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Although his name has been tossed around the alternative news scene here and there since the turn of the decade, a retired military veteran by the name of Drake Bailey has been creating more ripples on the internet with his continuous thread of information regarding what could be called “The Plan,” with researcher David Wilcock’s viral interview of Bailey earlier this year, and his continuous guest appearances this year on the internet truth movement radio show, “Cosmic Voice,” hosted by Thomas Williams. At the current writing of this article, Bailey still actively participates in these guest appearances, and in his interview with David Wilcock, the line of questioning Bailey receives helps paint a very accessible understanding of the information, for those looking to dive deeper into the subject. Wilcock actively supports Bailey’s claims and that, for what it’s worth, his research can verify the retired veteran.

This “Plan” that Bailey speaks of is something he received an invitation to read in the late 1970’s after he had retired from military service and Nuclear Defense clearances, being approached by a couple of individuals who gave him a manila folder full of papers that was “five inches thick” or so. Bailey was told he could read as much as he wanted in this sitting and ask questions, but he could not take notes and he could certainly not have copies. The man told Bailey that this document had been in the works for some time, beginning in past generations to ready the future for the coming political events, and involves espionage the likes of which would quickly mark the end of the current postmodern era. Now, in 2015, Bailey claims to be a spokesperson of this initiative; an information agent to at least get word to the people who will listen.

Drake BaileyHis overall message is simple and concise: Many in the American military (and others) have become fed up with the misuse of their selfless service. They no longer wish to simply help feed a corporate oligarchical industrial complex. They have been maneuvering an intricate agenda into place in order to apprehend and disassemble the central banking system.

This is accomplished by enacting a national arrest of the US banking cartel and all the colluded government officials, including the “Illuminati”—which represents the
oligarchical blood lines that pull America’s political strings, sit in the country’s political offices, and have maintained control through Freemasonry and other societies, dating back to European Monarchy; some speculate even further back. Bailey interestingly notes the differences between banking cartels and the Illuminati, saying that both are the same enemy, but can also generally be considered warring factions, the banking cartel being an Elitist American faction that developed and gained power, presumably during the Industrial Revolution. Thus onstage the two defer to bureaucratic delegation, and behind the curtains to more vehement activity. The other factions or sub-factions being apprehended as well would be NSA, CIA, and more, and would result in a total overhaul in sociopolitical infrastructure.

Bailey reports that when these arrests occur, there will be a national media shutdown, internet shutdown, and no one will be allowed in or out until the situation has resolved itself—which is supposedly scheduled to be only a few days. He recommends that all begin to prepare themselves mentally and physically with some water, food, and supplies, because whether someone calls it the “good versus evil,” “armageddon,” the “end of the era of Pisces” or otherwise, Bailey says, and all can conclude for themselves, that the fight for sovereign freedom is on. It’s not a matter of life on earth coming to an end, but a matter of spiritual awakening or slumbering, and if Drake Bailey’s military coup comes to fruition it’s going to make for some surreal and provocative times that all will need to remain calm under.

drake baileyNow, the voice of Drake Bailey’s critics have three arguments: firstly, this guy might just be a quack; secondly, he might be a disinformation government specialist; or thirdly and perhaps the most likely of the arguments, he’s a quack who is being fed by a disinformation government specialist. Those in the UFO research field are aware that this is a very real thing that happens (google Richard Doty). The people who say Bailey is being fed disinformation argue that he’s telling everyone to essentially rally behind the initiation of martial law, and this is a very real concern due to its theoretical possibility, but if all the negative possibilities should be taken into account then so should the positive ones.

Many have pointed out Bailey’s ties and discussion into occult philosophy in the past (again, not an inherently negative thing and can be considered an umbrella term for the “rest of religious theology” outside of the popular doctrines, including but not limited to paganism and shamanism) but if Drake Bailey was indeed involved in some high level government clearance, it would only make sense that he would understand the basic occult ideologies, as is a recurring theme amongst top-level officials and their cohorts (see the CIA’s Project MKULTRA and Project MONARCH). So if he were to retire and find himself in other areas of life, it would make sense that he would continue to remember these ideologies. Furthermore, while critiquing someone’s religious beliefs should never be taken off the table, it is usually considered to be tasteless and childish (notice “politically-correct” was not used here) to overtly “judge” someone for their spiritual beliefs.

