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4 Top US Road Trips Everyone Should Experience

There is no greater vacation than a cross-country road trip. For many Americans, the road trip is a right of passage into adulthood, but you can enjoy the adventure at any age. With the vast size of the continental U.S. there are plenty of epic routes to consider if you are looking to hit the road.

Get in your brand new Ford convertible and get the adventure started. Discover all that America has to offer and choose one of these epic road trip routes that have something for everyone’s taste.

Route 66

This famed road runs from the tip of Lake Michigan in the Midwest all the way to Los Angeles, California. This cross-country trip can be done in as little as two weeks, but if you really want to experience all that this journey has to offer, we recommend taking a full month to do it. With no need to plan out your route you can spend your time scheduling roadside stops that will add to your adventure. Check out the famous Cadillac Ranch in Texas and enjoy the jaw-dropping open spaces between the plains and the Rocky Mountain range. You will be able to cover 13 states on this trip of a lifetime and see a huge swath of land that makes America as great as it is.

Pacific Coast Highway

Jump on the back of a motorcycle or into your convertible to enjoy this oceanside trail. This trip is definitely for dreamers. Run down the coast of the Pacific from San Francisco to San Diego in just a few days or stretch your trip to a week. Wind your way through unbelievable ocean views along the edge of the Pacific. Stop at dozens of small towns and secluded beaches along the way. You can spend some time in the wine country of Napa County, cross the Golden Gate Bridge, visit Big Sur and feel the thunder of the surf, or visit the wildlife of the San Diego Zoo.

Overseas Highway

If you are looking for an amazing road trip adventure but are tight on time, take a ride on the Overseas Highway in southern Florida. From the famed beaches and Cuban culture of Miami, this trip will take you to the southernmost tip of America in the Florida Keys. Enjoy the thrill of stunning sunrises as you island-hop between the Keys. Most of this 115 mile road is traversed by long bridges that join the small islands that make up the Keys. Each island has its own flavor and culture to enjoy. Experience the lush rich environment of the Everglades National Park or go snorkeling on many of the natural coral reefs that surround the Keys.

Great River Road

The mighty Mississippi River is a waterway full of legends. Travel north to south on this historical road trip that winds its way along the banks of the river. You can travel through 10 states through the midwest and into the deep south. Experience small-town USA like never before. The Great River Road runs through some of the largest wildlife reserves in the country including the Yazoo and Theodore Roosevelt parks. End your journey in fabulous New Orleans for some celebrations and Cajun cooking that are the best in the world.

From coast to coast, America is filled with thrills, stunning vistas and a variety of culture and geology. From the charming fishing towns of the north east to the dry and endless highway plains of the southwest, there is a road trip that is perfect for you.

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