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Florida’s Quiet Forced Vaccination Law & More Evidence That Natural Immunity Is All You Need

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (8/20/21).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


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Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

US Foreign Policy
Natural Immunity
Scientific Suppression

Important TLAV Mask Coverage

Most Recent Mask Studies

5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction in blood oxygen level:

Cloth Mask Study

SOME of the mask studies on efficacy:

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Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

22 Replies to “Florida’s Quiet Forced Vaccination Law & More Evidence That Natural Immunity Is All You Need

  1. The afghanistan psyop is exactly that, a psy-op, the structure is being built for martial law in the USA, because today it was quietly released that the FDA plans to approve the Pfizer shot for regular approval 3 days from now. Moderna was rejected because of the heart issues associated with it. Once again historically speaking, coronavirus injections are either safe OR effective(this is technically an oxymoron, imagine if some treatment was extremely safe but not effective, or extremely unsafe but very effective, neither possibility would be favorable), no coronavirus vaccine has EVER been safe AND effective. Nobody has raised the concern that the troops are being brought back the week before the approval, and will most likely be used against us for forced vaccination, and we are leaving all our ammunition and vehicles in Afghanistan, most likely to justify the fact that we shouldn’t have left Afghanistan and we should never leave Afghanistan again. It’s very likely that main Americans will wake up once this gets forced on them. Not to mention everything that has been ignored such as pathogenic priming, ADE, selection of more virulent strains, boosters with equally bad side effects. And something that has flown completely under the radar because of Afghanistan and vaccines is the Cyber Pandemic or Cyberstrike. WEF has been very quiet lately and we are approaching the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and have passed the 1 year anniversary of the Cyber Polygon, and I know a lot of these sickos in power love numerology. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some Internet purge after a false-flag or some kind of Internet shutdown in the coming weeks. Stay safe
    Also anyone have any data on vaccines and cd8 cell response?

    1. that’s the arrogance of America and americans, thinking it’s ok to occupy another sovereign nation pretending to be the good guys, when in reality the USA has done nothing in its 245 years of history than committing crimes and genocide across the globe. Never leave Afghanistan? Who the hell do you think you guys are?
      Bloody sickening – no wonder here in Europe not many people like America…

      1. Most Americans today are non interventionist. In fact, even historically, I think most Americans have been non interventionist (going back even to the 1800s and probably before).

        If it wasn’t for propaganda and manipulations by the government, I think there would pretty much never have been support for interventionist wars at all.

      2. @someguy

        I think its a hard case to make that Americans are historically anti interventionist. If that were the case we would still have 13 states. America is an expansionist empire. What Americans have balked at in the past is entering European wars. The reluctance of some Americans to take the Philippines was based mostly in racism. Otherwise, it was just the logical next step of a nation that continues to push its boundaries.

        American position after WWII was the real solidification for a permanent military state. What grief the public gave for Vietnam was rectified by abolishing the draft and filling positions with private company employees.

        Now, Americans just don’t care. They are completely separated from our foreign endeavors and if they are not, that was a “choice”, so no whining.

        The draft was ditched right after I was born. I think for people in my generation we can see a much more separated citizen from soldier divide in our lives. Its not like the past. Yoy are either in or you don’t really know many people who are. We are disconnected from our global intervention and those interventions include death, starvation, ruin, disease and torture.

  2. Wow! If that hypothesis on T-cell immunity is correct it’s a huge reason not to wear a mask! Need to be exposed as much as possible.

  3. The forced vaccination law has been on the books in Florida for over a decade. DeSantis did not add that to the law. He ammended the existing law to address vaccine passports. At most, he left “forced vaccinations” in the law but he did not add it.

    1. It it came across as me suggesting DeSantis added that, my apologies, not my intention. I was merely pointing out that this was there, and it undermines the idea that he is otherwise protecting you.

  4. The Florida forced-vax provision is actually decades old; the new order simply repeated it. You might want to contact R Shawn McBride, a Florida attorney who has been working to reverse this original statute to get more details on the efforts being made to undo this particular provision.

