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Alternative Ways to Heal Ourselves Naturally

Many of us, surveying the minefield of technologically advanced methods of dealing with illness and disease, are seeking alternative routes to healing. Drug resistance and dependency and the over-prescription of mind-altering medication to help people cope with stressful life situations can never be the answer for souls seeking to heal themselves naturally, without using drugs forced upon them from the all-powerful pharmaceutical Mafia. Consider alternative ways of healing yourself.

Bioresonance Therapy

A non-invasive, gentle, homeopathic therapy that has been growing in stature for 50 years now.

A German doctor, Franz Morell, who was interested in quantum physics, realized that all living cells making up the human body generate electromagnetic waves in identifiable and unique frequencies – just like all other matter.

The toxins, viruses and allergens–all of the pathogens that attack healthy cells bringing disease–also produce particular patterns. If both the healthy and unhealthy waves could be identified and isolated it might be possible to boost or feed the healthy waves and destroy or reverse the unhealthy ones while supporting the body’s self healing ability. [By 1977, working with Erich Rasche and Ludger Mersmann, scientists had designed just such a filter to separate healthy and diseased electromagnetic signals.]

Bioresonance Therapy is the process of boosting healthy cells and returning them to the body and inverting diseased signals, which, when also returned to the body, have the effect of negating previous damage. The biofeedback is delivered via electrodes on the skin which supports and restores self-regulation naturally.

Sound Therapy

In sound therapy the use of sound frequencies, coupled with body massage, meditation and ideally, percussion instruments, also supplies efficacious alternative healing.

It is important to differentiate between Music Therapy and Sound Therapy. Yet, we know that music/sound can both be beneficial. Music therapy is a three-way relationship; the client, the therapist and the music. The musical experience, a mix of cultural and emotional reactions, is the agent of change.

In sound therapy the agent of change is the healing power of vibrations which act on the “subtle body.” The “subtle body” is our energetic body; the source of our life-force. Using tuning forks for instance, we can produce the low frequencies that release nitric acid via brain chemistry into the body as a whole.

This produces a positive effect on our body’s relationship to pain and clears the pathways for self-healing. Himalayan singing bowls, Tibetan gongs, cymbals and wind chimes are some of the traditional instruments used.

Chi Nei Tsang i.e. Internal Organ Chi Massage

This therapy was developed by ancient Taoist Monks to strengthen their bodies for the demands of strenuous spiritual devotions.

It is based on two concepts; the oneness of mind, body and spirit, and that ill health is caused by unresolved emotional issues. It takes the form of deep massage of the connective tissue (facia) linking vital organs in the body cavity.

It literally means, “working the energy of the internal organs.” The massage detects tensions and blockages in the organs, releases them, and opens the passages for chi, “energy,” to flow through the system powerfully.

The therapy has a detoxifying effect; it corrects postural problems and releases muscle and skeletal pain. Poor digestion signals pent-up emotional problems and Chi Nei Tsang realigns the digestive system which improves the patient’s abilities to “digest” his emotional blockages.

This is useful in combination with some psychotherapy. The therapy teaches the patient that he is responsible for his own well-being. Improved breathing techniques also empower the person to harness their own self-healing capabilities.

This is how a session looks.

Light Therapy i.e. Phototherapy

There is anecdotal evidence that exposure to sunlight and light in general, makes one feel better, as well as documented proof that lack of light will cause nutritional deficiencies. This is because many enzymes, hormones and vitamins need light for proper functioning.

Without sunlight for instance, vitamin D cannot be metabolized— one of the reasons early sailors developed rickets during long voyages at sea.

Light therapy is based on the fact that monochromatic light promotes DNA stimulation of the lipo-protein in our cells to perform optimally. The patient is placed near a therapy box that emits light that mimics daylight. The proximity of the box, intensity of the light and duration of the treatment is monitored by the therapist.

It is most successful for people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, (SAD) but has also proved effective in treating non-seasonal depression, sleep disorders, jet-lag, some types of acne. New research suggests, it might have an application in relieving dementia as well. 

Chakra Realignment

This is the most accessible alternative healing therapy and it is achieved mainly by practicing Yoga. Hindu philosophy teaches us that there are many energy centers (chakras) in our body, and when these are well aligned, vital energy flows strongly through our system.

If they are out of balance, the following vital chakras must be aligned via correct breathing, exercising and meditation:

Root [– at the base of the spine]

Sacral [– lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel]

Solar Plexus [ – upper abdomen, near the stomach]

Heart [– centre of the chest, just above the level of the heart]

Throat [– in the region of the “Adam’s apple”]

Third Eye [– middle of the forehead]

Crown [– top of the head]

Some of the therapies mentioned might not be suited for everyone. Certainly consult your doctor and do your own research before trying any of them. This article is merely meant to show that in many cases, there are alternatives to healing ourselves without using modern medicine that has become far too reliant on pharmaceuticals.

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