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Obama Calls Alternative Media “Domestic Propagandists”

The war on alternative media intensified today when Obama blamed talk radio and other “domestic propagandists” for the rise of “fake news.” “If fake news that’s being released by some foreign government is almost identical to reports that are being issued through partisan news venues, then it’s not surprising that that foreign propaganda will have Read More…

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Is The Deep State At War… With Itself?

This is a blatantly politicized “report” that is not supported by any evidence, nor is it supported by the other 16 intelligence agencies. The recent pronouncement by the C.I.A. that Russian hackers intervened in the U.S. presidential election doesn’t pass the sniff test–on multiple levels. Let’s consider the story on the most basic levels. 1. Read More…

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PizzaGate? Russia Did It! Now MSM Claims Russians Are “Planting Child Porn On Foes’ Computers”

Well, now we’ve seen the narrative come full circle. Just a couple days ago, The New York Times, Fortune, and other mainstream outlets began reporting that the Russians — who have now been tirelessly blamed (but without publicly available evidence) for the DNC Leaks, the WikiLeaks Podesta emails, and maliciously hacking the 2016 US presidential Read More…

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WikiLeaks Emails And Their Contradicting Origin Stories: Ex-British Ambassador Claims He Received The Emails In a D.C. Park

By now, most have probably heard of the infamous batch of emails that were released by WikiLeaks during the election, which influenced the narrative and, whether or not by design, certainly affected the result. The two leaks that have been at the center of attention are the Democratic National Convention (DNC) emails and the emails of Read More…

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Ron Paul: The War on ‘Fake News’ is a War on Free Speech

A major threat to liberty is the assault on the right to discuss political issues, seek out alternative information sources, and promote dissenting ideas and causes such as non-interventionism in foreign and domestic affairs. If this ongoing assault on free speech succeeds, then all of our liberties are endangered. One of the most common assaults Read More…

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Washington Post-CIA Connections Destroy Post’s “Election-Hack” Claim

“The CIA says” is never a great way to start a sentence. But that’s the basis of the latest charge that Russia hacked the US presidential election. Members of Congress have now been secretly briefed by the CIA on “the Russian affair,” and media, led by the Washington Post, are running with the story that Read More…