  5. I affirm Ryan that you do not hold confidence that Sars-Cov-2 exists as a viral entity. Unless you have changed your position given the rounds of published papers that seem to attempt to provide legitimacy to such a phenomenon.
    Reading through the published material again and again I spot extrapolations and hypothetical speculation that lump in previous realizable coronavirus entities with a “well of course this new virus exists” cause we found antigenic or epitopic regions that should be there.
    It seems that the incredibly fallible PCR is being used which is not truly suitable for testing viral infections specifically and that the lack of available data on viral load essentially in the very sick or the very dead seems to never be available or is consistently absent.
    And since nucleic acid residues do not indicate infectious presence either present or in the past, just presence of nucleic acids shared from one microbiological species to another in addition to extremely poor differential diagnosis skills of physicians I honestly state as a scientist in the biochemical arena that I’m not buying it.

  6. Ryan, I can’t determine which link listed is the one regarding the Florida law. I need to share it for someone in Florida. Can you point it out for me?

  7. It seems to me that if someone chooses to take the extreme — and extremely misguided — measure of submitting to a SARS CoV-2 Experimental Coronavirus Therapy (aka “vaccine”), then they should embrace and abide the whole SARS CoV-2 Pandemic Farce and “Vaccination” Program Charade:
    Those who chose to get ‘vaccinated’ should be quarantined from the moment of their first shot — that’s the moment they’re ‘all-in’ with the official narrative — until two weeks after their final shot, when they become ‘fully vaccinated’ (notwithstanding variants and boosters to come, because: um, whatever).
    Seems reasonable — if they embrace the CDC guidance for ‘transmissibilty’, ‘fully vaccinated’, etc. — if they really want to prevent the spread, protect others, etc.
    I mean, if this is all real, half-measures just won’t do. Right? [sarcasm]

    Otherwise, it seems, it’s just like religious people express/practice their faith/religion; they just pick and choose which parts or version they want to believe/abide and ignore the rest. Meanwhile, they distrust/pity/hate/fear (and invade, and try to convert) others who believe otherwise… Etc.

    Willful Ignorance, Hubris, Verbal Violence and Hypocricy abound socially in the USA/Empire Society.*
    Besides the Social Engineering/Programming (Schooling, ‘Mockingbird’, etc.) of society since 1947, it’s also due to the “the Other” mentality baked-in to american’s social psyche by religion(s), stadium/pro sports and consumerism… To this, I imagine half of americans would say: “You’re right, I see that too.”, and the other half would say: “F*ck you, I’m gonna kick your ass”.
    *So why should the pandemic & vaccine behaviors/beliefs/conflicts be any different.

    It’s almost as if Americans can be divided — right down the middle — on any issue with just propaganda — facts and truth be damned — so they are perpetually in-conflict with one another and in-doubt always of what is true or false (or right or wrong, good or bad, or just or unjust).

    Divide and Conquer! (divided, thus controlled)
    That’s how fake Democracy rolls…

  8. I understand that after three months the vaccine effectiveness wanes. But in the document entitled pandemic hoax pdf. He states that at 3 months after vaccination you will be listed as an unvaccinated death. I tried to look at his link on the St Louis county website but can’t find the information. Also he says the CDC is listing these vaccinated people as unvaccinated deaths after 3 months. Where is the proof? I couldn’t find anything on the CDC website. Where did the pandemic hoax document come from? is the source reputable? FYI I love your videos and I truly believe in your research. But this is an important question, if what be is saying is true that would be a bombshell.

  9. When they say that those vaccinated early have increased risk, I think what they mean is compared to those vaccinated late, not compared to the unvaccinated.

  10. Ryan, great work. However I think your belief that the Taliban victory is some sort of act agreed to by the US is wrong. A cospiracy too far.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. It was planned/agreed.

