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Terrorists May Have Benefited From Millions Worth Of US Aid For Iraq & Syria – Report

A recent USAID audit report found that some of its humanitarian programs for war-torn Syria and Iraq might have assisted terrorist groups. The assistance in question amounts to nearly $700 million. The agency in charge of foreign aid provided by Washington has done a poor job to mitigate risks for its projects to end up Read More…

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CIA Plots Iran Coup – Partners With Terrorist Group

The Iranian (People’s Mojahedin) MeK had been on the US terrorism list for more than 15 years…until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to remove them from the list in 2012. They’ve killed plenty of Americans, including high-ranking US military officers. Now the CIA, along with neoconservatives and many US politicians, has embraced the MeK as Read More…

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Four Russian “Military Advisers” Killed In Syria Clashes

In a world in which “spying” is also known as “benign information gathering,” it makes sense that all “soldiers,” especially the recently deceased, are called “military advisors.” In this vein, on Sunday the Russian Defense Ministry said that two Russian military advisers have been killed and five Russian soldiers injured during a clash with militants Read More…

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Trump Swaps Funds After Deciding Syria Recovery Not As Useful As Arming Rebels, Including Former ISIS Fighters

When the dust settles, the Trump administration will have cut funds for rebuilding the parts of Syria it helped destroy and instead allocated those funds for arming extremist elements that seek to transform northeastern Syria. WASHINGTON – Back in March, amid speculation that President Donald Trump would push for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, Read More…

Eastern Ghouta
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Eastern Ghouta: Do Western Countries Support Terrorists In Syria?

Nowadays there are certain events in Syria that can determine the future not only for the Middle East region, but for the world. The Syrian Army supported by its allies and in the hopes of recovering peace continues to fight terrorists in the country. Meanwhile, an increasing number of experts believe that some western countries Read More…

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Civilians Of Liberated East Ghouta Praise Syrian Army, Curse Terrorists, Contradict MSM Reports

The Western media is aflame with reports of “barrel bombs” “last hospitals” and the “brutality” of Assad and Russia. The United States government along with the United Nations continually harp and cry about the loss of life incurred by civilians as a result of the operation to liberate East Ghouta from the grip of the Read More…