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One Step Closer to World War III: Trump Unleashes Fresh Sanctions On Iran

Those of us who were paying attention during the election and debates already know that Trump, who aimed to be the most pro-Israel presidential candidate in the history of America, has been beating the war drums against Iran since well before he won the election. Iran is, of course, one of the last big dominoes Read More…

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Blaming Russia For Everything Is Very Dangerous; And Here Is Why

The geopolitical situation currently surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election, is no doubt relevant, and quite ominous. Yet wartime is big business for many involved; in fact, war can be seen as a saving grace for countries in the midst of a financial dilemma or social and political upheaval, similar to the state in which the US currently Read More…

World War III
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World War III Already Underway: Understanding The Dynamics

Contrary to the insistence of the current administration, World War III is well underway despite the mainstream media’s refusal to recognize it as such. However, World War III is not to be thought of in the same manner that past wars have been perceived. It is currently a silent war; one with proxy armies and financial markets doing Read More…