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Syrian Rebels Condemn Trump For Ending Covert CIA Arming Program

Despite a solid eight months of stories about President Trump considering ending the CIA program to arm Syrian rebels, yesterday’s announcement that he’s ending that program have the rebels claiming they were totally “blindsided” and never expected such a move. Needless to say, they’re outraged by the decision, saying that the lack of US arms shipments would quickly Read More…

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In “Major Escalation,” Syrian Drone Attacks US-Coalition Forces

One day after a pro-Assad military alliance threatened to strike US forces in Syria in retaliation for a US bombing of an Iran-backed militia operating in an allegedly “no-go zone” near a US garrison in southern Syria, near the town of At Tanf, the Syrians allegedly followed through on their promise, and according to Reuters, a Read More…

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Syria’s Military Just Made Massive Gains In The East: Heading Toward ISIS, US Forces – Clash Inevitable?

The Syrian military has just made massive gains in the eastern desert areas of the country, foreshadowing a major assault on ISIS positions in the east and southeast and thus an attempt to lift the ISIS siege on Deir ez-Zour. To put it plainly for those who do not follow the Syrian crisis closely, this Read More…

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Alleged US-Russian Cooperation Called Into Question – Is Trump Also Hostile To Assad?

After only a few days in office and a mysterious drone strike in Yemen, many are wondering just what President Donald Trump’s policy on Syria might be. After all, throughout the campaign, Trump hinted around at a stronger relationship with Russia and a realization that Assad was not only the better option but a major Read More…

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“Neutral” Syrian Volunteer Group Receives Millions From Western Governments

The White Helmets, upon closer inspection, appear to be staging photo ops used as propaganda to manufacture consent for a “no-fly zone” in Syria. Despite their claims of neutrality in the conflict between the Syrian government, US-backed rebels, and ISIS, the Syrian “volunteer” group known as the “White Helmets” have openly acknowledged that they receive over Read More…

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Syrian Refugees Capture Suspected ISIS Militant, Prevent Potential Terror Attack

Saxony, Germany —Amid the flow of refugees from the Middle East into Europe, many Westerners believe Muslims pose a danger to their way of life and their safety. They often claim that if Muslims truly opposed terrorism, they would do more to prevent it from occurring in their name. But as fear mongering politicians and media Read More…