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CNN’s North Korea Propaganda

As military drills between allies the United States and South Korea continue in East Asia, North Korea has just released a propaganda video that depicts the North blowing up a U.S. aircraft carrier and a B-1B bomber.

“So pathetic. Nuclear aircraft carrier of the Sea is just a creature metamorphoses that would die with a dagger in its neck,” the narrator says of the “destroyed” aircraft carrier.

“B-1B of the sky is only a moth, that would fall by getting hit with a rain of fire,” she says of the “exploding” bomber.

The video was released on YouTube via North Korea’s state-run outlet, Uriminzokkiri. That outlet released a similar video in 2013, one that depicted an exploding White House.

To be sure, this is precisely the type of behavior we’ve come to expect from North Korea — a lot of big talk with very little action. The ongoing drills in the region are certainly a legitimate cause for the current rise in tensions, but they are far more a result of the United States’ imperialist history than anything the North Koreans have done.

Not that CNN seems to understand that. The corporate media giant was in full scare mode while reporting on the three-minute propaganda film.

“Tensions with North Korea and the US continue to rise,” opened one of the outlet’s video reports to news bulletin-style music.

Next they played snippets of media comments about evil North Korea, with one guy referring to Kim Jong-un as a “ruthless dictator.”

After a bit more scaremongering, the clip ended with a warning in text: “North Korea’s readiness is at the point it could launch more missiles with no notice.”

The source behind CNN’s so clearly defined claim? The ever-present but never-seen “U.S. officials” who, per usual with the corporate media, spoke to the outlet on the condition of anonymity.

A two-and-half minute segment on CNN’s “The Situation Room” opened with the narrator referring to Kim Jong-un as a “combative young dictator” who is “ramping up his threats against America.”

The segment goes on to regurgitate the “crazy North Korea” narrative in pretty standard fashion, then ends with the host saying that one analyst — even this source is unnamed — now believes North Korea will become a “direct threat to America” once it perfects a missile that can reach the U.S.

Watch CNN’s American war propaganda video below:  

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