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CIA Plots Iran Coup – Partners With Terrorist Group

The Iranian (People’s Mojahedin) MeK had been on the US terrorism list for more than 15 years…until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to remove them from the list in 2012. They’ve killed plenty of Americans, including high-ranking US military officers. Now the CIA, along with neoconservatives and many US politicians, has embraced the MeK as the best “democratic” alternative to Iran’s current government. Did you know the “former” terrorist MeK paid current Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao $50,000 for a five minute speech in 2015? Crazy? Her husband is the Senate Majority Leader. In Washington that’s money well-spent. The CIA’s incredibly stupid plan for Iranian regime change in today’s Liberty Report:



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  1. Believe it or not we in the uk fund this mob of gangsters the same has the white helmets, can’t believe I am getting my replies through.

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