Will Brendza is a freelance journalist and aimless adventurer based out of the Rocky Mountains, a fearless student of science and a keen outdoorsman. After having witnessed firsthand the environmental abominations taking place both abroad and at home in the US, he resolved to spread the knowledge and drive for global sustainability. When he isn't writing or reading a good book, he can usually be found exploring foreign countries, savoring craft breweries or somewhere deep within the wilderness of Colorado."
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Fearless Ink – The Unofficial Crusade of Nearly 70 Murdered Journalists in 2015

“If this was true, it meant the ante was being upped drastically. When cops declare open season on journalists, when they feel free to declare any scene of unlawful protest a free fire zone, that will be a very ugly day – and not just for journalists.” – Hunter S. Thompson, Rolling Stone, April 1971 The business Read More…

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A Reluctant State Of Emergency – California’s Methane Crisis Revisited

The Methane leak in Porter Ranch, California, which has been in the spotlight since late December, has now prompted a significant (although reluctant) admission of danger from the government. The Governor of California, Jerry Brown declared a “State of Emergency” over the situation, which involves thousands of pounds of high-powered greenhouse gas spewing into the Read More…

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California’s Man-Made Methane Leak – One More Straw to the Camels Back

Another environmental catastrophe reared its ugly head last week. Families in California were encouraged to evacuate their homes, take up residence in motels, and even prompted to buy oxygen filtration systems because danger is quite literally, in the air of Aliso Canyon, California. The violent methane leak erupted in late October, and has been belching Read More…

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Fueling the Fire: America’s Corporate Media and an Era of Mass Violence

On Friday, November 27th, terror struck the city of Colorado Springs, CO. Naturally, it had been all over the news. An armed lunatic stormed a Planned Parenthood facility, hell-bent on making a violent political statement. He had been encouraged to do so, and he likely understood how much attention his actions would draw. And for Read More…

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Veterans Claim Cannabis Helps Reduce PTSD Symptoms – V.A. Refuses Them Legal Medical Access

The transition into the new era of legalized marijuana has been slowly straining the mechanics of our federal bureaucracy for nineteen years. The social perception of cannabis is stuck in a strange limbo somewhere between medical miracle medication, and schedule I menace. While it has been legalized medically in twenty-three states to date, the feds Read More…