All in all, this case is far from closed, and is something that is actively unfolding within the culture. Those who read this article upon initial posting might be interested to learn that Drake Bailey will be having another appearance on Cosmic Voice internet radio on this day, October 7th, 2015. Below are two videos, the first is David Wilcock’s interview with Bailey, and the second is his most recently posted appearance on Cosmic Voice. Those familiar with David Wilcock will find his verbal endorsement hard to dismiss, and any criticism aside, Wilcock has proven himself for quite some time to be an authentic voice in the truth movement, so his conversation with the retired veteran is particularly interesting. Individuals are encouraged to do their own research and post any findings they might come across here on The Last American Vagabond, so that the People might be able to get to the bottom of this. This is not speaking of the “End of the World,” but of the “End of the Postmodern Era,” and it doesn’t take a mathematician to see that the end of this era is indeed coming to a close right before humanity’s eyes—in one form or another.

Anthony Tyler
A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.


  1. much appreciated. I actually like David Icke quite a bit. I don’t source his material very often because he’s an introductory researcher, not exactly someone to do lots of sourcing on if you’re formulating your own theories, but he’s a great starting point. the whole “reptilian agenda” was some crazy hype that the media used to blackball him, but when you look into it he was just proposing some wild research that he had come across and wasn’t saying it was the total truth, but that this was his best postulation from some interesting occult research he had done. obviously, this “reptilian” evil archetype is much less of an ET in a saucer and more of some sort of demonic occult archetype. this is even how Icke now interprets his findings. So short story long I recommend Icke to people needing an introduction, as opposed to someone like Alex Jones or David Wilcock, or even Graham Hancock. All three are names I am speculative of, for example. People can be disinformation by being useful idiots, there doesn’t have to be any government intel involvement.

    1. all of the aforementioned are just extras (important in their time and way to help wake people up initially, but now not so important due to on-going disinfo they keep adhering to). if you want the hard truth/lowdown check out Jay Arae Essex info.

  2. on that note, I think time has proven Drake Bailey to be not credible as well. Nothing has happened from his claims, he seems to be some more Savior Hype. He also has some peculiar background that was not addressed in this article. Honestly, I brief editor’s note at the end of this article may be required

  3. There may be some truth here. Yes there is a bunch of criminals, Nazis thugs that have taken over our country that’s the truth there the new icons the New World Order people. I don’t I do believe there’s some UFOs are Bible calls a Gen 6 nephilime they are fallen angels devils. so I don’t believe these new UFO devils are who they say they are they’re part of the same group different math same different dress a mess. Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever….Jesus He did come in the flesh. Bile is the rule book.. God don’t lie.

  4. Hello all people of our home earth…i dont know how much is truth or not…this is why i listen to everyone on this topic and form my own opinions…the evidence for this topic is still little to nothing…in a grand scale…but in a smaller scale/…many , many retired service men and women are coming forward and exposing what they have kept secret about for years…these secrets are in contempt of the american people…even if they care less about this topic…i cant wait until i see this subject discussed on every street corner and every hash magazine…and every lying news program…the lie is keeping silent…that payoff is never good…we need the truth and these disclosures and the people who risk letting them out…they should be gratiated….i applaud these folks for their character…and their stories…all we need is 2 witnesses to make a fact of theory…this is biblical…i just want to live in truth in my life…and i desperately want it now…thanks…alf.

    1. Alf,
      I completely understand where you are coming from and believe me….we are doing what we can to get the word out , and i myself am going to kick it into another gear because I Trust the Plan, along with a line of others that i do trust. This is the LARGEST Biblical part that is unfolding before our very eyes and people have yet to even understand it. Truth bombs heading our way. Find me.
      Reply and I will tell you where on here to find me. Thank you for everything!

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