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The Big Boys Of Finance Shorting The Market And Moving Into Gold

As we at The Last American Vagabond have covered many times, the stock market is extremely overvalued, incredibly risky, and could crash at anytime. Most people have seen The Big Short and think that 2008 was an isolated incident, yet have no idea that the current economic standing of the world is in a very similar position. When looking at the market and where it’s currently heading, it can be incredibly beneficial to watch where the big money moves. Usually, it’s the big money that positions itself first, while the rest of the market follows after. After looking through the news in recent weeks, it seems pretty clear the big financial players are divesting out of the stock market, betting on it to fail and moving into gold related assets. It is important that the public recognize these trends early so they to can benefit instead of being caught with their pants down after it crashes–and it’s too late.

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Tim Bryant
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