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Western Media Fall In Lockstep For Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt

The Trump administration’s now completely overt effort to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro had a very successful public relations effort this week, as major Western media outlets uniformly echoed its simplistic, pre-packaged claim that the Venezuelan government was heartlessly withholding foreign aid: Tensions Rise as Venezuela Blocks Border Bridge in Standoff Over Aid (CNN, 2/7/19) Maduro Blocks Read More…

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Media Automatically Discredits Venezuela’s Election After US Opponent Wins

Nicolás Maduro was successfully re-elected president of Venezuela on Sunday, receiving 5.8 million of the 8.6 million ballots cast, on a turnout of 46 percent. His nearest challenger, Henri Falcon, received 1.8 million votes. The process was watched over by 150 international observers from over 30 countries, among them former Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Read More…

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Iran Doesn’t Have A Nuclear Weapons Program. Why Does MSM Keep Saying It Does?

When it comes to Iran, do basic facts matter? Evidently not, since dozens and dozens of journalists keep casually reporting that Iran has a “nuclear weapons program” when it does not—a problem FAIR has reported on over the years (e.g., 9/9/15). Let’s take a look at some of the outlets spreading this falsehood in just the Read More…