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Are ET’s Contacting Us Right Now? 

In a recent conference held over the Halloween weekend, “Dark Journalist” alternative researcher Daniel Liszt hosted the Secret Space Program Conference 2015 (SSPC15) with a variety of specialized, scholastic guest speakers such as Linda Moulton Howe, Joseph P. Farrell, Catherine Fitz, Jim Marrs, Dr. Paul LaViolette, and more. The lectures and discussions were focused on a staggering variety of concepts intertwined to develop a handful of central themes that one could take from this two-day conference.

The most wide-spread theme throughout the conference was the one from which its title was derived. All of the speakers help touch on the central thread that there is strong evidence of the American Elite Corporate Oligarchy (The 0.1 Percent) that have been hoarding not only taxpayer dollars, but global wealth in order to remain a geopolitical superpower through the black-budget developments of NASA (as well as the CIA and NSA, and more). Other topics discussed, were recent updates in radical new technology that is currently being suppressed (some argue that this suppressed tech was given to the government by extraterrestrials to begin with), Hollywood’s “predictive programming” agenda for the masses with possible Project MKULTRA and MONARCH ties, research into the fields of Extra-Sensory Perceptions, and remote viewing. All of these topics were accompanied with information taken from government research projects and the agents who were assigned to develop and produce their ESP on government record, information of which was the inspiration for the Hollywood film “The Men Who Stare at Goats.” The final over-arching topic of discussion, and the topic that will be addressed in the first installment of the SSPC15 coverage, were the recent and stunningly thorough documented stories, photos, and eye-witness interactions with UFO/ET phenomena.

A head journalist for Coast to Coast AM and a veteran to the alternative research field, Linda Moulton Howe, provided a 93 minute lecture packed full of bewildering information that is true to its Coast to Coast familiarity. It was so radical that it tends to naturally challenge the listener’s current frame of reference. In the lecture, Howe presents a few seemingly unrelated cases in her portfolio to illustrate and suggest that Extraterrestrial life is definitively incorporating specific and advanced software programming into their human contact; with things like crop circles, suppressed technology, and even case studies involving binary code transmitted to contactees in a recordable, documentable format. While the possible explanations to this theory are widely varied, there is also empirical speculation that natural algorithms like Pi could be inherent to some of this alien software, which could have some profound implications if correct. This article is but a brief highlight of some of the themes that were discussed in the SSPC15, using Howe’s research as reference.

The first topic at hand, is in regards to a man by the name of “CJ.” CJ is an active sergeant for the military who was traveling from Richmond Hill, GA, to his new station in Colorado Springs; his destination for this piece of the story being firstly Atlanta, GA, which is roughly a four-hour drive. On the night of June 29th, 2015, CJ, his wife and two children, expected to make it to Atlanta by midnight. However, in a hazy and ominous dream-state, that is very representative of intensive contact cases, the army sergeant found himself skewing wildly off course by hundreds of miles without even noticing—and the trigger to all of this was a definitive UFO sighting. CJ explains that one of his job requirements for the army is specializing in the estimation of aerial vehicles and their various dimensions, and so his descriptions of this UFO were quite specific. The craft was an estimated 820 feet long (around three football fields). Here is a picture of Howe revealing an illustration of CJ’s:

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In their dream-state, devoid of an accurate depiction of time, Sergeant CJ and his wife followed this craft almost hypnotically until arriving in Wadley, GA—far off their course. By the time they had corrected their error and made it to Atlanta, it was past 7 AM.

The next night, CJ and his family stayed at a Motel 6 in Kentucky to catch up on some much-needed sleep. When CJ awoke the next morning, he was in the motel bathroom with a ballpoint pen in one hand, and the motel receipt in the other. The backside of the receipt was completely covered in squares and dashes. Here is the picture, presented by Howe:



As Howe became more familiar with the story, well after it had transpired, she immediately speculated that this could be binary code, having come across others who have claimed to receive binary code transmissions of UFOs in the past (case in point, Jim Penniston, December 1986). A friend of Howe’s, geneticist and binary expert Horace Drew, was tasked with deciphering the binary sequencing. His findings were checked and reproduced by two more professionals of binary encoding. Those familiar with UFO research will not be surprised to find the Orion Nebula mentioned, as well as the Zeta Reticula, theorized to be a home to the Grey aliens. Horace Drew’s translation is as follows:

“Continuous protection of humanity 49.27n 11.5c. 

Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL citizens. 

Advancement Imperative for planetary survival. 

Beware of Orion 1350.3 and Z. Ruticuli 39.1 ? 70. 

Avoid [signal] messages sent.” 



Is this a case of humans looking far too deep into little details and applying false significance onto simple events? Ultimately it is up to the individual researcher to decide, yet Howe’s track record is impressive to say the least. As the saying goes, “If it smells like cannabis, tastes like cannabis, and looks like cannabis, well then it’s probably cannabis,” or a duck, whichever one prefers. Furthermore, Howe also presented another source of UFO binary encoding, given to her by the formerly referenced Jim Penniston, who received it during his encounter in December of 1986 (story described in Howe’s presentation). This was also decoded by Horace Drew and the other two binary specialists. The presentation of the translation can be seen below. Interestingly, the coordinates here are set to a seemingly ordinary location—that rests 100 miles from Nuremberg, Germany, for reasons yet unknown but easy to speculate.


