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Dr. Hodkinson Interview – COVID-19 Vaccines, Infertility & Spike Protein Dangers

Joining me today is Dr. Hodkinson, here to discuss the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines, the possibility of infertility, and the very real concerns about the vaccine-induced spike proteins and what new scientific research is clearly suggesting about their risks to your health.


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Taylor Hudak
Taylor Hudak, MA, is an independent journalist focusing on free speech, press freedoms, whistleblowing and US foreign policy. Taylor's work can be found on acTVism Munich YouTube channel, as well as The Last American Vagabond.

6 Replies to “Dr. Hodkinson Interview – COVID-19 Vaccines, Infertility & Spike Protein Dangers

  1. I would be very cautionary about the influence of the vaccine in causing aortic aneurysms. My 101 year old father died Saturday last week with a 8.5 cm tear in his aorta, after being given Pfizer shot 1. He had no abnormal blood pressure or cholesterol, or any history of heart problems. I’d rather remain self isolating until a proven vaccine becomes available.

    1. Research has shown that if you’re otherwise healthy, a circulating calcifediol level of above 50ng/ml (125nmol/L) makes it highly likely thet the innate immune system will destroy the virus denying it a chance to multiply and generally infect. Calcifediol (’25(OH)D’) is the blood circulating form of Vitamin D3 after it is metabolised. Whether taken as a supplement or produced naturally by photosynthesis, Vit-D3 is metabolised to calcifediol which is the form required by the immune system.. (I am in my late 70s and have been working (in construction) in a highly populated region of the UK throughout this ‘pandemic’.. I have a 25(OH)D level of 52ng/ml. I have felt ‘under attack’ few times during the past 15 months but it has subsided within 24 – 36 hours). There is no requirement to subject oneself to an experimental gene therapy. Especially give that there are proven safe treatments available – viz. calcifediol; hydroxychloroquine & zinc; ivermectin.

  2. I’m in my late 70’s and alsoa Canadian who knows a bit about Alberta but live in Atlantic Canada. I have had a keen interest in SARS 2 ever since the infection broke out in Wuhan. I’ve arrived at nearly identical conclusion as those of Dr. Hodkinson. Although my expertise is not as thorough as his, I understand what he is saying perfectly well. . Watching and listening to him was a huge morale booster for me, for the simple reason that if I say anything like Dr. Hodkinson said is this video, I am looked upon as some kind of nut. There are very few people to talk to who are not completely brainwashed. I have discovered recently that 2 men that I know in my neighborhood who have arrived, in their own way, at somewhat the same conclusions as myself, but as Dr. Hodkinson said, paraphrasing him, there are some small elements of truth out there but it is very badly distorted. This makes it very difficult to find some strong common ground with people a person might be able to engage with. In any case, it gives me some satisfaction to know the conclusions I’ve arrived at, indicate that I for one around here am not brainwashed. I agree with Dr. Hodkinson that Fauci is the centerpiece of this unwholesome enterprise. I keep looking for indications that Fauci is going to have to face some consequences. Nothing so far.

  3. Came across this podcast today. Already shared it with my family and a friend. Other friends brainwashed by the fear imposed on them. I’m writing from Serbia (south-east Europe) and I’m happy to say that dr. Hodkinson has confirmed every piece of info I managed to dig out despite the horrific internet censorship. This is a huge moral boost, as another commentator mentioned, for all of us around the world upholding the truth, worried at the same time for the future and the health of our children! Please follow your intuition and a common sense in these hard times. Thank you dr. Hodkinson for speaking up!

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