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Top 4 Facts About Forest Ecosystem Of European Countries

Europe has a lot of forested regions in almost every country, and from the last decade, the number of forests are increasing. The main idea behind this increasing trend is to maintain the natural ecosystem and to bring back the natural green plantation that has previously been destroyed by cutting. These forested regions are helping the European countries in controlling global warming effects.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the amazing facts related to forests in Europe. Now, after learning about these facts, you may travel to Europe, then click here to book your flight right now. But before that read this article because hopefully, you will find the given information very useful.

1) Land Area Covered by Forests

Almost around 190 million hectares of land in all European countries are under heavy forests. This accounts for approximately about 35%, that is making European countries among the most forested in the world. Due to extreme deforestation in the last decade, the European countries decided to make proper legislation regarding afforestation and expansion of natural ecosystem. These efforts resulted in such a massive increase in tree population in all countries of Europe.

2) Income Through Forests

European countries are making money by growing their forests for many decades. It has been reported that there are almost around 16 million private owners of forests in Europe at present. The total amount of earnings through their forest regions are 500 billion euro each year. Along with this earning, they are employing 3.5 million people who earn good amount of money by working with these forest owners.

3) Mitigate Climate Change

Plantation of trees and presence of dense forests in Europe not only help their countries earn huge amount of turnover each year, but also helping them curb the climatic changes. Due to heavy industrialization, it was feared in the past that Europe would face extreme changes in climate in the form of high temperature, altered rainfall patterns, flooding, drought and speedy winds. But as the tree plantation was increased, it is now declared that Europe is capable of cleaning its environment from carbon dioxide up to 10%. This means that the changes of extreme changes in climate are now not valid for Europe.

4) Uniform Forest Structure To regain Biodiversity

Due to the deforestation at a very high level in the past, many species of trees are almost on the verge of extinction. As a result of which these forests had lost their biodiversity. But with the plantation of a uniform number of each species, the biodiversity is grained in the European countries. In response to these efforts, there are now fewer incidences of pests, insects and disease attacks in all over European forests.

These are the major prominent facts about the forest regions in Europe. You must be feeling surprised after reading these facts and probably feeling motivated to bring similar change in your country as well.

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