      Why did Empire fail to ‘Win’ Afghanistan (was that even the goal…nope*):

      If ‘Winning’ was the goal the failure is maybe because the West/Elites/Bankers/troops/spooks/etc. (and their bribes, warring and dividing of the country):

      A. Couldn’t get the Afghan masses to believe in (quasi) Christianity (i.e., Prosperity Gospel, etc.)

      B. Couldn’t get the Afghan masses to buy-into (quasi) Capitalism (i.e., Neoliberalism)

      C. Couldn’t get the Afghan masses to submit to (quasi) Democracy (i.e., Class/Caste/Feudal System)

      D. Gave-up/withdrew, for now anyway, because the ‘Great Reset’ process/transition (c. 10 years probably) doesn’t need their opium and oil/gas — because: lockdowns… — and anyway, Russia/China will get the minerals after the reset settles, per global banker/economic plans.
      Also: Look at a map and realize how utterly insane it is that the ‘West’/Empire should try to keep Afghanistan from doing energy/trade business with Russia & China… enough is enough already.

      E. US/’West’ Empire will be ‘all-over’ Africa and S. America getting the minerals, etc. (by bribing, warring and dividing) in those places.

      F. uck…

      * “The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war” –Julian Assange, 2011

      ‘The ‘Great Reset’ Vis-á-vis Afghanistan:

      Every significant geopolitical/economic/military event and action since the alleged pandemic officially began (c. Jan 2019, per the WHO) was planned by bankers/deep-state/CEOs* before the pandemic.
      *For example: Remember the ‘CEO’ mass-exodus in 2018? I suspected they all had the same reason to bail-out at the same time but I couldn’t figure what it might be… Then covid happened and the ‘Great Reset’ was exposed mainstream; ‘ah-ha’, I thought: All those CEOs were the ones who didn’t want to participate in, comply with or abide the WEF/banker’s pandemic & ‘Great Reset’ agenda they had become aware or notified of in-advance. If so, good for them; now, I look forward to one or more of them telling the world.
      I know, first-hand, CEOs — at-least ones of multi-national and/or gov/military contractor companies — are ‘in-the-loop’ with the deep state agenda(s) via classified reports to them and the other direction with CEOs lobbying the deep state; they’re ‘in-cahoots’ (i.e., conspiring) re Neoliberalism/Empire.
      An Indy/Alt Investigative Journalist should contact all the ones who bailed at and try to find-out why…

      Empire (Owned by Global Banker/Super-elites and run by US/Israeli sponsored Deep State, enforced by Military force/action) sees no benefit during the “great” reset geopolitical/economic transition (the next 5-10 years) in sustaining or maintaining the enterprises of USAID, et al. graft, opium-for-profit-and-control and blocking Russia and/or China from benefiting in any way from this geo-strategic & cash-cow country; the time to leave has come because the reset has new power & control strategies & methods coming that don’t rely on int’l drug trade operations (including secret flows of huge amounts of cash used for secret ops and bribery, as well as facilitating & fomenting opiate dependencies to destabilize communities and generally oppress societies) or NGO graft via fraudulent and/or incompetent agencies & contractors who get funded to “rebuild” or “create infrastructure” (and then proceed to do nothing of the sort, or do things with no effect, etc., plus plain-old bloated military budget/spending (which is also connected to coercing congress for votes/legislation via military-industrial-complex, state-by-state enterprise funding that creates jobs, graft, influence, and citizen/workforce complicity in Empire and war. E.g, Deep-state to congressperson: “Vote for what/funding we want — support war, etc. — or lose the factory, banker investments, corporate bribes and jobs for your state…”).


      It seems a very coordinated ‘transfer-of-power’ has just taken place, systematically, throughout Afghanistan, that was made or allowed to look like a brilliant, if ‘primative’, operation by the pre-planned winner (‘Taliban’) and culminating in a giant f*ck-up withdraw by the pre-planned losers (US, et al.) — all theater, methinks — so we all have stuff to read, watch, talk & complain about that is of no consequence to what’s really happening.

      Just ask yourself: How could a militarily ‘primative’ (by Empire standards) force of 75,000 SYSTEMATICALLY & COMPLETELY overthrow a vastly superior force of 300,000 ‘dug-in’/home-court-advantage (US bases, etc.) force, that’s been MILITARILY controlling the country for 20 years, IN JUST 11 DAYS? It can only have been pre-arranged/agreed and theatrically executed.

