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Assange Accidentally Admits Seth Rich Was Source In Forgotten Interview

Editor’s Note: We have been catching a lot of flak for this title, and I wanted make clear that it was not our intention to imply that no one else had seen this interview, as many excellent and diligent independent journalists have written about, and referenced it. We are not trying to imply that we discovered something others had not, but rather to bring this very important interview back to the attention of those still caught up in the MSM new cycle, as many likely did not realize the relevance of this at first view, or might not have seen it at all, as the corporate media would make damn sure of that. So please, send this to all those who might otherwise never have seen it. 

In this interview, Julian Assange clearly alludes to the fact that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC leaks. Looking at this objectively, it seems highly likely that Assange accidentally painted himself into a corner with his words, and quickly realized what he had done, yet held true to his stance on never revealing sources. The transcript of the interview as well as other TLAV coverage of this story are below. Reading the words of the interview makes it all the more clear, as no one would have said it the way he did, without the obvious implication that Seth Rich was in fact a WikiLeaks source. Read it for yourself:


Interview Transcript:

Interviewer: “Do you even know what you’re sitting on?”

Julian Assange: “WikiLeaks never sits on material. Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material, and often very significant risks. There is a 27 year old, that works for the DNC, who was shot in the back, murdered, just a few weeks ago, for unknown reasons, as he was walking down the street in Washington.”

The interviewer interjects: “That was just a robbery I believe, wasn’t it?”

Assange: “No, there is no finding so…”

Interviewer: “what are you suggesting, what are you suggesting?”

Assange: “I am suggesting that our sources are… take risks, and they are… they become concerned… uhh to see things occurring… uhh like that.

Interviewer: “But was he one of your sources then… I mean?”

Assange: “We don’t comment on who our sources are.”

Interviewer: “Then why make the suggestion, about a young guy being shot in the streets of Washington?”

Assange: “Because we have to understand… uhh how high the stakes are, in the United States, and that our sources are… you know, our sources face serious risks, that’s why they come to us so we can protect their anonymity.”

Interviewer: “But it’s quite something to suggest a murder… that’s basically what you’re doing.”

Assange: “Well others have suggested… that.”

“Uhhh we uhh are investigating to understand uhhh what happened uhh in that situation with Seth Rich, I think it is a concerning situation, there is not a conclusion yet, we wouldn’t be willing to state a conclusion, but we are concerned about it. More importantly, umm a variety of WikiLeaks sources are concerned when that kind of thing happens.”

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