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Will Joe Biden Push The US Into A New Cold War Using Venezuela?

Through the withdrawal from nuclear missile treaties, US President Donald Trump has put the incoming Biden administration one step closer to war over nuclear weapons, or claims of nuclear threats.

Despite the claims of Donald Trump being a puppet of Vladamir Putin, the current US President has been one of the worst presidents for Russia since the Cold War. However, as Donald Trump is readying to leave office in January, the thoroughly debunked Russia-Gate conspiracy theories peddled by leading Democrats and much of the corporate media have not yet ceased.

The fact that these anti-Russia McCarthyist smears continue, with Trump having been defeated in the US election has ushered in fears of potentially an even more hostile Democrat approach to Russia. Trump was, prior to being elected, presenting himself as an anti-war figure who was eager to do business with Russia, but after being smeared as having been elected as a result of Russian meddling, he took a very different policy position than some expected.

Perhaps the most alarming anti-Russia moves came last year. The Trump administration in September of 2019, announced its full withdrawal from the 1987 ‘Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces’ (INF) Treaty, signed with Russia. The treaty was significant in how it prevented both the US and Russia from launching Nuclear strikes on each other, by taking away the most efficient means of delivering a nuclear warhead to its target. Furthermore, treaties like this prevent wars from opening up on foreign allied soil, over nuclear weapons being placed there.

Earlier this May, Donald Trump also pulled out of the ‘Open Skies Treaty’ with Russia, which was signed roughly three decades ago. The Open Skies Treaty essentially allowed for the two sides [The US and Russia] to perform flyovers of each other’s territories, in order to install confidence between the two sides that a surprise nuclear attack was not on its way. Trump had accused Russia of violating the deal, without substantive evidence and ensured that Russia would come to the table for a new deal, which never transpired, much like with Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian Nuclear agreement. 

Due to the withdrawal of the US from these treaties, there is only one treaty of the kind left in place, the Obama era ‘New START’ (Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty), which is set to expire in February of 2021. This means that between Joe Biden and nuclear war with Russia, there would be only a thin layer of diplomacy, which could easily break down over one wrong move as we saw during the October (Cuban Missile) Crisis of 1962.

The Cuban Missile Crisis almost brought the Soviet Union and United States into nuclear conflict. This sort of scenario is now much closer to happening again, or at least it is foreseeable that the United States could use similar propaganda tactics in order to launch a war of its own, against a country, based upon false claims.

This time, if there is a prospect for a new ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ scenario, it would likely be in Venezuela instead of Cuba. For those familiar with the history, the Cuban missile crisis arose as a result of ‘The Bay of Pigs’ incident (a US sponsored coup attempt) which failed to overthrow Cuban leader Fidel Castro. In order to defend Cuba, the Cuban government then agreed for the Soviets to establish a Nuclear deterrent in the country, which could be used to defend against a US invasion. The US had at the time enacted sanctions against Cuba and had enforced a naval blockade, the latter ultimately viewed as an act of war.

In the case of Venezuela, the United States has also launched failed coup attempts in the country, in order to get rid of President Maduro. The US has also administered crippling economic sanctions against the country and Donald Trump threatened military intervention. Despite the constant failures of the illegitimate Juan Guaido, recognised by the likes of the US, EU, etc. as the rightful – but unelected of course – President of Venezuela, Joe Biden still refuses to recognise the legitimacy of Maduro, last elected in 2018. 

Biden’s administration is said to attempt diplomacy with Venezuela, yet will not recognise the country’s elections or lift economic sanctions. Now that President Maduro’s Party has won the country’s National Assembly, which was opposition leader Juan Guaido’s biggest claim to any power in the country, it looks less and less likely there will be a simple diplomatic settlement. 

It is well known that Venezuela is currently allied with opposing powers to the United States, such as China, Iran and most importantly in this instance, Russia. With the US having exhausted all other options, it is plausible to consider they will weigh up an invasion of Venezuela in order to topple the Government in Caracas. This being considered, it would be plausible to assume that the same Democratic Party, which constantly makes baseless claims about Russian meddling and hostile actions against the United States, would comfortably get away with claiming Russia is looking to place nuclear weapons in Venezuela.

For those that think this sort of scenario is impossible, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just this year claimed that Lebanese Hezbollah had “found a home in Venezuela” and the media happily ran with the idea Hezbollah would attack the US from Venezuelan soil. Pompeo also urged surrounding countries in South America to act against the supposed threat of Hezbollah in Venezuela, alluding to supporting Qassem Soleimani style assassinations taking place. On top of this, the Venezuelan government is also being accused of funding Hamas and Hezbollah “to commit terrorism against the United States”. For anyone that knows the first thing about Hezbollah and Hamas, these stories read like something from The Onion.

Trump’s withdrawal from key treaties which were designed to prevent nuclear war, may have been part of an underlying agenda, pushed by “deep-State” actors, or could have been Trump attempting to prove how tough he is on Russia. Despite the reasoning behind why Trump has put the world in such a dangerous position, the prospects for a future war are all there.

One of the likely targets for the US, when it comes to choosing their next war, is Venezuela. The US understands that by taking the nation’s coast and using proxy forces, they can achieve their objective easier than they could in other countries on their list. If Joe Biden is inaugurated and does not get back into the treaties that Trump signed, continuing on with the baseless anti-Russian conspiracy theories and aggression against Venezuela, war will likely be initiated in one way or another.

Unless Joe Biden, and his war-hawk Secretary of State Antony Blinken, decide to significantly change the US approach to foreign policy, the world is set to enter a new Cold War.

Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

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