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8-Year-Old Boy Talks About The Pineal Gland & TV Brainwash. There’s Hope For The Future!

Call them indigo, old souls or whatever you like; these children are popping up all over the world with wisdom that outshines some of the greatest philosophers. They are born with a natural compassion and understanding of life’s greater purpose, and seem to remain immune to the social conditioning of school and TV.

8-year-old motivational speaker King Nahh is one of them, and he just might renew your hope for the future (in case you lost it). In this video, he teaches the interviewer about the pineal gland (third eye) and how mainstream entertainment can shut it off. He expresses his utter incomprehension about that fact that war even exists, and shares how violent video games desensitizes us to the horrors of killing.

When asked to share a message with the world, he basically encourages us all to stop watching dumb stuff all day and to go out, be with the people you love and do something!

Below the video are 11 common traits of children with an old soul.

14 Common Traits Of Children With An ‘Old Soul’

1. They have an independent mind and do their own thing rather than comply with authority figures or parents.

2. They are hyper-sensitive and show great care and compassion for all of life. They may feel a deep resentment towards those who are reckless with the planet and mistreat animals.

3. Traditional parenting and discipline tactics are not effective with these children. They don’t simply take “no” for an answer because “you said so.” They need a rational explanation and want to feel like an equal.

4. Due to their hyper-sensitive nature, they pick up on a lot of energies that might cause them to feel overwhelmed in busy social scenarios.

5. They often feel like an alien and may grow bitter or depressed if continually teased or bullied by other kids or even family members.

6. They can be highly reactive and commonly experience anxiety, depression, or tantrums if they are out of balance and constantly misunderstood by others.

7. They are often creative right-brained thinkers, which might cause them to struggle in the schooling system.

8. They are often diagnosed with ADD and ADHD since their minds are too curious and expansive to tolerate sitting still while listening to a teacher spewing boring information that has nothing to do with their sphere of interest.

9. They are highly intuitive and empathic, which allows them to read people’s intentions and emotional states easily. They know when someone lies to them.

10. When their needs are not met, these children may appear self-centered and demanding. However, their true nature is to be giving and loving.

11. They don’t just follow the status quo because it’s what everyone else does. They often question it and challenge it because they value their own common sense and intuition above the need to fit in.

12. They may end up as loners if they are continually surrounded by people who do not understand or relate to their way of seeing and experiencing the world.

13. They feel a strong connection to the animal and insect world.

14. They feel as though they have a mission to accomplish on earth, or will continually rebel and reject conventional paths and options until they find the thing that makes their heart sing.

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