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Eerie Predictions In Vegas … Cui Bono?

Melissa and Aaron Dykes go on a deep dive and discover some very interesting forum discussions leading up to the Las Vegas shooting that specifically reference Las Vegas, as well as a larger agenda that is labeled “high incident project.” This agenda aims to train the American public to believe that even places with ultra high security are vulnerable, ultimately leading to even more intrusive security measures and surveillance. Who will benefit from those security devices? Does mainstream media messaging give any other clues?



2 Replies to “Eerie Predictions In Vegas … Cui Bono?

  1. Repeated x-ray scans make you high risk to develop cancer. Of course, the ‘elite’ who are pushing our police state agenda could care less about our health. The repeated radiation is harmful to the human body, causes DNA mutation, and then eventually cancer. That’s why I limit by xray exposure. I now avoid mammograms when I learned that the radiation exposure is 1000 times that of a typical x-ray. I now do thermograms which do not use radiation and can catch cancer much sooner. I hope there will be an alternative to x-ray scanners.

    1. I meant to clarify that if more scanners are placed in public places, such as hotels, that a safer alternative will be an option. I do not condone this poice state agenda.

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