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Newly Released White House Documents Reveal Efforts To Surveil Americans Using Contact Tracing Apps

Recently released documents from the Department of Homeland Security reveal that a coalition of tech companies are interested in the surveillance capabilities of contact tracing apps. As political leaders across the United States begin to make use of contact tracing apps the public is promised that privacy is being considered. However, newly released documents reveal Read More…

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5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About The Tennessee Waffle House Shooting

The suspected gunman in the Waffle House shooting is still on the loose and his record shows that he was interviewed by the FBI and his guns were seized after an incident last year. UPDATE: The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department confirmed that Reinking was arrested around 2 p.m. Eastern on Monday after he was found in a Read More…

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14 Years Ago Today, Pat Tillman Was Killed And Gov’t Covered Up The Truth To His Death To Sell War

On this day 14 years ago, former NFL player Pat Tillman was shot and killed by his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan, and the events surrounding his death still remain a mystery. (TFTP) Seventh-round NFL draft pick Pat Tillman wasted no time in setting records for tackles on the football field for the Arizona Cardinals. But Read More…

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White House: The Rationale For War With Syria Is Top Secret

The White House has declined to comment on why they think they have the legal authority to strike Syria without congressional approval. This comes as the Trump administration puts “all options on the table” and tries to decide how much damage to inflict on the war-torn nation. The president has the authority to deploy military Read More…

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FISA Memo To Be Released: “People Will Go To Jail” And Could “End Mueller Investigation”

Having just voted to reauthorize the highly controversial and overtly unconstitutional FISA Act, we are now being told that Congress is in possession of a four-page memo detailing extensive FISA court abuse.  There is a lot of speculation being floated in regard to this memo, as words such as “explosive” “shocking” and “alarming” are being Read More…