52. 0942532 N 1. 3131269 W CONTINUOUS




While this ultimately brings more questions than answers, it is incredibly interesting to note the common themes in both of these binary sequences. One could argue that these are just two cases from which wild conclusions are being drawn, and that there needs to be a bigger data pool; but then one must also ask themselves how often human beings get a chance to download binary information from a UFO and live to tell of the experience. The fact of the matter is that this information is completely bonkers, no matter which way it’s cut, and concrete conclusions should not be drawn from it. This is important to remember, because Howe and the rest of the researchers, despite their radical views compared to the Mainstream, still propose their information as an exploration. They do not present concrete, absolute ideas, but merely their interpretation and objective analysis of the facts as they see them.

Proposing a different angle, Howe continues to blow the lid off of all expectations by providing listeners with a pictorial representation of what’s called, “extra-terrestrial self-activating software.” Speaking of information she received from a “reliable government insider” calling himself “Isaac,” Linda discusses how this insider shared the existence of the Commercial Application Research of Extra-Terrestrial Technology (CARET) by showing her what is said to be CARET’s fourth quarter report from 1986. Isaac says he came to Howe after the Dragonfly Drone erupted all over the internet. Elaborated on in Howe’s presentation, the picture can be seen of the Dragonfly Drone UFO below. In the picture, Howe is explaining that due to the natural “color infringing” of the photo it can be considered authentic, since color infringing is indicative of a camera and not Photoshop. Those who remember this internet event will recall the massive amount of pictures taken by multiple different sources and uploaded to the internet. This UFO was in broad daylight, flickering in and out of invisibility for quite some time, in June of 2007 in Big Basin, CA.

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CARET Insider, Isaac, says that while the Dragonfly Drone blew up on the internet, so did the pictures of the strange glyphs on what is thought to be the tail. Isaac claimed that he recognized not only the entire craft from his days at CARET, but that he also recognized the specific glyphs it was sporting as well, claiming that it was literally alien software. Below are the pictures of the supposed “alien software programming.”

contacting uscontacting us





Although not much information can be derived from this next photo alone, here is the comparison of the pictures of the programming and the glyphs of the dragonfly drone UFO. For further information the full presentation is recommended.

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The final topic of the synthesis at hand, is a crop circle found on June 1st, 2008 in a barley field outside of Bradbury Castle in England. Analyzing it with astronomer and telescope technician Dr. Michael Greene, Greene was astonished to find after heavy calculations at home, that the crop circle represented Pi out to the ninth decimal place. The picture of the analysis can be seen below:  

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Howe, ever the inquisitive investigator, noted the similarity between this and CARET’s alien software programming and decided to compare the two, proposing that part of this software programming is indeed the Pi ratio. Howe went on to quote insider Isaac, saying,

“These extraterrestrials could design these diagrams as quickly and easily as a human programmer could write a 4chan program and it was humbling to think that not even a network of super computers could duplicate what ETs could do in their own heads.”

Here is the comparison of the crop circle and the alleged software program: 

contacting us


Could crop circles literally be alien software programming being writ into the physical environment around us? A great deal of research has been done on this topic by Howe and others, but to conclude this, a final question is proposed. If Extraterrestrials are communicating software programs to humans, what might these programs be representing? Is it mind control? Or could it perhaps be a positive intervention? Judging by the nature of the decoded binary messages, it would appear that at least a portion of the ET’s contacting humans have an altruistic agenda, and Pi is of course considered a component to the Golden Ratio of beauty popularized by the ancient Greeks, and can be seen as stipulation for growth; self-fulfillment; self-activation

Isaac, shares a photo with Howe of what he claims is “self-activating alien technology.” This supposed technology can be seen below:

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According to Isaac, this is a generator that is activated when it is in a “certain field,” which was not elaborated on by the Insider and is proposed by Howe to be a non-ionized radiation field. Described to be like a letter that could deliver itself, it could also theoretically self-regulate itself for an infinite amount of time, acting more as a research paper that could research, document, cite, and publish itself. Isaac describes that the technology had no moving parts or any point where it could be divided or disassembled, and was originally speculated to be made of a hybridized glass of some kind. Upon further inspection, the scientists found that they were dealing with software encoding down to the molecular level, and that in comparison to a hologram, it seems that no matter how many times one divides the “information” contained, the “representation” of the “information” will always remain complete.

Are ET’s trying to communicate with humans through telepathic binary computer programming? What if these discoveries are really the pictorial and physical representations of extraterrestrial self-activating/regulating technology? Furthermore, if Pi can be measured within these alien programs, and can be found as a continuous ratio for the growth of life on earth, could these programs be trying to help initiate something within the collective consciousness through crop circles and other ET phenomenon? These are some very existential questions that can only be left unanswered for each individual to gauge with their own intuitive response. At this point all that can be done is the empirical assessment of evidence as it presents itself, and this is certainly some striking evidence one way or the other.

Anthony Tyler
A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.

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