      My guess is that Empire decided to “let the locals* have the ball” while the reset storm unfolds then take it back when it stops raining, so to speak.
      China & Russia might step-in and “rebuild” with a “Socialist/Communist” spin… “It’s all part of the [banker] plan” you could say.
      * “locals” being the non-Empire aligned/funded citizens with the will and intent to provide leadership/governance for their country and who are people organized and acting currently under the name: “Taliban”.

      In the long-run Afghanistan will never be left alone by the bankers/rulers of the “first” world; Capitalism (currently “Neoliberalism”) demands exploitation, ownership and control of all resources & assets around the world and Afghanistan offers important ones: US Bases, Fossil Fuels and Opium (Guns, Oil, Drugs or GOD). After the reset: Minerals, minerals, minerals (Mmm…).

      Btw, mineral extraction is not the same as oil extraction; getting to oil is like putting a straw in a coconut to drink the milk; getting minerals is like smashing the coconut to pieces and scraping the insides out… both things kill the coconut but at least oil extraction leaves the coconut intact and full of minerals so it can be used in the food supply (including decomposing and nourishing soil), as well as used for other healthy/useful products (e.g., soaps, food/body oil, water filters, etc.)…
      And, for mineral mining/extraction, you’ve got to get rid of any/all of the people who live where you want to get at the minerals; in other words, bankers/investors have got to reduce/eliminate indigenous, rural and poor populations scattered all around the world on mineral-rich lands — those living in peace, in harmony with nature, etc., poor though they may be — in-order to fully execute a transition from oil/gas-based to a mineral-based (batteries, nuclear) energy economy which is fundamental to the ‘great reset’ agenda.

      I won’t be sad when oil is over and done with, but I’m very worried about the Human and Earth destruction for minerals to come; it might just be worse than oil if the masses don’t wake-up and prevent the inevitable process from being wildly inequitable, unhealthy and destructive for the next 200 years. I digress…

      If the Taliban gets their country growing food (for the citizenry first; for export if/when surplus) instead of poppies, creates a sovereign wealth fund from oil/mineral profits (to self-fund self-development), and avoids loans and/or advice from the IMF, World Bank, Central Banks and Hedge Funds they might become sovereign and at-peace — every nation’s right — then their people can fix/change their own governance/laws; it’s up to them… If they want to grow their population and/or improve their standard-of-living they can invest in infrastructure, food, water, etc. that would support health, growth, peace, etc.; or, they can produce and sell drugs and minerals to the world — for elite profit and black-op funding — and live in conflict, chaos and strife.

      If the US, et al. really wants to help we can leave them alone and tell other countries to leave them alone too. If bankers/elites want their minerals they can offer to buy them and pay them a “fair market price” and demand they produce them without destroying lives or environments.
      Again, if US wants to help we can tell other countries not to buy the minerals if the production of them is harmful/destructive to people and planet.

      If ‘the West’ is afraid of the Taliban’s/Afghanistan’s values/religion/ideology we can always not let their citizens visit, and not visit them. Ha. But then how would the elites get all the valuable stuff they have? That’s why 20 years of occupation: We’re (the duped masses) afraid of them but we want their shit. Hold them down (bribes, wars, lies, etc.) and steal it is the Western elite/banker way.

      The only reason the world is more complicated than the above is because of greed and avarice and venality and corruption and ignorance and hate and fear and stupidity on the part of the masses — rich and poor alike — because we have (allowed to develop) economic/monetary/legal systems (and religions) that make it so… By design (by elites/bankers for a couple thousand years).

      SEE ALSO:

      The Gray Zone Interview (recent): Pepe Escobar on Afghanistan:

      More from The Gray Zone re Afghanistan:

      More from Pepe Escobar re Afghanistan/Opium:

      “Bitter Lake” Afghanistan (historical) film by Adam Curtis:

  11. 1st off…I love you Ryan!
    Point #2
    I’m so NOT surprised that young kids are having heart issues. What the FDA has classified as “food” for school lunches has set them up for all kinds of health issues. Planned? With with what I’ve learned so far, I suspect so.
    Not saying that the shot hasn’t made things even worse.
    All this is making the “kooks” that speak about Agenda 2021 seem more than reasonable.
    The manufactured chaos and fear are doing just what was intended, to control the population.

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