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After Army Captain Sues Obama Administration For Illegal War, White House Argues Funding War Makes War Legal

U.S. Army captain sued President Obama over legality of sprawling ISIS conflict. A lawsuit filed earlier this year charging President Barack Obama with waging an illegal war against the Islamic State (or ISIS) was met on Tuesday with a motion from the Obama administration asking the court to dismiss it. In its motion to dismiss Read More…

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Senate Passes Bill Allowing 9/11 Victims’ Families To Seek Justice Against Saudi Govt

In a stunning rebuke to President Obama’s warning of a veto, and the Saudi threat to attempt to crash the U.S. economy by selling off their U.S. holdings, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved legislation that would allow Americans to sue foreign governments for terrorist attacks committed on U.S. soil, according to The Hill. In an Read More…

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Obama Jokes About the “End of the Republic,” and the White House

If the corporate media wasn’t gushing over Justin Bieber’s new haircut or the nation’s lingering transphobia bathroom drama this weekend, it was lauding President Obama for his speech at the final White House Correspondents’ dinner of his presidency. The black-tie dinner draws the nation’s top celebrities, journalists, and politicians and includes a stand-up comedy routine Read More…