Prisca Theologia
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Prisca Theologia – The Perennial Thread of Ancient Wisdom

The current Age of Information has brought about a drastic and notable split in the trifecta of thought that creates the human intellect. These three pieces, Science, Religion, and Philosophy, continue to argue that they are all mutually exclusive, yet have never been able to exist apart from each other. In today’s postmodern era there Read More…

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From Trauma to Transcendence Through Neuroplasticity

“Neurons that fire together, wire together,” Dr. Max Cynader puts it, and it’s difficult to come across a more pertinent adage in today’s era. Discussion of neurons firing and wiring draws implications so vast that it impacts everything from positive and negative emotional spectrums, to the difference between being handicapped, and a genius–or life and Read More…

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A Modern Assessment of “Magick”

To discuss “magick” openly is something that has been socially orchestrated to lead to many different pitfalls, misconceptions, and total misunderstandings. Over the course of the centuries the media has avidly portrayed magick to be nothing more than fictitious superpowers, or claim it’s granted by the Devil for nefarious misgivings. These misconceptions have stemmed from the early Vatican Read More…

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In Search of Alaska’s Ancient Pyramid

The Ancient Pyramids of Egypt are a commonplace global landmark for all human beings, and as mysterious and awing as the recorded 120 pyramids of Egypt are, they are but a small fraction of the currently uncountable pyramid and pyramidal structures across Planet Earth. With pyramids publicly recorded  in places like the rest of Northern Africa, Read More…