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Up All Night: Three Negative Effects of Sleep Deprivation

During the day we scramble around at work, and in the evening we chase all the fun and activities to have fun and relax before the next day of work. Most people have the night to relax, unwind, and eventually sleep.

However, because of all the demands of modern life, our traditional patterns of sleep have been disrupted. This resulted in a lot of people who are deprived of the right amount and quality of sleep.

Sleep deprivation is really a serious problem for more and more people. It has many negative effects your brain, your body, and overall well being. In this article, we present three of the most common negative effects of not having enough sleep during the night.

Lack of Sleep Results in Poor Cognition

A lot of studies have looked into the effects of sleep deprivation, and one of the most common consequences that they find is how it affects your cognitive function — your focus, attention span, problem solving, and so on. Stated quite simply, people who don’t get enough regular sleep find it hard to focus on their job, or school, or any activity.

Now, sleep is also seen to have an important role in memory consolidation, which refers to the process for how you absorb, retain, and recall experiences and information. If a person lacks sleep, they miss the opportunity for this consolidation, making them less able to retain information if they’re studying for an exam, or remember what they were supposed to say in a presentation at work.

Sleep Deprivation Leads to Bad Sex

Everyone wants to have a great sex life. However, there is a connection between lack of sleep and bad sex. Studies have shown how men and women who are tired due to poor sleep tend to have lower interest in sex. When they try to have sex in the same state, the fatigue and reduced interest or focus affects their performance.

See, if continuous great sex is desired, having a good night’s sleep every day is a great way to make sure you feel rested and energetic. You’ll feel more willing to have sex regularly, and you’ll be more energetic and focused when you do.

Not Enough Sleep Leads to Fatigue, Which In Turn Can Lead to Accidents

Data from traffic monitoring agencies show that a considerable number of car crashes are caused by fatigue, which often results from the drivers’ chronic lack of sleep. Tired drivers sometimes just doze off, and even just a few seconds of shuteye during such crucial times can mean life and death.

At work, people who have been sleep deprived find it hard to focus, making them susceptible to accidents. When they do get into accidents and injure themselves, such employees also log in more sick days. This indicates quite clearly that lack of sleep also messes with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Given all the knowledge that we shared above, it is now very safe to say that having the right amount of sleep every night is something that everyone should aspire for. No one should wait for the negative effects to manifest themselves before they do something to correct their sleeping behaviors. The right time to act is always now; later might be a little too late.

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