first place. Without knowing the true WHY man was created – the reader is CLUELESS as to the whole story and will have no choice but to call on ‘encrypted allegory’ in order to A. make sense of it themselves and B. attempt to teach others what they are in fact grasping at straws at.

    Bible understanding – ACCURATE – Bible understanding is like dominoes setup to fall down. ALL the dominoes will NOT fall down unless you understand to knock down the #1 domino first. Otherwise – understanding alludes – and dominoes are left standing.

    Mankind WAS/IS a….TOOL.

  2. Very well put and all inclusive. I have come to the same conclusions in my life, having experienced both ends of the spectrum. Though Im unsure if lucifarianism is the right term to use. It naturally, in my mind puts emphasis on ego driven choices and separation from the will of the heart which so often is contrary. Our cognition of self is what creates the self image which we call the ego. Which seems a natural progression in evolution. Maybe in an era when the emergence of the will of the ego was the new progression then lucifarianism would be the sensible term. But now these two sometimes opposing wills must learn to live side by side with wisdom in choice. That is the new way. Anyway. Great article. I have no solution to my complaints haha

  3. One of the best articles I have read as I have been trying to fully understand what Luciferianism really is and if it was part of the “New Age Deception.” It now finally makes sense…thank you!!!

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